Thursday, June 9, 2016

Financial Security NOT With Amway

How many people have a vision of what financial security means to them?

Anyone who’s attended an Amway cult meeting knows what financial security means to a brainwashed Ambot. It means tithing all their money in the worship of the Great Amway God. It means spending hundreds of dollars a month on shitty overpriced Amway products, buying tickets to attend Amway meetings and investing in the Amway tool scam. By doing these things the Amway IBO can expect to earn a commission of around $10/month from Amway. And after 2 to 5 years of faithfully doing this, the Amway cult leaders preach the vision of financial security and that’s when bazillions of dollars in residual income flows in from Amway every month while the IBO sits back and does nothing for the rest of their life. Well they walk the beaches of the world and they buy mansions that they pay cash for and all the other materialistic things that Ambots are expected to covet.

Amway’s brochures shows a Diamond makes around $150,000/year. For many people that’s a decent income but you can’t live a billionaire lifestyle on it. And Diamonds who attempt to do so have ended up being foreclosed and in bankruptcy court.

Hell we even did a post where rapper 50 Cent is mentioned for being in huge debt by living beyond his means. Apparently you can’t live a Mick Jagger lifestyle on a rapper’s income! LOL!

If you’re not a brainwashed Amway Ambot you might have a different vision on what financial security means. And what your future will be like. And how it will change your life. Maybe a million bucks will bring financial security to someone but an Amway Ambot would sneer at that amount.

In simple terms financial security to someone might be not worrying about paying the bills and having time to spend with their family and hobbies. To have a nice lifestyle maybe the secret is making less expensive choices. Let’s see, you can buy Amway’s SA8 laundry soap for $40+ or go to Walmart or Costco and buy the same size box of Tide that will get the clothes cleaner and costs $10 or $12. You can cut out buying Amway XS cat piss energy drinks and save $100/month. You can buy face cream at Walmart or Avon for $10 or less or buy a similar product from Amway for $60. You can buy a book from your Amway cult leader for $20 that sells on Amazon for $2 or go to the library and read it for free. You can cancel the useless Communikate personal assistant bullshit and save $35/month. You can buy gas from the station around the corner or you can go a mile away to the station that’s 5 cents cheaper a gallon. There’s lots of ways to avoid buying expensive stuff and find the same product for cheaper.

The vision might not be bazillions of dollars in residual income flying in every month or even a million bucks in savings. The secret to financial security might be as simple as making less expensive choices.

People who are not brainwashed Amway Ambots have the freedom to make their own decisions about less expensive choices in life they want to make. Amway Ambots have to ask permission from the fucking assholes in their upline before doing or buying anything. They’re also under orders to be CORE or whatever bullshit is being flung that means they have to buy at least 100PV in overpriced shitty Amway products every month, go to all Amway meetings, invest in the Amway tool scam etc. All expensive choices. And decisions for Ambots are made by their Amway cult leaders.

Make it a choice to turn into reality how to get rich on any income. Your definition of rich and how a brainwashed Amway Ambot defines rich is miles apart.

Improve your financial future by leaving Amway out of it.


  1. "Improve your financial security by leaving Amway out of it."
    Great idea! That presents a franchise opportunity for Ambots. Instead of paying Amway $400 a month for $200 worth of shitty Amway junk they don't need in the first place and a crummy $10 "commission" check, Ambots would save money if they instead just gave me ten cents on their every consumer dollar and used the rest to buy better and more useful products for half the price at their local retailer. And if they hold meetings to convince other Ambots to do the same I will let them keep for themselves half of that ten cents they get from every other Ambot's dollar and and send me the rest. The Ambots would be richer but they might miss all the hoopla at the meetings where they presently go to get their Amway fix. In that case I would be willing to sell them hotel rooms at an inflated price so they can fire up the rusty Ambotmobile to travel and hear me preach to them in person and sell them CDs of myself exhorting them to give me even more of their money. Crazy thing is they would probably still come out ahead of where they are now.

    1. Hi Ray. That sounds like a good idea. Let us know if you get any takers. Amway Ambots can save money on buying shitty overpriced Amway products and just pass out $20 bills instead and still come out ahead. The thing is to throw around a bunch of numbers to confuse Amway Ambots. That's the secret Amway cult leaders figured out a long time ago. We should book a room next to an Amway cult meeting and get a better sound system than they use to drown them out.


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