Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Amway Ambots Need a Manual for What???!!!!

Some Amway ambots end up at this blog after doing some bizarre searches. I just know I’ll never see it all.

But you know some things just creep you out a little bit. And Amway just creeps you out a lot.

So this brainwashed ambot is staying at the Hilton in Lafayette, Louisiana. Maybe one of the other scamming groups in the Amway cult empire is holding their Spring Leadership there I don’t know. My focus is on getting the word out about WWDB because I have nothing but contempt for the cult techniques those World Wide Destructive Bastards use.

So what is Hilton ambot searching for?

“Amway marriage book.”

What the fuck?????

Why does it not surprise me that such a thing exists. I seriously doubt the cult leaders would make it available on the Internet for the rest of us to mock.

So maybe the ambot just got married today and has gone to the Hilton for the wedding night and doesn’t have a clue what to do next so he must consult the Amway marriage book.

Probably the first thing the Amway marriage book says is no sex allowed until you’re at least an Emerald! Remember that phrase the Amway cult leaders are always screeching? “You haven’t earned the privilege yet!” Can’t have anything distracting the ambot from the main goal of making their upline rich. Must put all their energy into buying Amway products and investing in the tool scam. I feel really bad for the bride. I know what its like to be married to an ambot and I know the descent into hell ride she has in front of her.

So where did the creepy Hilton ambot who needs advice from the Amway marriage book end up at my blog. My post about the creepy henchman of Amway WWDB Spring Leadership.  Kind of fitting.

So now its got me thinking. I need to come up with the Anna Banana version of the Amway marriage book!


  1. This "You don't have the privilege yet!" line is always spouted by Amway assholes. Consider these examples:

    "You don't have the privilege yet of owning a private home! Sell it!"

    "You don't have the privilege yet of having investments and a savings account! Liquidate them!"

    "You don't have the privilege yet running your own personal business! Give it up!"

    "You don't have the privilege yet of driving a stylish automobile! Buy something cheaper!"

    "You don't have the privilege yet of taking a leisurely vacation! Stay home and work on Amway!"

    In addition to this sort of thing, you NEVER have the privilege of missing an Amway business meeting, or a function, or declining a tools pitch.

    What self-respecting IBOs should do is tell these Amway assholes that free-born Americans have the right and privilege to do whatever the bloody fuck they choose to do.

    1. Hey Anoymous - were you in the room listening to our sack of shit Platinum bitch at us. All of those you haven't heard the privilege lines were used on us. You forgot the one about how we haven't earned the privilege yet to drive a nice recent model car that doesn't break down all the time so sell it and buy an Ambot shitmobiles for $200 and use the Reston the proceeds from selling the car to buy shitty overpriced Amway products.

      Too bad for that son of a bitch I wasn't drinking the Kool Aid. You work hard to get to a point in your life and all Amway losers want to do is destroy your life.

    2. Anna, your Platinum must have been a real piece of shit.

      But I guess that's the case with all the bigshots in WWDB (World Wide Douche Bags).

    3. Anonymous - after reading so many other stories over the years our sack of shit Platinum is just the norm. Everyone else has similar stories of their Platinum and some are even worse than what we suffered. As you said - World Wide Douche Bags!

  2. Anna, maybe your readers could contribute some helpful suggestions for your book. For starters, Ambot wife should learn how to cook rice and beans because that will be much of their staple as long as her husband is in the Amway cult. Before long she will probably not feel like having sex with her angry frustrated Ambot husband who just can't seem to figure out why he's not getting rich by spending their money buying useless Amway junk from their "store" and his time desperately searching for some poor sucker he can lure to his next cult meeting. But if she does have sex with him then by all means as long as he is in the cult she should avoid pregnancy for obvious reasons. Of course anger management classes will be helpful for her once she gets to know her hubby's Ambot upline sponsor who will be always there to "help" Ambot devote more of his (and her's) money, time and effort to the cult. Wouldn't hurt to learn a little basic mechanics to learn how to keep running the cheap rusty old Ambotmobile (or immobile since Ambot won't be able to do both Amway and afford to pay a professional mechanic). Won't have much money for parts either so she'll have to learn to be handy with bubble gum, baling wire and a roll of duct tape from the 99 cent store. And if you really love the guy just hope and pray he wakes up.

    1. Ray - I doubt Amway Ambots can afford rice and beans! No money left after they're done tithing the Great Amway God.


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