Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Critical Mass Is Impending

Critical mass is impending? Doom and gloom is upon us? Sounds like something has gone badly wrong in a break out sect of the Catholic church!

Critical mass was something we heard at Amway meetings. “Now is the time to get into Amway and start building your Amway business! The Amway business is exploding and now is the time to get in and collect the benefits of getting into Amway in time ($$$$$$$$$$) before we reach critical mass. Before its too late. Don’t miss the bus.” Blah blah blah. Bullshit to that effect.

We were always told that we’d come “on board” at just the right time. “Now is the beginning of what is gearing up to be a huge increase in Internet sales of Amway products. Exciting changes are just about to happen in the Amway business. This is huge!”

Yup all the rah rah hype the cult leaders use to brainwash their followers.

I heard that same bullshit propaganda pitch years ago when we signed up for Amway! And people leaving comments on this blog are saying they heard it too from the Amway cult leaders like last week. The only change is losing more money thanks to more Amway tools being on the scene - Communikate, WWDB premier membership, etc - and we had to invest more heavily into Amway’s tool scam.

I also want to say those Amway fuckers were dead wrong with the prediction of huge increases in Internet sales of Amway products. Amway is losing money every year, sales down by about 10% or so every year. Where those the exciting changes about to happen in the Amway business? Probably not as exciting to Amway’s owners as they are to the people who want to see Amway shut down for good.

To further punctuate that we’d gotten on board with Amway at just the right time when the Amway business is about to explode we were shown charts of how this trend was supposed to occur over the next few years with sales going up. This chart was part of the business plan flip cards that were shown at every Amway meeting.

The sack of shit Platinum used to flip the chart upside down and say those were the statistics of people who aren’t in Amway. Doomed not to have any savings and work a job until they were 65 years old at which time they’d automatically either die or be broke.

Looking back by flipping that chart upside down that was predicting Amway’s sales in upcoming years! LOL!

There might have been some changes in Amway but whether or not they’re exciting depends on whether or not you’re an ambot. Or married to one.

Once Ambot was immersed in the Amway cult these are the (not) exciting changes I observed in him:
1.      he got into huge arguments with people he normally got along well with because they didn’t want to come to Scamway meetings
2.     he sneered at people who had J.O.B.s and wouldn’t consider Amway a viable career choice
3.     he was very rude to friends who weren’t interested in supporting his business by buying overpriced Amway products
4.     he dropped whatever he was doing to respond to phone calls or text messages from the bastards in his upline who wanted him to haul his ass to wherever they were for whatever they deemed was more important
5.     he quoted Amway speak constantly and parroted whatever his upline brainwashed him into repeating. Like just shut the fuck up! Nobody gives a shit about goddamned Amway! Notice how everybody avoids us and no one invites us over anymore?
6.     he questioned everything I did and how it was making him money in his Amway business.
7.     he had the brainwashed delusion that his upline sponsor was some sort of god only by virtue of the fact that he had brought him into the Amway cult and therefore we must lick his asshole
8.     he became a slob around the house littering his Amway garbage wherever he happened to be and refused to put the consumed items containers into the garbage or recycling bin. Part of the Amway male chauvinist pig club’s teachings. The only use for women in the lives of Amway warriors is to pick up after them.
9.     he used his previously debt free credit card for Amway related purchases including treating the entire upline out for meals and maxed it out buying Amway shit so he could impress the assholes in his upline.
10. he became increasingly agitated, argumentative, rude, and snobbish
11.   he accused everyone with different points of view (from his upline) of being negative
12. have I mentioned how fucking OBNOXIOUS he was to anyone who didn’t share his view on how wonderful, amazing, etc etc the Amway cult is.

Yeah that was a real joy to live with! The ambot monster from Amway hell! Created by the fucking assholes in our upline. A frankenambot!

The changes since Ambot got out of the cult and away from being brainwashed by the assholes like our sack of shit Platinum have been a lot more positive such as becoming a nice person again. Despite the upline’s bullshit claims that being in Amway makes you a nicer person - a tactic used to distract ambots from paying attention to the money they’re not making - I’m here to say that NO WAY  IN HELL does being an Amway IBO make someone a nicer person. As a brainwashed group of cult followers they might all put on a fake nicey nice act at Amway functions and seminars but in private they’re nasty, surly, unapproachable sorry excuses for human beings. Losing money in the Amway pyramid scheme can change a person’s personality and make them nasty demons. Dealing with the upline asshole cult leaders who brainwash IBO’s into thinking the reason they’re not succeeding in the Amway scam is because they’re not trying hard enough or because they’re losers is another part of belonging to this shitty MLM scam.

No matter what some lousy brainwashed asshole might say about how Amway brings exciting changes to people’s lives, I’m here to say watching someone getting brainwashed by the Amway cult is not an exciting change. Its a descent into hell.


  1. Dear Anna --

    Right now, for me here in New York, there are NO COMMENTS on your last three postings (September 12, 13, and 14).

    I'm pretty certain that this is the result of this crazy new system where you can only post and read comments at limited times. It destroys all spontaneity, and drives people away from your blog.

    Can't you ask the outfit that runs your website to get their fucking act together and go back to the old system of leaving comments and opportunity for comments on ALL THE TIME?

    Right now, it looks like Amway has pulled off this trick as a way to wreck your blog. I'm not kidding.

    1. Hi Anonymous from NY! Less than 1% of blog visitors leave comments kind of like less than 1% of Ambots can expect to make money from Amway.

      We're controlling the comments because of this fucking Amway asshole named Joseph from Malaysia. Go back to some posts in July for examples of his gibberish. The person who moderates the comments would check this in the morning and this fucking Joseph troll would have loaded up the comments with gibberish that were never approved & published. Everyone was telling this Amway bastard to fuck off but it doesn't seem to work. So we're cooling it with the comments being hidden overnight. You'd think a troll would give up after awhile but were still monitoring him several times a night coming here unable to read & leave comments. I lose more bananas around here due to comments so we're shutting them off overnight for the time being. Might try to leave them on overnight again next month and see what happens, the good news is the Amway Masturbator is also foiled from sharing his jerking off adventures.

      Anyway we get that it's inconvenient but feel free to track down the fucker though his profile and load him up with gibberish.


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