Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Amway Ambots And Their Fucked Up Version Of Success

When an Ambot signs up to the Amway cult they’re told they are now an IBO: Independent Business Owner. To a mind that is fucked up by Amway cult members, being a business owner is a sign of success.

And where else can you become a “successful business owner” LOL for a couple hundred bucks.

That’s a question that doesn’t need an answer. There are lots of people who’ve started up real legitimate businesses on a shoestring budget.

We’re talking about Amway assholes here and their pretend businesses. Not people who aren’t Amway scammers – you know real business owners.

Amway ambots disappear to focus on their “business” which means they’re dealing with phone calls and texts from the fucking assholes in their Amway upline, spending hours on Amway’s website buying overpriced shitty products whenever they’ve got some space on their credit card, or phoning friends and family to buy the above mentioned shitty products, or stalking prospects to come to Scamway meetings. Thats what it takes to become a successful business owner to an Amway ambot with their warped sense of success.

Their “own” Amway “business” with the promise of money, gives the ambot a sense of success, a fakers dream come true, pretending to act like a big and important and rich business owner is always most important.

The Amway ambot has to validate himself to himself, not his wife, not his family, today and every day. The woman the ambot vowed to love and honor and cherish would be little more than insignificant compared to the fucking assholes in his Amway upline that he now has to love, honor, and cherish more than anything else in his life. Nothing is more important than worshipping the Great Amway God and pledging love and devotion to defending the Amway name and bragging about how Amway’s high prices mean they’re products are high quality – to a fucked up brainwashed Amway bastard that is.

Amspeak. Must spout that bullshit all the time to be a successful business owner. That is if you're an Amway ambot with a warped sense of success.

That’s a fucked up Amway Ambot’s version of success.

No thanks. Not for most people.


  1. You forgot to add Amway's requirement about always wearing a cheap, ill-fitting business suit... even if it's 98 degrees in the shade and you're in Las Vegas. After all, you gotta "look the part."

    Also, your mobile phone has to be permanently attached to your ear, so that everyone will see what a big, important, go-getter and entrepreneur you are. And you always have to speak in a rushed and hurried tone, to prove that you are involved in something really major and compelling that demands constant attention.

    Do all these things, and people will think that you are a real "independent business owner," when in fact you are nothing but a paltry commissioned salesman and a close-to-bankrupt schmuck.

    Amway -- the completely fake business.

    1. LOL! Very true. It's not hard to spot an Amway Ambot when you know the kind of loser to be on the look out for.

      You forgot to add in their arrogant prick attitude.

  2. The thing about these Amway freaks is that they are essentially small-town, nickel-and-dime types. The Ambot is the guy who maybe runs a tiny gas station, or an out-of-date car wash, or a two-bit hardware store, and who thinks he knows it all about "business." He's smug, arrogant, full of himself, and basically a hick.

    1. Anonymous - many Amway Ambots are from big cities. The Ambot is unlikely to be a business owner small town or big town but an employee of one of those places. But small town or big town all Amway assholes are smug, arrogant and full of themselves.


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