Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Be Your Own Boss Or Be Abused By Amway Cult Leaders

In Amway no real business advice is given and Amway IBO’s “independent business owners” LOL!!!!! have no clue what its like to be a real business owner. Real business owners know there are many things they have to do prior to starting up their business or in the early stages of getting their business up and running. This includes deciding what kind of business you’re going to run, where the business will be located, choosing a business name, registering a business name, getting a business license, getting a tax number, etc etc etc.

Who remembers doing any of that stuff when starting up your “Amway business”? LOL!!! The only guys who did remotely any of that stuff are the only people who really own an Amway business and if your last name ain’t VanAndel or DeVos – then you don’t own a fucking Amway business!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

There’s also other stuff that goes along with being an entrepreneur. You have to have the mind set or the drive or the inclination to learn how to run a business. Going to Amway meetings where they draw circles and tell you how rich you’ll be if you sign up 6 people who buy $300 worth of overpriced Amway shit every month and they find 6 people and they find 6 people and then you sit back and retire and do nothing and then you’ll have gazillions of dollars of residual income rolling in every month for the rest of your life is an Amway fairy tale. Not how a real business owner runs a business.

Not everyone has what it takes to become a business owner. Not everyone can get financial backing. Not everyone is physically or mentally capable of running a business. Sometimes its easier and more profitable to work a job.

When you work a job you have an area of responsibility and a boss tells you what you do and if there’s a time frame to get it done by. If you don’t work in the marketing department, then you likely don’t get any training on how to market products. Same as if you’re not in legal you probably don’t negotiate contracts, likewise the accounting department, you might not be familiar with business banking and paying salaries and taxes. Watching expenses and creating a budget probably isn’t your problem. Big decisions are probably made by the company owner or department managers. Tons of little things are handled by other staff. Office equipment and things you need to get your job done are provided to you by the company. If you need information or help getting something done there is probably a coworker who can assist. You may have a company health plan and pension. If you’re sick, or in pain, or you’re tired you can probably still go into work and make money just by sitting at your desk and pushing paper around and trying to look busy. Or if your company gives you paid sick leave, there you go, stay home and rest. And you get a paycheck for working there.

Most of the above things (except the benefits and getting paid just for showing up) are what its like in Amway. Ambots have no responsibilities in running Amway. Amway cult leaders run their shows like little Hitlers and order the cult followers what to do. Ambots don’t make any big decisions. Those have been done elsewhere. How do they say it at Amway meetings? Just do what we tell you because someone else already blazed the trail. Being an Amway IBO is just like a job except for the getting paid part.

When you own a real business its like having a job in reverse. You’re no longer working for a boss because you are the boss. You’re responsible for everything about your business and there’s no one to tell you how to prioritize your work, you gotta figure that out yourself. Marketing, legal, banking, accounting, negotiating contracts, making big decisions is up to the business owner. And all those little million things that used to be handled by other people – well you’re the business owner so you gotta handle them now. Need a vehicle or office equipment and supplies for your business? Guess who buys them – you, the business owner. Need information or help doing something? You gotta figure that out yourself or hire someone to do it for you. You got to create a budget and watch your expenses – critical for business survival. A business that loses money every month and isn’t profitable can’t sustain itself too long. If you’re sick, hurting, tired, hungry, you still got to show up and run your business otherwise that brings in zero dollars. You are entirely responsible for the success of your business and how profitable it is or else you don’t eat and don’t have a place to sleep.

That last sentence is why Amway Ambots must have a J.O.B. to keep their expensive habit of playing pretend business owner alive. Ambots don’t own a real business so they don’t need to think of it as a real business. Amway is just an expensive social club and the price of admission is hundreds of dollars every month or face the wrath of the Amway cult leaders. Another cost is bringing in new recruits or face the wrath of the Amway cult leaders.

There is nothing at Amway meetings or functions that teaches ambots to have entrepreneurial skills. I’m sure readers get more business advice from reading this blog than they ever got at an Amway meeting! A real business owner can decide what conferences and trade shows, if any, to attend each year. An Amway Ambot gets bitched at by the Amway cult leaders to attend all Amway functions the contents of which are just recycled every 3 months with the same old bullshit and no real training. Until an Ambot buys a ticket they’ll be the subject of ridicule at Amway meetings until they crack down and hand over their money to the Amway cult leaders.

Nobody treats you like that in the real business world!


  1. What amazes me about Amway is how these stupid IBOs tolerate the continual abuse they receive from up-line. They just take it, like the little wimps and pussies that they are.

    They'll answer that it's all part of "being in a team." But hey -- being a galley slave chained to an oar was also "being in a team."

    It would be one thing if an IBO were actually making money in the racket. But 99% of them don't! Amway just bleeds them dry. And yet they obediently take the abuse, insults, snotty attitude, and sheer arrogance of the up-line scum who dictate how an IBO should live. I just don't get it.

    1. Anonymous - it is frightening to watchit happen. Neither of us have ever been brainwashed - or I'm assuming you haven't been! So we don't understand how an Ambot will just sit there and take the abuse. One time our sack of shit Platinum phoned to bitch out Ambot for missing a cult meeting and he just just there and took it. Didn't disconnect the call, said nothing, just listened. I told him to give me the fucking phone but he didn't because he knew I'd curse out his fucking cult leader.

      If you ever get it why this happens I bet you can make a lot of money checking cult followers and their families understand and avoid it continuing.


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