Thursday, April 7, 2016

NOT Invited To Top Secret Amway WWDB Spring Leadership Meeting

Seeing as how Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2016 is HOT on the search engines right now I’m keeping my blog near the top by resurrecting some previous posts of Spring Leadership memories. I’ve said it all before so I don’t have too much new to add! But I’ll keep reeling in dumb ass ambots desperate for any information!

On Sunday morning I’m driving Ambot to the arena where Amway WWDB Spring Leadership is being held. I’ve got to circumnavigate the entire complex to get to the front doors so I can get Ambot there early enough to stand in line with all the other keeners. I’m about two blocks away when Ambot spots the sack of shit Platinum standing on a sidewalk or parking lot area with about 30 cult followers standing around him in awe listening to him spout off his bullshit. Fucking morons! Worshippers of the World Wide Destructive Bastards cult!

Ambot panics! He’s late for some meeting that he doesn’t remember being told to attend. He’s mostly scared shitless because he’ll be berated by the sack of shit Platinum and ridiculed in front of everyone for being late. That’s the way Amway cult leaders operate. Fear and obedience. Because I’d rather tell everyone in my upline to fuck off than listen to their lies I’d never make a good Amway cult follower! So I let Ambot out of the car and continued alone to entertain myself for the day.

Later Ambot tells me when he’s rushing to join up with the cult followers that the Platinum’s henchman springs out of the group and wants to know what he’s doing there. Ambot explains we were driving past and he saw the cult leader preaching to his flock and didn’t want to miss out on this very important meeting that he clearly was not invited to.

The henchman explains its for another World Wide Destructive Bastards downline in the sack of shit’s Amway business and because Ambot is in a different crossline and the brainwashing methods are different he was not invited to this cult meeting.

Splitting hairs, the henchman is in the same line as Ambot so why is he being subjected to this other line’s brainwashing? Ah ha some cult followers are just gluttons for punishment! Or there’s some MLM espionage going on!

But then the henchman tells Ambot he can stay if he wants to. And of course he does. Can’t miss a word of wisdom from the beloved cult leader.

Amway WWDB Spring Leadership sucks!!!!

World Wide Destructive Bastards suck!!!!

The fucking sack of shit Platinum sucks!!!!!

FUCK YOU Amway!!!!!


  1. Amway is fanatical about preventing "cross-line" discussion. They don't want IBOs to compare notes on what's going on, and what they are being told by up-line vermin.

    In a real business, the people involved are encouraged to speak to each other and get new ideas and positive feedback. It's good for the business as a whole. The proof that Amway is a fake business whose whole purpose is to rip off its members is seen in this desperate need to prevent cross-line talk.

    Let's see if some Amway asshole will show up here to defend the practice of preventing cross-line interaction.

    1. Anonymous - yup Amway is paranoid about crossline intermingling. You got to ask permission to associate with one of the enemy cult sects. LOL!

      Yeah there's a big difference between a real business owner and a pretend Amway "business owner".

  2. That's not how real businesses work! When you are in the same company (not just company, maybe some other organisations), people of different departments talk to each other, either casually or for work purposes. Sometimes competing project groups also communicate with each other for various reasons.

    Oh wait... its a phony business anyway!

    - Gene

    1. Gene - that's correct. Real business owners go to various networking events such as joining various business organizations in their town. And yes exchange information and communication.

      Amway is a phoney business so the things real business owners do - Amway "business owners" LOL shun.

    2. Hey Anna. Looks like you saw how shitty the ambots could be on the west coast. Im on the east coast and all the ambots i met mostly came from Nyc. So I would met bankers from wall street, lawers, etc. Very professional people who got sucked into the amway garbage. These fuckers were experts at making amway seem like a real business by comparing it to their industries. Its insane how these fucking ambots can even take the most high level professionals and twist them to their bull shit cause. They are masters of lies and deception. Their products fucking suck balls. I have been getting plenty more nutrition through a well managed diet! They are pieces of fucking filth. Some of them are pedophiles and murders. They are bloodsucking, spineless, disgusting, sleezy, pretend business owners, who will stop at nothing to serve their own interests. They have no sense of individuality and are a bunch of mindless idiots. One day they will go out of business and all their fucking fucktard trashway ambots will be left without a fucking clue of what to do. I was with a team called Urassociation(URA) for short. These trashway fuckers can go shove their meal bars up their fucking asses for all i care.

    3. Hi Franklin. Most of the Ambots I knew were just regular type jobs, very few professionals. But if an Ambot manages to sign up a doctor or lawyer then its huge bragging rights for the Amway cult leader trying to justify to new recruits that Amway can't be a scam or these smart people wouldn't have signed up. All cults have something to off to a person who's looking. Jim Jones offered a place where people of all races could live together in peace and harmony. Amway is the cult of greed where all your materialistic desires can be achieved. Both of those are a bunch of lies but it brings in recruits. There's an IRS tax court ruling that we've featured in another post around here and the Ambot is a doctor. And like most Amway IBO's who end up in tax court he was found guilty of scamming Uncle Sam. And you'd think a doctor would be smart enough not to get sucked into Scamway.

      That's another thing you've bought up. We'd go to Amway meetings and the fucking Diamond would stand on stage and hold up a bottle of Nutrilite - let's pick on the one that's instead of eating product - and order the crowd to be taking a vitamin every day instead of eating fresh fruit and vegetables. Well depending on the type of produce you're buying, it could cost less than the cost of a daily vitamin and is more filling and healthier for you. But the Amway Ambot way is to substitute Nutrilite vitamins instead of eating well balanced meals. What's going to fill you up more? Eating an orange or apple or eating a vitamin?

      You've got a good grasp of what those Amway bastards are really like. However when you were brainwashed by the cult your opinion would have been completely different. I can't tell you how many brainwashed Ambots who show up here gushing about how wonderful the fucking assholes in their Amway upline are.

    4. URA is one of the most corrupt of the Amway motivational subsystems.

    5. Anonymous - they're all corrupt. How corrupt would depend on which cult sect you're in. It's almost like asking which Amway cult leader is the most evil.


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