Monday, May 30, 2016

WWDB World Wide Dream Builders Amway Family Reunion 2016

I figure brainwashed Amway cult followers are going to start looking for information on Family Reunion very soon so I thought I’d better get this blog as close to the top of Google searches as I can!

Calling the Amway WWDB function “family reunion” is very cultish. Its how the Amway cult leaders brainwash the followers into believing that their Amway family is their real family now. Many people join cults because they don’t have a good family and they’re desperate to join a family that will welcome them with open arms. Cults prey on these people. They prey on those who have good relationships with their family too. They're an equal opportunity cult! The Amway cult works hard at separating their followers from family members who are negative to “the business”. Separate and divide. We’re your new family now. And we’re throwing a big family reunion. You must attend. You will be love bombed all weekend. You won’t believe the love you’ll get from your new Amway family. This is how you show your loyalty to your cult leaders. Family reunion is for serious business builders. If you don’t come to Family Reunion we’ll know you’re not a serious business builder and we won’t work with you.

And the bullshit goes on. All good little brainwashed IBO’s must attend Family Reunion.

If anyone knows the new login and password for the WWDB website let us know. Somewhere over the past couple of months those Amway motherfuckers changed it.

Here’s what was on topic a couple of years ago and its probably still the main theme:


Yes in big capital letters. World Wide Dream Builders are SCREAMING at us! So what the fuck we’re supposed to believe?

Apparently if you believe your business will flourish and grow - it will.

Well holy shit! That was the secret all along. All you have to do is BELIEVE. None of this stalking recruits or selling overpriced Amway shit. All you gotta do is BELIEVE!

Nothing else!

OK I don’t want to get accused of infringing copyright laws by copying and pasting so I’ll paraphrase the bullshit from the WWDB web page. If you attend Amway Family Reunion you will be inspired to BELIEVE you can build an Amway business. You will be motivated to use your talents to help others BELIEVE.

Sounds like a bunch of brainwashed bullshit to me. But this Family Reunion claims to offer something that has never been heard of before at any prior Family Reunion. Apparently there will be sales, product, and technology training.

Ha! Unlikely! Family Reunion consists of an endless march of Ken and Barbies strutting across the stage in evening gowns and tuxedos bragging about their wealth.

Duncan Family Reunion is July 8 to 10 2016 in Portland, Oregon and Puryear Family Reunion is June 18, 2016 in Spokane, Washington. Same price probably. Puryear just figured out a way to scam his cult followers out of the same ticket price and spend less of his own time entertaining the Ambots. Puryear is following his own advice: BELIEVE! He BELIEVES he can make the same amount of money in less time. 

What does it cost to attend WWDB Amway Family Reunion. Last year tickets were $560/couple so say around the same price this year. I recorded $850 for other costs for this bullshit event - hotel, food, travel. So ballpark it around $1500 for a couple. The sky is the limit depending on air travel and hotel and food costs.

Shit just last week I got an email on a Mexican cruise for $599 and that’s a week worth of hotel, food, and accommodation. And much more fun holiday for 2 people all for less than the price of wasting time, money, and brain cells at Amway Family Reunion.

But the ambots will come in droves, whipped on by their cult leaders.

WWDB Amway Family Reunion sucks!

Fuck Amway!



  1. Since BELIEVING is all you need, I strongly advise everyone in Amway to BELIEVE that they will get rich WITHOUT functions and tools, and WITHOUT Amway itself. It WILL happen if you believe hard enough.

    1. Jerry - I BELIEVEd for a long time that I'd play 3rd base for the Dodgers and it still ain't happening.

      But yes absolutely agree. Ambots need to BELIEVE they'll get rich without buying overpriced shitty Amway products and investing in the Amway tool scam. They need to BELIEVE there are better opportunities out there with a better chance of success than the fraction of 1% chance of making money at Scamway. BELIEVE you don't need Amway to get rich. Or at least stay out of debt and the divorce court.

  2. Amway is like a revivalist meeting. Wild-eyed lunatics run around in an ecstatic state of excitement. At functions, that asshole Dexter Yager screams "Do you BELIEVE? Do you BELIEVE!" over and over.

    1. Anonymous - yup the only thing missing from Amway meetings is the big white tent. LOL! Those Amway losers are still screaming BELIEVE over and over. Sometimes tossing in a few DREAMs.

  3. $210 per person this year

    No hotel included this time. Yay!

    1. Thanks Anonymous. They've dropped the price by $40 and took the hotel option off. Seems to balance out. Motel 6 anyone?

  4. Ron Puryear passed away.


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