Thursday, August 25, 2016

Amway Can’t Brainwash Us All!

Our pompous sack of shit Platinum had a ton of reasons he didn’t like me, mostly because I was such a rebel and disinterested in anything Amway. Also his fear that I would take back control of our finances and cut off further tithing to the Amway cult.

According to Amway cult leaders people like me must be destroyed! People who can’t be brainwashed by the Amway cult must be eliminated.

Hmmm. I wasn’t planning on turning this into another post about how Amway destroys marriages but what the hell!

The sack of shit Platinum would hold Amway meetings and say he only does business with people he likes. If he doesn’t like you he won’t do business with you.

Well I don’t like you, you fucking miserable Amway bastard, but I’ve obviously done a shitty job of getting that message through to your Amway drunken brain because you seem to be under the false impression that I want to do business with you.

So in his quest to destroy our relationship and poison Ambot against me, the sack of shit Platinum would bitch about me to Ambot. He’d bitch about everything: the way I dress, the “other” makeup I wear, I refuse to mingle with ambots, my phone is too old, my car is too new, my dog stinks, the books I read aren’t on the Amway tool scam reading list. You name it, he bitched about it. It all leads to one thing. He’d bitch about me not being “coachable”. Pompous asshole. I told you the day I met you that I had no interest in Amway. I didn’t want to pay to go to Amway cult meetings, I didn’t want to buy overpriced shitty products, etc. And its a huge surprise to you that I’m not “coachable”.

Dumb ass sack of shit Platinum cult leader!

I’m also not coachable when it comes to jumping out of airplanes or becoming a lion trainer. If I have zero interest in something or something I deem to be dangerous like getting involved in the Amway cult and losing all our money then I’m not going to bust my ass learning anything about it.

Then Ambot would parrot back the Amway speak in an accusatory tone to me: “The dumb ass pompous sack of shit fucked up Platinum (OK so those are my words not Ambot’s!) says that you’re not coachable.”

So when did I ever claim that I was coachable?

Give me something fun or something I want to do and I can be “coachable”.

And right back at the Platinum - why bitch about someone not being coachable when they told you that the first day they met you? Lousy miserable troublemaking fucking Amway bastard!

Amway speak: “You’re not coachable” is better translated “I can’t brainwash you.”

So take that you fucking excuse for a human being asshole Amway cult leader! You can’t brainwash us all!


  1. Love your blog. Never in Amway but study a lot of cult tactics and Amway fits it like a glove. I laugh my ass off at many of your rants. I keep up with this and one other blog and it is amazing the impact that it seems to be having.

    20 years ago information was nearly impossible to find in a timely fashion. Now I can compare rental properties available to me in Bali, or New Jersey at the drop of a hat.

    Good news is that the MLM scams are becoming known for what they are. People are becoming wise because of the true information about losses are becoming known. I have heard people claim that MLMs are the business model of the future. Let's hope that is not true or nearly everyone will be broke.

    I think it is funny how defenders of MLM claim that the are not illegal pyramids. Truth is they are much worse. Odds of making $$$ in an illegal pyramid scheme is a little over 12%. Odds of making money in a legal MLM is generally less than 1%.

    Keep up the good work. Hopefully people will wise up and quite wasting their money, time and relationships in this predatory scam. America would be much better off if people would invest in things where 99% don't lose their ass.

    1. Hi Aninymous. Glad you're loving the blog. Yeah right from the start we figured out we had to entertain as well as educate to keep readers coming back. Cursing out Amway ambots and making fun of them is something that appears to be on the wish list of many.

      Interesting fact you have there that people have better chance of making money in an illegal pyramid scheme than in a legal one. Almost daily Amjerks stop by and screech that the FTC has ruled Amway isn't a pyramid scheme which is some lie they repeat from their Amway cult leaders which is how ambots do their research. The FTC website does list Amway as a pyramid scheme but as you say a legal pyramid scheme as opposed to illegal. Though many of the antics Amway and their ambots pull off can be illegal. They have. O proble,s scamming people out of money with their fraudulent claims of what their snake water does.

      Yup the Internet has helped people share information about being scammed in Amway and the emotional and financial distress this company and their evil cult leaders bring to others.

  2. Thank you Anna for this blog it always makes me laugh. And more importantly takes a truthful stand and provides a counter view against a massive evil juggernaut.

    1. Hi Lorikeets. Thanks for stopping by.its for people like you that this blog exists. Glad you're enjoying it. Around here we aim to entertain as well as educate.

  3. So here is the link to where I found the stat on chance of success being 12.5%. It is a good read.

    Here is the kicker. An illegal pyramid scheme has the decency to kick out the people at the top after a cycle and requires them to "re-invest" for another chance of making money. The legal product-based ones, keep the same greedy bastards at the top indefinitely, virtually assuring that any new entrant will fail.

    When you add the fact that the guys at the top have the ability to (and certainly will) adjust the compensation plan to their benefit, failure in any MLM is essentially guaranteed.

    The best defense against these oppressive aggressors is to ask them for a copy of their tax returns and PNL statement from their business. I have a new strategy when approached. I tell people if they will compare tax returns with me and show me that they are making more money than me, I will join their MLM business. This is no risk at all for anyone above the poverty line unless you are talking to a founder in an MLM who actually is one of the scammers at the top. In a handfull of these cases, they are bringing in quite a bit of money, but you can generally count on your hands and feet the number of people pulling in a lot of money in most companies.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for the link. We're going to use that on an upcoming post.

      And LOL on the challenge to MLMers to compare tax returns! Let us know if any of those scammers take you up.


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