Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Amway Masturbator Wants To Masturbate On This Blog! LOL!

Every now and then this Amway asshole shows up here posting anonymously and saying he’s an independent product tester.

Yeah right. Product testers want to get their names/business out there so they’d be posting with their profile name that links to their website.

But this is Amway. Its all about being a liar and scamming others. Its all about owning a pretend business and giving yourself a pretend business owner title. Most Amway ambots choose something like President. I’ve never seen an Amway asshole pretend to be a product tester until the Amway Masturbator showed up here.

There are legitimate companies out there that test products and report their findings to consumer magazines. Sometimes surveys and test panels are hired by news media. And there’s that one in Europe that Amway hires that no one on this side of the world has heard of and no one can remember the name – Euromonitor? – I think. Disreputable companies like Amway go to that European firm, some kind of marketing group, and pay to have their products put on a list to try to give themselves fake credibility. I guess the more you pay the higher up the list you go. Amway paid enough to have Artistry put on the list at #2 for “prestige” cosmetics. Like what woman out there gives a fuck about “prestige” when buying cosmetics or anything else for that matter. Other things are more important like price, performance, name brand, etc.

The Amway Masturbator who’s pretending to be an independent tester has a major hard on for SA8 laundry soap and gloats his loving praise all over it like any other fucked up brainwashed Amway ambot does. I don’t know if he jerks off over other Amway products but everytime he shows up here he’s fucking and fondling Amway’s SA8. And we get it Amway ambots are liars so take that lie a little further and pretend you run an independent product testing company that always puts shitty overpriced Amway products at the top of the list. The lying Amway Masturbator does not say what other laundry soaps were tested, who were on the panel, the criteria used for determining what laundry soaps were good or bad, etc etc. Fucking lying Amway weasel!

$40 or $50 for substandard Amway laundry soap is not going to come out well in any legitimate product testing panel which uses price point as part of the testing criteria. In other words which product gives consumers the best bang for their buck. Consumer reports for many years put Tide at the top for getting laundry clean. At a quarter of the cost that Amway charges for their shitty SA8.

But you’d never get that lying little Amway bastard to admit it. Off in the pretend world of pretending to be a product tester where Amway always comes out on top whether or not any other products were actually tested or not is not important to a lying Amway asshole.

The Amway Masturbator keeps knocking but he can’t come in though the person moderating the comments sends me a cut and paste we can giggle about. He’s from Charleston, South Carolina and uses Bell South and he only tries to leave comments on a post from back in February so the dumb fucking masturbator doesn’t think we get it’s him. And then he keeps coming back to the look at the post to see if we posted it. The Amway Masturbator has been leaving comments here for a couple of years but we think the readers aren’t really interested in hearing his jerking off adventures. He told us he had a woman buy a box of SA8 that he personally delivered and then gave her a demonstration. LOL! I don’t know any woman who wants laundry soap that an Amway loser has masturbated all over. And then he tells us about an Amway stain remover product that he uses to lube up his dick so he can jack off into the SA8. More recently the Amway Masturbator from South Carolina tries to bullshit us into believing he’s an accountant (guess the product tester gig hit the shitter) and that he’ll be making more money in Scamway than as an accountant. Well here’s the thing fucker. Legitimate accountants warn their clients away from pyramid schemes and refuse to deal with them.

The Amway Masturbating Accountant. Like we need any more reasons to poke fun at fucking Amway losers! LOL! And like we need any more proof that people in Amway are a bunch of fucking liars. Product tester. Accountant.

How about a couple of truths. Amway loser. Masturbator. Well what’s a guy to do when he can’t get a woman to help him out in that department because he’s a fucking Amway asshole and that’s a huge turn off to women. He’s got no choice except to become Amway Jack Off.

The Amway Masturbator uses Amway’s SA8 to jerk off while at the same time uses his other hand to type messages on a blog that’s all about making fun of Amway assholes. He’s probably jerking off into other Amway products too. Talk about expensive! Buying shitty overpriced Amway products to masturbate on! For christs sakes guy go out and buy a copy of Playboy. Much cheaper. And not as creepy as using Amway products to jerk off on.


  1. Man oh man, Anna -- this guy sounds like he has some serious psychological problems.

    He's been doing this for years? And keeps coming back to the same thread? That's a textbook example of repetition-compulsion. Maybe he's autistic.

    1. Anonymous - I agree he's got problems. Why show up here to brag about laundry soap sex fetishes.

    2. See people this is what happens if you sign up for Amway. You become an annoying bastard just like Joseph and you get told over and over to fuck off and you're too fucking stupid because you've been brainwashed by Amway cult leaders so you just keep coming back to spout off bullshit.

  2. You're too much Anna B. I just love reading your blog. Especially since my daughter was recruited into this rat bastard cult. Fuck you Joseph Kong and the slimy Amway cult.

    1. Hi Living the Nightmare. Glad to hear you're still around and loving the blog and sorry to hear your daughter is still in the Amway cult. Hey if you come back and read this ask your daughter what the guest log in is for the WWDB website. The Worldwide Destructive Bastards changed the log in and or password to keep the infidels out. Sure sign of a cult.


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