Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ambots Pay To Watch Amway Diamond Take A Shit?

I went to countless Amway meetings where the Diamond would brag and gloat about how he makes more money taking a shit than the Amway ambots in the audience make working their J.O.B. for a week. Or a month. Or a year. Apparently some profitable shitting (or bullshitting) going on here.

At other meetings I’d hear our sack of shit Platinum or Emerald making the same claims. About the Diamond that is. I don’t remember either of those Amway assholes saying they made the same money taking a shit as the Diamond did but they sure liked to brag about all the money Diamonds made shitting.

I’m sure there are people out there who’d like to know where they can get a paid J.O.B. where all they have to do is shit. Maybe you gotta get a job as a tester with a company that makes laxatives.

Someone posted a link to a video that features an Amway son of a bitch er make that the son of an Amway Diamond doing a bilingual interview sort of. The son of a bitch only spoke English. A couple of other guys are speaking Spanish in the intro and then one of them is translating. They’re at a hotel in Maui I don’t remember which one. Looks like a nice place but then one could say that about pretty much every hotel in Maui I suppose. So the son of a bitch is bragging about what a nice property this is and the suite he stays in and says there are so many beds that him and his wife were thinking they should bed hop. You know make the maids work extra hard making up all these extra beds but that’s just the way Amway assholes treat people beneath them. I bet those fuckers don’t even leave a tip for the maid either. You got that many extra beds I’m sure there are ambots out there sleeping 20 to a room who would take them. But anyway the son of a bitch starts on about the toilet. Wow wow wow toilet and that he should hold an Amway meeting in there sitting on the shitter. And yeah the translator does a great job of putting all this in Spanish.

I don’t know about the rest of you but when a man goes into the bathroom I don’t want to know what he’s doing in there and I sure as hell don’t want to be in there either!

But then I’m not an Amway Ambot! Those dumb fucks worship and go all gaga over a Diamond taking a shit.

You know how those Amway Diamonds are all bragging about how much money they make taking a shit maybe the way they’re making all this money shitting is they’re selling tickets and giving a brainwashing sermon at the same time. How would the Diamond do this? I mean you gotta get the timing right. Can’t hold it in and text downline and say be here in 20 minutes cause the Diamond might end up shitting his pants before he can collect ticket sales and lead the ambots into the bathroom. Probably tells Ambots to stand in line outside the house waiting for when the big moment will be announced. Tickets cost $50 each because after all that’s how Amway Diamonds make the bulk of their money selling tickets to dumb asses to come listen to them speak or in this case take a shit and speak. And they said those Amway assholes couldn’t do 2 things at the same time! LOL!!!!

And there would be a line outside the house because Amway ambots are so desperate to have any part of a Diamond that they’d pay to be there in the can with them. And then you gotta wonder which Ambot is going to have the “privilege” of wiping the Diamond’s ass afterwards. Probably have to pay extra for that! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! And then Amway Diamond makes even more money taking bids to see who wants to flush! Or maybe the selling the logs! LOL!!! Dumb fuck ambots would probably buy it too! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

So what would the Diamond talk about other than how the shit’s progressing? Would he speak negative? This damn shit’s taking too long to come out! Would this be the time where he would bitch at the ambots for what they’re wearing? Seems a little silly to bitch about others wardrobes when he’s the one with his pants around his ankles. Would the Diamond sneer at everyone in the room - let’s say 10 Ambots showed up and bought a $50 ticket. I just made $500 taking a shit. How much money did YOU make during the time it took me to take a shit? Would he talk about the proper etiquette in taking a shit? Or would he just launch into a board plan meeting and use toilet paper to draw circles on. And guess what he uses to draw those circles! LOL!!!!

Yup the Amway Diamond sits on a throne of lies!

The rest of the world doesn’t care about a shitty Amway Diamond. The rest of the world doesn’t want to know nothing about how much an Amway Diamond makes everytime he shits and how much money he sells tickets for. These are things that only matter to a brainwashed Amway Ambot.

It’s a shitty job but an Amway ambot has to pay the big bucks to do it!



  1. This whole repulsive business is a perfect example of the vulgarity, the plebeian coarseness, the small-town puerility and cheapness of Amway and its typical members.

    Can you imagine a courteous and intelligent businessman who runs a genuine business (not a fake MLM scam) saying anything like that in public? He wouldn't dream of such vulgarity and crassness.

    An arrogant Diamond bragging about taking a shit, and down-line IBOs rhapsodizing over it, is more than just disgusting and revolting. It's a sign of what Amway is: a bunch of uncultured and uneducated losers.

    1. Anonymous - keeping in mind that Amway Ambots are prudes, the way they phrased it was "going to the bathroom". I call it as it really is - taking a shit.

      But using either language a real business owner doesn't go around making the same toilet claims that Amway Ambots do. I mean have you ever heard Donald Trump bragging about how much money he makes during the time he's in the can? And this coming from a guy who has no problem insulting just Bout everyone out there. But I don't remember hi mentioning his toilet habits!

  2. In a heated debate with an Ambot, he challenged me to a wager that his diamond makes more taking a crap in the morning that I make in a year. Now I earn (in my J-O-B) about $100K annually.

    So I told Ambot that I'll be generous and assume your diamond earns a million bucks a year. Even more generous I said 100K a month or 1.2 million.

    Then I sad you still want to wager that your diamond makes more money taking a crap than I earn in a year?

    The crickets were deafening.

    1. Joecool - that's the way it is with Amway losers. When you tell them to put their money where their mouth is with real proof of their bullshit and lies - they disappear.

    2. Ask an IBO if the diamond upline has made him rich.

    3. LOL to that one! The money only flows up the pyramid not down. LOL!

  3. Joe, notice that the Ambot wasn't bragging about what he personally made in Amway. He was bragging about SOMEBODY ELSE.

    It's another telltale symptom. Amway is about hero-worship of Diamonds and other big pins. You run up to the stage to see them. You go into ecstasy when they talk to you. Your eyes glaze over when they tell you about their mansions.

    So, quite naturally, even when they take a shit it's somehow important and inspiring.

    1. Anonymous - Amway Ambots always show up here to brag about how much money others are making or how much money Amway's owners make. That's good news for the people who are making that kind of money but how does it affect the Ambot? How are those other people sharing their money with the Ambot?

      As you said its hero-worship. Ambots should figure out how to get themselves out of their cult and learn to be real business owners if that's their life's desire. You know running a real business that actually turns a profit. Or finding a better paying job if its now in their cards to be a business owner.

      Ambots need to take action on how to make more money instead of bragging about how much money their cult leaders make.

      And the hero-worship thing again when it comes to their Amway cult leaders taking a shit that an Ambot thinks that important, inspiring, and worthy of discussing with others or preaching about it at Amway cult meetings.

  4. The diamonds have the cult-of-personality model, that is they are treated like rockstars even the diamond abuses his downlines like slaves.

    Why they bragged how much a diamond make? They think those diamond upline will teach them how to make more money by listening to "if I got rich, you can also get rich."

    1. And speaking of rock stars how many people go to a Rolling Stone concert and expect Jagger to make them rich. If I can sing like this then you can too. LOL!


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