Monday, July 11, 2016

Evil Amway Ambots Disguised As Crows

No matter what stage in a person’s life they’re at they either are living a decent life or they’re working towards it. The things most people have or want out of life or not really over the top. They might like a good paying career. They might want to get married. They’d like to live in a decent house in a safe neighborhood. They want to drive a nice car that’s not breaking down all the time. They’d like to take nice vacations. They’d like to be debt free. They’d like to have decent savings for retirement. A lot of people have already worked hard to get these things and others are still working towards some of these goals. They’re not unrealistic things to achieve for many people. It’s a nice safe life when you own a home, a car, and have savings.

Then an Amway ambot comes around to fuck up your life. They scam you into signing up with their pyramid scheme. You have to invest $500 and more every month buying at least 100PV of shitty overpriced Amway products and other purchases related to the Amway tool scam. This means going into credit card debt or wiping out your savings account. Joining the Amway cult even for a few months can set a person back financially for years.

Amway cult leaders preach the gospel of greed. Why settle for a house when you can have a $10 million mansion. Why settle for a nice car when you can have a fleet of Bentley’s, Ferraris, and Lamborginis. Why settle for a nice vacation when you can go to Peter Island and live in a super Amway asshole sized deluxe suite. Why have retirement savings when you can have bazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in every month from Amway.

Leave your safe lifestyle behind and enter into the Amway hell hole guided by Amway cult leaders and their goal of greedy materialistic possessions, hellbent on destroying anyone in a safe place.

There are too many stories around the Internet of people who’ve lost tens of thousands of dollars to the Amway scam. Debt. Bankruptcy. Foreclosure. Divorce. So much for that nice, safe lifestyle these people were living until the evil Amway ambots got hold of them.

Its kind of like this scene from the Hitchcock movie The Birds. The kids are safe inside their school. The evil crows are outside. The plan seems simple enough. Stay inside and don’t get attacked by the birds. But what do the teachers do? They say let’s make a run for it. Dumb fucks!

That’s like Amway ambots – dumb fucks!

The students trust their teachers. Teachers who pretend to be all knowing and have their best interests at heart. Teachers who convince the kids to leave their safe place behind only to get attacked by crows.

Like being in Amway. The assholes in the Amway upline brainwash their followers to trust them and not outsiders and brainwash the cult followers they have their best interests at heart. To blindly follow the upline and do whatever they say. People leave their safe place behind to get attacked by Amway ambots hell bent on destroying their lives.

Watch this scene and substitute the evil crows for evil Amway ambots.

Takeaway? If someone from Amway harasses you - run and scream!


  1. Anna, the problem is that people KEEP ON JOINING this sick and evil organization!

    OK, maybe Amway is losing ground. But many more of these vicious little MLM schemes seem to sprout up every year. What the fuck is WRONG with people? Why do they fall for the bullshit?

    David Brear at his website has a story about a new Mormon-founded MLM called "Forever Living." It's only been in business for two years, and already it's raking in millions in profits from its IBOs. This is absolutely incredible -- despite all the documented evidence that they are fraudulent, MLMs still manage to recruit idiots!

    1. Anonymous - its almost like that old saying about how there's a sucker born every minute and the losers who get involved with MLMs are living proof.

      There's a lot of people out there who can lap up the lies of old and new pyramid scheme MLMs and believe they're trying to make a better life for themselves/their families, they're doing this as a free pass to cross the pearly gates, or to lead a healthier lifestyle, or get rich. Whatever. If they're looking for something and some MLM scammer comes along to con them they're more receptive to being scammed.

  2. Amway freaks are known to have a "crab mentality". That is when they see others succeed without joining amway, they will find ways to say mean things like "losers", "negative" and other insulting statements.

    When they have a promising career, ambots will insult their jobs because deep down, an ambot's job doesn't produce any fruit so they want to justify it with their insults to bring themselves up.

    Amway freaks are jealous with successful people.

    1. People in cults hate those who are not in cults, because those people have a chance for happiness. Being in a business cult like Amway is a form of mental and financial slavery.

    2. Anonymous - whether that's a crab mentality or a cult mentality everyone in Amway gangs up to bully others with negative and insulting comments.

      All the while proclaiming that they as followers of the Great Amway God are the most positive bastards around! LOL!

      Amway freaks are jealous of everyone they perceive as more successful than them. Success being subjective. What one person considers success another might not...

    3. Anonymous - I think that's hitting the nail on the head. People in cults hate everyone else because people in cults have better chance of happiness. Ambots are stuck inside the Amway cult full of angry bastards. Not a happy place and the longer you hang around nasty evil fucking Amway assholes the angrier you'll be too.


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