Thursday, September 22, 2016

FED UP With the Amway Cult!!!

I have countless WWDB IBO Ambots searching for Amway FED (Free Enterprise Days) that are being held probably in October 2016 and probably in Portland Oregon and tickets cost around $150. Like most cults, Amway is very secretive and doesn’t want infidels finding out about their secret cult activities. Therefore its tough to find information unless you’re inside the Amway cult. Those motherfuckers at World Wide Dream Builders changed their password so we can’t view when where and how much for their brainwashing conferences.  CULT!!!!!!

Anyone who has an Amway cult follower in their family or group of friends and has more details, please leave a comment.

But Amway and World Wide Destructive Bastards functions and finding out information about what goes on at these cult gatherings draws in Ambots like flies to an outhouse. And of course I love the keywords. For whatever reason - top secret! - Amway and World Wide Dreambuilders makes it extremely difficult for IBOs to find the information they're seeking about Amway functions. They search on the Internet and find the information they need on blogs like mine. Nothing like finding out what you're getting yourself into. Another brainwashing session!

What actually happens at Free Enterprise Days?

You know, most of its a blur. The only thing I remember for sure was being bored to death. It seems to me the exact same thing goes on at FED as what happens at Family Reunion. On Friday night its a bunch of rah, rah, rah. A lot of patriotism, loud music, and speeches about what a great weekend its going to be. If it wasn’t part of Amway, that Friday night special would have almost been kind of fun. But because its Amway it becomes a freak show and is just really fucking creepy.

Saturday everyone arrives at the auditorium - early of course. Remember if you’re a “serious business builder” you have to be there at least an hour early. There were huge line ups - the venue had several doors - and its my guess some of these cult followers had been lining up for hours. Gee the building looked pretty big to me. Scared you weren’t going to find a seat?

FED was mostly Diamonds and I think a few Emeralds who told their stories in such a manner as to motivate IBO’s to stay with “the business”. They’d all been down on their luck, found Amway, and built “the business”. Now their life is fantastic. Mansions, luxury cars, exotic vacations, blah, blah, blah. One by one they trooped across the stage and said the same thing. Nothing useful to anyone who is actually trying to build an Amway business. Or maybe the helpful stuff happened when I was out of the building. I get hungry and thirsty and would head out and scout the nearby eating places.

And darned if I didn’t find a restaurant I liked a few blocks away. It had a sign out front saying it was serving up caramel apple milkshakes I guess due to proximity to Halloween. That milkshake was the only thing I liked about FED. I bought a snack for Ambot too and brought it back to the auditorium where he was dutifully taking notes even though the speakers were all saying the same thing as the last ones. Boring, boring, boring.

Sunday morning there is an all denomination church service - all the better for brainwashing the followers. Fortunately Ambot was tired from the previous evening’s night owl so we slept in. Sunday afternoon drones on with the Diamonds boring the audience. They say the exact same things - basically how wonderful their lives are now after all the troubles they endured in the past. Amway brought them riches, saved their marriages, and turned them all into Ken and Barbie Ambot dolls. Boring as hell. I finally leave and go out to the car and read a book.

So in answer to the question about what happens at Free Enterprise Days, to sum it up - a bunch of IBO’s get ripped off by spending money listening to boring speakers. It won’t help your business but will lighten your wallet.

And increase the bank accounts of those boring speakers who marched across the stage all blending together as one entity. How do you tell any of them apart anyway?


  1. My in-house spy at WWDB has told me why the organization refuses to make public anything about FED or any other Amway "function." The date, the time, the theme, the place, the cost -- all these things are deliberately kept secret.

    The reason is as follows: WWDB and its upper-level up-line want you to get this information first-hand from your Platinum. They don't want you to see the facts on a computer screen, and then make your own decision about whether to go or not. They want you to have look your Platinum or other up-line person directly in the eye. This way, they figure, you'll feel tremendous personal pressure to buy the tickets, and be deeply embarrassed if you try to say no.

    It's just another cynical kind of Amway manipulation and intimidation. IBOs are afraid of their up-line, and don't want to stand up to them. Refusing to go to FED or any other half-assed stupid "function" will bring down the wrath of your up-line on your head. But that wouldn't happen if you could simply not sign up via on-line response. Hence the secrecy.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Your WWDB spy has it right on. We get swamped with Ambots desperately seeking information about every Amway function and then they leave nasty negative comments because they're outraged we spill the beans at what goes on inside Amway cult meetings. But at least here they find out what goes on. You don't get the truth from the Amway cult leaders who are only out to lie and make money off the ticket sales.

      But yup the sack of shit Platinum was absolutely putting the screws to the Amway cult followers to buy tickets with Little information other than its the not to be missed event of the year and it'll put you 6 months ahead of everyone who didnt go. Yeah 6 months ahead to declare bankruptcy! LOL! Ad the sack of shit Platinum would humiliate those who hadn't bought tickets and it was just really nasty and vicious. And yup to the fuckers wanting cash and they'll buy your tickets for you instead of going to the WWDB website and ordering there. The thing is the one time we gave the sack of shit cash he totally fucked up buying tickets plus he ripped us off and charged an extra $10 than WWDB website. Yup everyone in Amway is out to scam you however they can.

  2. $125 for an FED ticket. I believe its at the memorial Colosseum in Portland Oregon, this year.
    I even have some guest tickets if you wanna come! ;)
    Same anonymous with the Ambot GF here. From what I hear about FED I'm in for some fun. Oh boy... ;P

    1. Thanks for the info Anonymous. And LOL on the guest passes. I think we'll pass! LOL!

    2. 125 bucks to listen to some asshole Diamond give you a pep talk? Good God, that's insane.

      The only good reason to go to an Amway function is to screw a few Ambot wives on the side. They can't ALL be prudes.

    3. Anonymous - its not so much a pep talk as watching slide shows of the rich and greedy thanks to the Amway cult and then sneering at the audience if I can do it so can you. Carefully neglecting to say that the ticket sales are what funds that lifestyle.

  3. I'm (recently) dating an ambot and this website has been so helpful to me to try to get up to speed on what the heck this is all about. Thankfully, he doesn't try to recruit me! (Yet) lol. I'm curious on how your hubby finally woke up and escaped this nightmare.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Glad you've found us and find the site helpful. You're not alone in the way you feel about how Amway has taken over your ambot's life and how you're being treated by the assholes in the Amway upline.

      As what happens with many Ambots when they finally wake up and realize they've been brainwashed, my Ambot finally figured out he was spending a lot of money on overpriced shitty Amway products and investing in the Amway tool scam and he wasn't making his money back. Looking closer he noticed that the numbers weren't adding up, the published numbers in Amway literature and what he'd been told at Amway cult meetings and when he asked our sack of shit Platinum he got the usual response "NEVER QUESTION UPLINE!!!!!" It also bothered him the way the fucking assholes in the Amway upline treated me and their unsubtle hatred towards me. I'm a very nice person, very compassionate towards others. I don't like people in Amway and vice versa and the way the fucking assholes in our Amway upline treated me is no different than the way all Amway Ambots treat people who refuse to become brainwashed and part of their cult.

      So that's what's ahead of you if you keep dating this Ambot and if he stays inside the Amway cult. They'll put the pressure on him to leave you and you'll notice his behavior to you becomes snotty and nasty. And eventually you'll have to ask yourself do you want to stay with a man who loves a box of soap more than he loves you and that he worships the Great Amway God and the fucking assholes in his Amway upline more than you.

      The good news is 95% of Ambots quit within 2 years and most after a few months when they figure out they've been scammed. Can you wait him out? The odds are on your side. If he's been in the Amway cult more than 2 years he's a lifer and its not worth your time to stay together. Do you want a lifetime of financial and emotional distress thanks to Amway? Good luck to you!

  4. Dear Anonymous --

    Be careful. The attack on you will start sooner than you think, especially if you show any signs of healthy skepticism about the sacred Amway business plan.

    Amway freaks LOVE to break up marriages or relationships or even family links if one member of the couple isn't wholeheartedly committed to Amway. These fanatics are really vicious and dangerous.

    Ask yourself if your boyfriend is really interested in you as a person, or if he is just looking for someone to "partner" with him in Amway.

    1. That's right Anonymous. I hope the other commenter comes back to read. There's nothing that brings those sick Amway bastards more happiness than destroying other people's lives. The most nasty vicious people I've ever met in my life have all been in Amway.

      And your last sentence reminds me of the woman who showed up here to say she hooked up with a guy I think on Tinder. He was cute and she said he'd have had a good shot of getting laid until he used a napkin to draw circles an give his Amway pitch. So those Amway freaks are out there lurking on dating sites like so many other scammers. Are Amway Ambots interested in romance or scamming a woman out of her money? Unlikely its the first choice.

  5. Because recruitment is getting to be impossible here in the United States, Ambots are becoming more and more desperate. Their up-line scum keep yelling at them that they're not showing "the Plan" enough. So naturally Ambots take every opportunity, whether appropriate or not, to "show the Plan."

    Showing it to a woman on your first date is so damned absurd that it just staggers belief. The only thing that would be worse is showing the Plan to mourners at a funeral, or to guests at a wedding reception. But Ambots are so driven by their cult's insanity that I have no doubt some have tried to do this.

    1. Anonymous - the fucking assholes in the Amway upline were bitching at the cult followers they weren't showing "the plan" enough 10 years ago. And probably 20, 30, and 40 years ago too. Nothing ever changes in Scamway. When I was at Amway meetings our sack of shit Platinum talked about him and another Ambot prospecting at a wedding. And I've had a reader leave a comment about a fucking Amway asshole prospecting for recruits at her sister's funeral. So Ambots have no boundaries and no reasoning abilities to know when its appropriate or not to be prospecting. All they know is they have to be "on" all the time and look at everyone as a potential Amway recruit.

  6. Thank you both Anna and Anonymous! I can't thank you enough. What do you mean by dangerous? Can you elaborate? I don't want to get involved in something that could physically hurt me.

    1. Hi Anonymous. I think we both meant Amway is dangerous to you emotionally and financially. Physically hurt you its a toss up. Amway Ambots are bullies. And like all bullies they're cowards. So saying that our sack of shit Platinum mentioned several times at Amway cult meetings that he might not mess you up but he had people to do his dirty work for him. We keep a gun in the house and have a home alarm system but that's pretty common for this part of the world but I'd say its necessary steps if you've been part of any cult and left and want to keep yourself safe. Taking it one step further after we got out of Amway I gave our lawyer a statement that if anything happens to us the people in Amway who he should inform the police to take a closer look at.

      If you haven't already done so, download a free ebook called Merchants of Deception. There's a link on the right side of this page under more info about Amway and its a true life horror story of being inside the Amway cult and the author was pretty high up there as far as cult poobahs go. The author talks about being at Amway meetings where Ambots made no secret that they would maim or kill to protect the sacred secrets of the Amway cult. And the author also talks about prowlers at night on or near his property and being convinced they were Ambots.

      There's a reason why Amway is compared to the mafia. Ambots are dangerous and they could potentially cause you physical harm but their agenda runs more to causing you financial and emotional harm.

  7. Well, I don't think that you would be physically hurt. I just mean that Amway freaks are so enraptured by their business that they can get snotty and offensive with people who point out its flaws. And it certainly is a "danger," emotionally, to be on the receiving end of their contempt and hostility.

    Scientologists, on the other hand, are REALLY dangerous, and could maim or kill you. Amway freaks are not that bad.

    1. Anonymous - although you're probably right that the woman who's dating an Ambot might not have to be fearful of physical retaliation from Amway Ambots I don't put it past some Ambots to harm others physically. Just be being in Amway that seems to give Ambots a false sense of security that they can break the law and be above arrest and prosecution.

      I'd put Scientologists and Ambots and other cults in the same grouping as freaks that are really dangerous and have small factions that could maim or kill you.


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