Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Do Amway Platinums Make $75,000 A Year?

When we attended Amway cult meetings our sack of shit Platinum sometimes asked who in the room earns at least $75,000/year.

It must have pissed him off to no end that my Ambot was the only person to raise his hand because he stopped asking that question after a few times of us attending his cult meetings. And it must have really pissed off that bastard that my husband makes more money than he does!

I think $75,000/year is the bragged about Platinum income, give or take a few thousand. Through research since I quit Amway I know that income can not be earned at the Platinum level. Nor the $125,000 an Emerald is supposed to earn, again give or take a few thousand depending on who is bragging about the money amount. I found this out by reading Eric Scheibeler’s book Merchants of Deception that as an Amway Emerald with a thousand people in his downline, he was only earning around $30,000/year, again give or take a few thousand. Also I saw a Youtube video of a former Emerald who said he only made between $2000 and $3000/month when he was with Scamway. He couldn’t afford to stick it out any longer in Amway and now makes a better income.

I doubt a Platinum can earn $75,000/year unless he’s running a lot of retail through his business which is nearly next to impossible to find regular customers willing to buy overpriced substandard Amway products.

So that “who makes $75,000/year” question probably brings another question to mind for everyone reading this blog. The same question that went through my mind.

Why in the hell would someone who already owns their own business and earns at least $75,000/year be interested in an Amway business and taking a cut in income?

I couldn’t figure out why my husband would want to shelf his legitimate business to get into a business where he makes less money a year. On a business built on lies.

Fucking crazy!

Until I understood that my husband was being brainwashed by an evil cult.

And that’s when it became terrifying. The hold this evil cult has on its victims. Driven by greed. The Amway cult demands full control over their cult members money and their sanity.


  1. Yes the true believer/ambot/sheeple are victims of brainwashing no doubt about it Anna. How else can you explain a system where the modest sum of a $40k (and no benefits)in income is an unobtainable pipe dream but people with real jobs making much more (with healthcare etc) are "losers". Only explanation? Brainwashing!

    1. Anonymous - I know. How else can someone be convinced that earning less money a year is a good thing except when they're brainwashed.

      OK sometimes making less money for a better lifestyle choice can be a good thing, but we're talking Amway here.

  2. No Amway Platinum makes $75,000 per year from the Amway business alone. They're lucky if they take in 20,000 bucks. The rest comes from their real job, or from investments and other sources.

    But Amway is all about LYING! Lying to yourself, lying to others, lying to the world. It's about pretending that you're a real businessman, and that your business is always "going great!"

    When you lie long and hard enough, you actually begin to believe the lies that you tell.

    1. Anonymous - Amway Platinums are well practiced liars. Business is going great. Making 6 figures in Amway. Liars!

      But ... do Ambots really believe the lies they tell or have they brainwashed themselves to believe the lies they tell or true?

    2. In a cult, people's minds are so totally screwed up that it's hard to say what exactly they are thinking.

    3. Anonymous - the most fucked up losers around are all in Amway.


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