Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ambots Lie About Amway + Miss America Pageant + Artistry

Like we need any further proof that Amway Ambots are a bunch of lying scamming fucking assholes. Here’s a comment left on a very popular post on this blog questioning whether Amway Artistry is really in the top 5 cosmetic companies. I’ve been to countless meetings where the Amway cult leader says Amway is in 2nd place or in the top 5 in the world for cosmetics. The implication being of all cosmetic companies in the world without any further strings attached like its all around title for sales and quality etc. In that article I provide a link to the world’s top selling cosmetic companies out of which they only report the top 50 and the list is updated annually so we edit that post as needed to include the current link.

Amway is NOT on the list of the world’s top 50 cosmetics companies. Though many years ago it was number 17 (I think or maybe it was 18) and that’s not bad especially since Amway Artistry make up is a closed market. The only people buying it are members of Amway’s expensive buying club because its not available for purchase in normal retail marketplace which is a huge disadvantage (to Amway not women who want to buy good make up at a good price). But then women who are not brainwashed Ambots wouldn’t buy it because there are better make up choices at lower prices and better quality and better selection just about every other make up company out there.

Then it comes out that Amway uses a marketing company on the other side of the Atlantic called Euromonitor and pays them to market that Amway is #2 in “prestige” cosmetics. Nowhere is it known how many companies are included in this “prestige” list but I always wonder why Amway doesn’t pay them to be in the number 1 spot. Do anyone give a shit who’s #1 in “prestige” cosmetics. Unlikely. At any rate no one over here has heard about this marketing company which isn’t even a consumer reporting company testing real products and crunching numbers of real data and smart women are looking at other factors not “prestige” when it comes to choosing the make up they wear.

So here’s a dumb fuck Amway Ambot leaving a comment on that post:

i see.. seem u look like someone who really anti-amway..haha.i done my research on the Artistry and it seem Miss America is using Artistry products.. wonder why ya?? Hmmm

Yeah lets first point out the obvious that one of the qualifications to get a job at Amway is the inability to spell and string a sentence together.

So lets see this dumb fuck Ambot has figured out that this blog is anti-Amway. Holy shit those fucking Amway losers have an uncanny knack for pointing out the totally obvious! LOL! LOL! LOL!

Then we’re subject to the ever popular screeching we hear from Amway Ambots about do your research. Its too bad none of those fuckers can take their own advice or they wouldn’t have gotten involved in Amway in the first place or show up here leaving a comment making them look like dumb fucks. I mean if this fucking Amway loser had really done his research like he claims then he wouldn’t have left a comment here making himself look like an asshole.

It takes seconds to go to a search engine and find the website for the Miss America pageant where all the sponsors are listed and nowhere do you see Amway Artistry or any other Amway products. If doing a Google search you’ll be able to find out which company does provide cosmetics to Miss America and maybe even old press releases when Amway Artistry was connected with Miss America. Amway Ambots LOVE bragging about stale Amway news or old sales statistics or whatever and pretend its still applicable today. But what else do you expect from a bunch of losers pretending to run a pretend business. Those lying scamming Amway assholes love living in the past.

This above research on Miss America and cosmetics took no more than 2 minutes. And this fucking Amway loser claims he did his research and suggests that we do our research when we’re not the liars here. Holy shit! Typical snotty snobby comment from an arrogant Amway prick.

I mean where the fuck was he going to do his research that he couldn’t find out real fast if Miss America and Artistry are connected so the Amway fucker just spouts off a lie that is sooooooo easy for people who really do know how to do research take a couple of minutes to figure out. So what is acceptable “research” to an Amway loser? That would be something on Amway’s website, something told by the Amway cult leaders at brainwashing functions, or lies written online by other worshippers of the Great Amway God.

Years ago when Amway bought into sponsorship with Miss America to supply cosmetics and hire the current Miss America to be the spokesperson for Artistry during their year reign this was all a business contract. Marketing opportunity. Money exchanged hands. Business relationship. Miss America pageant needs to raise funds so they aren’t going to let sponsors flog their shit for free on their program. Likewise Miss America isn’t going to promote any cosmetics unless she’s being paid to do so. Paid business relationship people. Something that people who aren’t brainwashed Amway losers can understand. Amway Ambots seem to think Miss America uses and promotes Artistry out of the goodness of their hearts without any financial compensation for marketing that shit. LOL! At one time Miss America was a paid spokesperson for Amway Artistry but no more. Who knows why. Another cosmetics company offered more money than Amway. Maybe the Miss America pageant was plagued with complaints about using products from a pyramid scheme. It doesn’t really matter why the business relationship ended. What’s more puzzling is why Amway Ambots refuse to accept this business relationship is over and lie and lie and lie. Like we need any more proof that Amway Ambots are a bunch of fucking liars.

Another way this Amway loser could do their research is to actually watch the Miss America pageant when its on TV in September for further proof over what company is currently on contract to supply cosmetics and hire the winner to be the spokesperson. Or maybe even pick up a phone and call to ask their question. Then the fucking Amway loser would probably screech at whoever at Miss America is telling them the truth about who has the current cosmetics contract because that information differs from what their lying scamming Amway cult leader is telling them.

You’ll notice this Amway Ambot screeching about Miss America using Amway cosmetics does not actually name the woman. Like it is the 2009 queen? Or the 2015 queen? Who is the Miss America supposedly using Amway Artistry?

I responded to the scamming lying Ambot that if they have proof Miss America is in violation of her contract by promoting Amway Artistry cosmetics and is being paid to be Amway’s spokesperson then they should report her to the pageant for violating the contract with the current cosmetics company Miss America promotes. And by proof I’d think the Amway Ambot would have to show a copy of the signed  contract or film her promoting Artistry. The proof can’t be something like “because my Amway cult leader says so”. I’d think the Miss America people would want better proof than that. LOL! And besides everyone knows Amway cult leaders are a bunch of fucking lying scammers.

Around here we all know that Amway Ambots are a bunch of fucking liars and its mind boggling that these Amway losers need to prove it over and over and over. The life of an Amway Ambot is to lie, deny, distract and defend. And then disappear when confronted with the truth. In the case of this comment the fucking Amway liar claims that Miss America uses Amway Artistry and goes without saying its part of the duties having that title entails. LIAR!!!! And then tries to distract us by doing the common Amway screech about doing research. Something that Amway losers are incapable of doing. Really in this day and age if you want to find out something or make sure your facts are straight before saying or doing something that makes you look like a fucking asshole, it doesn’t take too long to contact someone and ask them a question either by phone or online and this way you get the truth. However Amway losers are incapable of doing this. They prefer to lie and pretend their lies are the truth. Over and over again these Amway Ambots do this. I guess Amway losers are afraid of the truth because its different than the “truth” they’re told by their Amway cult leaders.

And normal people – who are not Amway Ambots - know if an Amway worshipper says or writes anything you can automatically discount it as a lie.

And I guess the biggest thing of all is – does anyone really give a flying fuck what cosmetics Miss America uses?

Only brainwashed Amway Ambots I guess. Like we need any further proof that everyone in Amway are a bunch of fucking losers.


  1. Replies
    1. Hey Unknown from Korea you need to go find some fucking asshole in your Amway upline and get more instructions on how not to say negative.

  2. It was wondering if I could use this write-up on my other website, I will link it back to your website though.Great Thanks. Graduate Jobs

    1. So you want to plagiarize? That sounds like something a fucking Amway loser would do.

  3. I have a friend who is a professional cosmetician, and who has been in business for nearly thirty years. I asked her about Amway "Artistry" cosmetics, and she laughed. She then said "it's nothing but an ordinary house-brand -- something made primarily for in-house consumption by Amway IBOs. There's nothing special about it. In fact, it's pretty crummy. I'd never use it myself, or allow it to be used in my shop on my customers."

    When I told her that some Amway freaks were claiming that Artistry cosmetics were in the 2nd place in the world's top ten cosmetic lines, she laughed even louder. "Amway Artistry?" she asked. "Are you kidding? If Artistry cosmetics are in the top ten, then Kim Kardashian has a petite ass."

    1. That's pretty funny Anonymous. See the professionals know cheap shit when they see it. Or should we say cheap shit at overinflated prices! Speaking of Kim Kardashian if she or any of her sisters or their mother really like a product you can be pretty sure they'd be all over that company selling their services as a spokesperson. These people are huge influencers. The fact that they avoid Amway like the plague speaks volumes. Those girls know cheap shit too! LOL! And the fact that any famous person ain't out there flogging Amway shit tells you that nobody wants to get involved in a scam.

  4. Is funny you talk like this about “Ambots”... seems you give them way too much importance, GAL woman

    1. Meuchelmorderisch - I give Amway Ambots enough importance because they're evil motherfuckers and the world should know to stay away from them.

  5. Is funny how you talk about something you have no idea but you think you do, seems you are giving “Ambots” way too much importance. You should get a life, woman!

    1. Meuchelmorderisch - sure sign of an Amway Ambot is they repeat themselves. Sure sign of a dictator is someone who orders other people around. Its like those fucking Amway losers think they're better than everyone else and go around ordering them around. Dumb fucks who order others around and tell them to get a life are usually those in most need of taking their own fucking advice. Don't cry for me Argentina.

  6. What's your problem, Meuchelmorderisch? Are you having trouble recruiting down-line into your Amway fake business?

    1. Anonymous - Meuchelmorderisch main problem is he's a broke Amway loser probably caused by he can't scam downline into his fake Amway business.

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  8. u dont relize that you are the retarded loser.
    stop wasting life and jerking off online.
    the ambots that you hate so much are getting richer and better when you are being amway hater.
    ITs your free to hate or write anything but you should know that nothing helps your life.

    1. Oh great. Another fucking Amway loser shows up issuing orders because that’s what these motherfuckers do. Amway cult followers think they’re better than everyone else in the world and that the world is there to cater to their needs.

      Nd thy spk suck gud englis 2

  9. To Anonymous @ 8:47 AM --

    Who the hell are you to tell us what to do?

    You think Amway assholes are getting richer? Really? When 99% of them are making no profit at all, according to official Amway figures? What the fuck kind of dope are you smoking?

    Blogs like this one have put a real dent into Amway's sales. Is that what's made you so angry?

    1. Anonymous - totally agree. Who the fuck is this Amway loser issuing orders at us! LOL! Obviously an Ambot who is OUTRAGED that we point out the blatant truth that Miss America does not use Artistry cosmetics. And why do Amway Ambots really give a fuck about what we are or are not doing? Sounds like this Amway shithead could benefit from reading the book about the magic of not giving a fuck! I suspect you nailed it. The Ambot is mostly outraged that blogs like this put a dent into Amway's sales.


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