Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Price Tag Of Getting Sucked Into Amway Cult

Thanks to AnonTB for providing some info on what to expect if signing up to Amway, advice for a woman whose husband is thinking of getting sucked into the cult:

1- You will need several hundred dollars a month to pay for product, books, tapes, meetings, rallies, gas. Ask him where that will come from, and what he/you will be sacrificing to pay for that. He may say that this phase won't last long, that you will soon be making enough money to cover expenses. Ask him to be specific: how many recruits do you need to break even, and how are you going to get those people?

2- The products are very expensive, and you will be buying far more product than you can use. If you don't buy products like this now, why are you going to be excited about buying them in the future, and why will you be excited about overbuying expensive products? If you can't get excited about the products, how successful will you be in convincing others to buy the products?
--> After the 3 week cooling off period, Instead of signing up as an IBO, ask your husband to just buy a bunch of product and use it for a month. See if his excitement for the product matches his excitement for the business "opportunity." That's a fair request. The business will still be there for him at the end of the month.

3- If you do become an IBO, your efforts will be in recruiting. Your earliest recruits will be people that you know. How will you feel about trying to sign up family/friends/neighbors by omitting key information that they need to make an informed decision, such as all the recurring monthly expenses (tools, web site, voicemail, meetings, excess product inventory, etc.)? This is called a lie of omission, and is essential to recruit people. Can you do this to people you know?

4- Your presenter mentioned he would not miss a meeting even if he was very sick with the flu. Ask yourself, why would you need to go to every meeting, even if you have no prospects there? Answer: there is no good reason, other than because they say that's what successful people do.

5- Tell your husband that if you don't join him as an IBO, Ambots have been known to try to get him to choose between you and Amway. Get him to commit to you that when this happens, he will leave the business. Not in a year. Not in a month. Now.

6- You mentioned that the Ambots you met were smart, educated people, too smart to fall for a bad opportunity. Therefore, it must be a good one. This is a fallacy of logic. This is what made Bernie Madoff able to convince lots of other smart people to give him $50 billion.

Don't EVER stop thinking for yourself or trusting your gut instincts.


  1. Anna, this is really excellent advice!

    I hope every woman whose husband is stupid enough to sign up in Amway reads this, and acts upon it.

    And vice versa -- if your wife becomes an Ambot, you as a husband should make it very clear to her that you will not tolerate a money-draining scam. Force her to look at the facts. Compel her to keep an old-fashioned account book of expenses and income. And tell her in no uncertain terms that YOU COME FIRST, not Amway.

    1. Anonymous - stuff like this we can't repeat too many times so people thinking of joining the Amway cult know the money and time commitment expected from them to worship the Great Amway God because the person signing them up and their upline won't tell them how much money and time until after they've signed up and paid their cult fees.

  2. Hello! I've been reading this blog and a few other Amway-related ones for a while. I'm involved in this scheme...I knew exactly what I was getting into the moment I joined (at least in terms of the economic impact it would have). Everything you have outlined I've found to be true, especially in regards to the cult behavior--which I did not expect when signing up. I would have quickly left if I didn't find this phenomenon fascinating, and frankly, a little horrifying; that the types of recruitment and social techniques found in cults are being used in a business model.

    From reading your blog, I understand that your husband eventually quit. What was the straw that broke the camel's back? What eventually made him realize he needed to leave, and what was the social impact that his decision had on people he'd met through the corporation?

    1. Hi Anonymous. Come on you don't need to be a signed up Amway IBO to know how horrifying Amway is. You can go to a few meetings for free as a guest to watch the brainwashed losers in action and don't have to buy overpriced shitty Amway products to keep the fucking assholes in the Amway upline off your back.

      The Amway cult is horrifying. The Amway cult leaders follow a combination of the handbooks of Hitler and Jim Jones.

      Like most people who quit Amway my husband got tired of throwing his money away and being abused by the fucking assholes in his Amway upline. I have no idea about the social impact on anyone else other than they'd be losing a few bucks commission off us. A few years after we quit our sack of shit Platinum got fired by Amway. Yes where else can you be a "business owner" and get fired LOL except in Amway. He went to Monavie and took a lot of the people in his downline with him so that would have been about $25,000 worth of monthly business is my guess that Amway is losing out on sales and probably threw everyone upline of him out of qualification. I have no idea what the latest scam MLM is these losers are involved in because apparently Monavie bit the dust. Hoping Amway follows in their footprints. Pyramid schemes are tough to keep from crumbling.

  3. Hi There - Anna Banana excellent blog with informative view points and experiences.
    Mine is very similar story probably familiar with a lot of folk.

    An old girlfriend of mine got hooked up with a similar MLM/Pyramid product- Kyani - recently. The change in her personality was literally night and day - I witnessed the transformation from a confident, kind, caring, strong independent woman to the brainwashed shell she is now.
    It started initially with cryptic messages about "great opportunities" and "needing to talk, valued opinions" etc. Needing to meet for coffee to discuss things and getting the scripted txts - pitching the product and "business" opportunity.
    Short story is I initially - gently - called her out on her BS - asked her to stop pitching and was pretty much confronted with denial, hostility, demeaning actions.
    I haven't heard from her since.... MLM's are destructive and change people and their relationships - in a definite negative direction.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Yup these pyramid schemes operate pretty much the same. Everything you've said, you've probably heard someone else on this blog share similar experience or maybe read it the same story somewhere else online.

      The personality change is awful to live through. The Amway cult takes a person who was previously nice, caring, independent, and confident and turns them into an angry, condescending, sneering, arrogant, know-it-all miserable bastard.

      Amway cult followers use the same cryptic messages. Even though they've already signed up to the pyramid scheme they ask others to come to a meeting about this great opportunity because they value their opinion and want to know what they think of "the business". And then when you tell them what you really think - its a bunch of bullshit - you get hostility. So much for your valued input! LOL! And Amway Ambots always want to meet for coffee. They'll string along a prospect with a line that goes something that they know a successful businessman who's an entrepreneur with some great ideas and they can't promise you anything buy how'd you like to meet for coffee. And then you end up meeting some Amway loser who has a regular job because he needs the dreaded J.O.B. in order to afford his expensive Amway habit.

      And the Amway upline is all about destroying relationships. Destroy anyone who won't join the Amway cult is their slogan. Your old girlfriend's upline were already working on her to end the relationship. Really you're better off without her. You don't need any more emotional and financial distress in your life like these MLM cults bring you. It's too bad the way these pyramid schemes destroy lives but at least you don't have to put up with those losers in your life anymore.

      Hope you have a great life with someone who's not throwing away their money at a cult!


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