Monday, September 5, 2016

Amway WWDB Free Enterprise Days FED 2016

WWDB Amway are holding Free Enterprise Days FED 2016 probably in Portland Oregon like they usually do but I don’t know for sure. In the past they’ve also held it in Denver Colorado but that dropped off a few years ago. Amway cult activities are top secret no different than any other cult that doesn’t want outsiders to know more about the bullshit they’re pulling off. FED is usually held in October but a few years ago someone at World Wide Dream Builders fucked up and didn’t book the convention center in time and it was held in November. WWDB has booked the Portland Convention Center for November 5 2016 but it says rallies and is only the one day. Due to declining attendance they may have booked a smaller facility than the usual convention center. I’m sure someone who has an Ambot in their life will show up with the details.

Tickets to FED used to cost $125 but a recent commenter said its around $150 now. Gotta make them Diamonds richer while the masses get poorer! And just in case anyone out there is living under a rock – the bulk of Amway Diamonds income is from ticket sales to functions like this. Its all part of the Amway tool scam.

So another post where I use some key words to draw in IBO's who are desperately searching on the Internet for more information about FED because no one tells them nothing useful at Amway meetings.

If you don't live within an hour or so drive of where the Amway function is being held add on your transportation costs, hotel, and restaurants for 3 days. Or more if you're a keener and get there a day or two early. Budget at least $1000 if you're driving. $2000 if you're flying/renting a car. That's per couple.

What happens at FED? Besides getting FED up with all the bullshit. Gee actually that just about covers it!

Friday night is one of these rah rah patriotic ceremonies with various branches of the military represented. The type of stuff that might look wonderful at other events but at an Amway function is creepy. Its nice to recognize the men and women who serve our country but the fanfare is just all wrong at an Amway brainwashing convention. Listening to a bunch of rah rah Diamond speakers getting the crowd fired up for the weekend with promises of all the great things they're going to be taking away from the Amway WWDB function. Probably starts around 7 or 8pm and goes on till 11pm or so.

But don't you dare think the night is over! The assholes in your Amway upline are gonna want to do night owls and all the obedient little ambots better haul ass to the designated meeting place and be prepared to stay there for a few hours. The cult leaders know the best way to brainwash their cult followers is to keep them tired so they'll be easier to brainwash cause they'll agree to anything.

Then the serious bullshitting sessions start on Saturday morning. And they go on and on and on and on until 11pm or so that night. There is a dinner break for a couple of hours. Good little ambots better not dare leave their seats for any reason and miss very important information that is being shared.

And just what is this very important information that ambots must devote to memory? Its one Ken and Barbie Ambot after another strutting across the stage in evening wear like they got invited to a Presidents gala at the White House or something. They all have the same stories about how they used to work shitty minimum wage jobs until a very dear friend showed them the Amway business plan and now they're bazillionaires and travel first class all over the world and when they're at home in their mansion that they've built out in the boonies somewhere they entertain important people and show off their garage full of luxury sport cars.

Even though midnight is closing in after the day's bullshit session is over ambots can't think of going to bed because some asshole in their upline has demanded their presence at another fucking night owl.

Sunday morning is a day to sleep in if the ambot is lucky. But more than likely the upline assholes will be pressuring the ambots to attend the Amway church service and get preached at by some Diamond who makes extra money doing this when he passes the hat around to the ambot congregation.

Sunday afternoon is more of the same from the day before. No real teaching or training. No useful information. Just Diamonds bragging about worldly possessions that they can afford thanks to Amway. Or maybe that's pretend to afford thanks to credit cards and bank loans.

The weekend of hell is usually over around 5pm. Maybe. Unless you're traveling home with other ambots who will torture you for a few more hours about how they're “going big” in “the business”.

So there you have it. No need to waste your time or money going to FED. Its just another social gathering for Amway ambots to worship their cult leaders.


  1. Your very miss informed to be honest... The way people in the Amway Business make money in by net-working. Amway sells products that are very good high quality, like makeup, cleaning supplies, protein bars, stuff that you likely already use. So you switch to their products, which are very good in my opinion. Then you meet someone that you think is very sharp, driven, and wants to make extra money on the side to pay their bills. If they say yes I want to do this, then they start buying Amway products, and you get a small percentage of their income. The reason people say its a scam is because not many people make money doing it. That is true, only 17% of people who are Independent Business Owners in Amway actually show the plan to other people. and only about 20% of that 17% do it on a weekly basis. The reason why the FED tickets are so expensive is because they have to pay for the venue, the Diamonds don't make money off of it at all.

    1. Holy shit jbern! Are you ever brainwashed! The bullshit canned Amspeak you spouted off I heard the same bullshit years ago at Scamway meetings. That Amspeak has been around for decades. How UNoriginal! LOL!

      I see you fucking Amway assholes are still looking for "sharp" people. LOL. Fucking Amway losers! LOL!

      And then you show up here with the lying canned Amspeak that all Amway Ambots are required to do and accuse US of being misinformed and lying about how Diamonds don't make money off these functions when everyone knows about the Amway tool scam and that's how the Diamonds make the bulk of their income by selling tickets to these events. Why don't you phone the venue you're going to go to and ask what it costs to rent the place? For something like FED Amway might get it free or really cheap because the venue makes money off selling parking or snacks and meals at their food outlets. And then you'll see who's really misinformed. That would be the brainwashed Amway Ambot who actually believes the lies from the Amway cult leaders.

      The life of an Amway Ambot - lie, deny, distract and defend. And then hopefully disappear.

  2. This asshole "jbern" won't be back. Notice that he didn't try to defend the nonsense that goes on at FED; he just says that the high price is necessary.

    Necessary for what, jbern? To listen to some stupid diamond tell you rich he is?

    1. LOL Anonymous! The high price is necessary so the Amway Diamond cult leaders can get richer.

      But jbern prefers the fairy tale how those bastards are showing up out of the goodness of their hearts to brag about their riches instead of for making a few thousand bucks thanks to the Amway tool scam.


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