Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Amway Ambot Gets Ditched By Ship

So this Amway IBO is on a cruise and is pissing off everyone on the boat prospecting them. Try to enjoy your lobster and steak and some lousy ambot is sniping prospects in the grand dining room. The ship stops at this port and the ambot is hustling the locals trying to show them the Amway board plan instead of going sightseeing or shopping. He’s so busy begging the locals to sign up for Amway that he’s not watching the time. Oops cruise ship is supposed to leave at 4pm and its now 4:10. Well he has nothing to worry about. He’s an Amway “business owner” and that means he’s better than everyone else and has a sense of entitlement. The ship will wait for him because he’s in Amway.

Or will it?

The Ambot yells “stop” and because he’s in Amway that automatically means that the rest of the world must obey his demands because he’s better than everyone else and they better bow down and do what he says because he’s in Amway.

Meanwhile up on the bridge the ship’s crew are watching this dumb ass Amway ambot running down the dock. One of them begs the captain to pick him up and says “that’s my upline Platinum cult leader. If he doesn’t get on the ship he’ll destroy my marriage.”

The captain says “that lying sack of shit sold me Double X vitamins for 80 bucks and told me they were good for sex. They didn’t do piss all good. Fuck him. I ain’t turning this old tub around. He can find another way home!”


  1. A very comical story! And so true to real life.

    The story depicts the actual mindset of the typical Ambot: "I'm so fucking important that everybody and everything in the whole world must cater to my wants!" And when this doesn't happen the Ambot enters a three-step reaction;

    1) Bafflement: "What!?! They IGNORED ME!?! That's just UNBELIEVABLE!!"

    2) Rage: "I'm infuriated at this mistreatment! Don't they know I'm a bigshot INDEPENDENT BUSINESSMAN, connected to the great multi-billion-dollar MLM company called Amway!?!"

    3) Contempt: "Well, the people who don't respect and worship me are just scum. They're all just broke losers who'll die penniless at 65, working at their stupid J.O.B."

    After that, he'll try to book passage on another cruise ship, and of course he'll try to prospect everyone on board, including the captain.

    1. Anonymous - that's a great 3 step program of the Amway Ambot rages. We see it here over and over again. An Ambot searches for information about Free Enterprise Days or another Scamway function and end up on this blog with a true first person account at what goes on at Amway brainwashing conferences. At first they're baffled because the truth they're reading doesn't match what they're lying sack of shit Amway cult leader told them. Then it turns to rage when they see their beloved Amway cult leaders are being cursed out and the Amway products described as overpriced shit. Then the contempt and that's the type of comment an Ambot leaves here insulting us for having jobs and how we'll be broke or dead by age 65 and meanwhile they're a big shot hot shit Amway "business owner" and that means they're better than everyone else and they must defend their pyramid scheme.

      And it's even more funny when they show up here and demand we get a life or shut down this blog or whatever else they're infuriated we won't comply with the wishes of some fucking Amway asshole.

  2. Not so fast, Anna. That guy couldn't be an ambot. No ambot has enough money to go on cruise. And even if they did, their upline would tell them the money is better spent on building their business by buying cat piss and tickets. No good ambot has the free time to go on a cruise. Their time is better spent at meetings and nightowls - can't risk missing that one tidbit of info that will send the business into orbit.

    1. Very true Anonymous. Amway ambots are broke losers so they can't afford to take vacations and that's assuming they get permission from upline first.

      I read somewhere and I think it was in Merchants of Deception that there was an Amway function being held on a cruise and attendance was mandatory. Look at it this way. The Amway cult leader makes a deal with the ship and buys a lot of tickets for $500 and then sells them to Ambots for $1000 each cracking the whip and ordering all the ambots to buy up so he can make a hefty profit by scamming everyone below him. That's how Ambots can "afford" to go as long as they have room on their credit card that is.

  3. Hopefully you'll stop judging. You're dealing with marriage problems and taking it out on the Amway business. Like really? I'm sure you only keep this up because you get ads. Who could spend their life wasting away posting negative posts about anything!!!!
    Blog? You'll block this comment because it's bad for business huh? You have so much to lose to keep this "blog" going huh? You're worse off than an amway IBO running this sham. You're website is a scam!

    1. Kohnda Waves apparently didn't read the first comment left on this post about an Ambot's 3 step reaction: bafflement, rage, and contempt.

      Typical fucking Amway asshole ordering people around. Stop judging. Well figure it out you dumb fuck. Amway Ambots are the biggest motherfucking judgemental bastards around and this site is all about throwing it back in those fuckers faces. Can't figure out the irony? That's what brainwashing does to you.

      What ads are you talking about? Fucking lying Amway asshole - there are no ads on this page! Dumb shit! Really why do you Amway Ambots show up on a website that's all about making fun of Amway losers and prove that you're a bunch of liars and make an asshole out of yourself.

      Why are you Amway losers so paranoid about "negative". And more importantly how come you Amway losers can't tell the difference between what is negative and what is the truth.

      Again just goes to show what brainwashing does to someone.

      Whey would we block your comment? We're all about making fun of Amway losers and showing they're a bunch of liars so it just makes it easy on us when you fuckers show up here to make assholes out of yourselves.

      Yet another fucking Amway loser who shows up here stamping their feet and demanding that this website be brought down because they're so angry it tells our true stories while at the same time making fun of fucking Amway assholes.

      Get it straight fucktard. We have nothing to sell here. Unlike Amway we are not selling overpriced shitty products. Unlike Amway we are are not scamming people into thinking they "own their own business". We take no money from no one. This website is a public service mission and no one makes money. We do not charge money to anyone to read here. So how the fuck are we scamming people out of money when we don't collect money?

      Just what the world needs. More fucked up brainwashed angry negative Amway losers.

    2. "Kohnda Waves" comes here giving orders to everyone. Who the hell does she think she is?

      Hey Kohnda -- we're not your stupid down-line. You can't tell us what to do or how to live.

      Now go suck your Platinum's dick. I'm sure that's part of your job at Amway.

    3. Anonymous - do you think Kohnda Waves is a man or a woman? Its just so unusual to have a woman show up here that loves Amway and feels a need to bitch about this website. Usually only men do that because they enjoy being cursed at.

      Man or woman in Amway they think that because they're a card carrying IBO asshole that means they're better than everyone else and can order the rest of the world around. Doesn't work with people who don't like fucking Amway assholes. We just tell them to go fuck themselves. Or go find someone in their Amway upline who wants their dick sucked off and take care of that for him. LOL!

  4. Notice how stupid and unobservant this "Kohnda Waves" is. She doesn't even notice that there ARE NO ADVERTISEMENTS at this website. But I suppose that when you are in Amway, you lose not just your IQ but your powers of perception.

    "Kohnda"? Is that short for "Condom"? I guess it is, if you are a scumbag.

    1. Anonymous - thanks for the 2nd opinion! I'm thinking do I need glasses? Why don't I see ads! LOL! Amway Ambots lie about things that are so obvious you got to think why make yourself and Amway look like a bunch of dumb fucks.

      Its like going to an Amway meeting and the cult leader points to a painting hanging on the wall of a lighthouse and then tries to convince everyone in the room its Mount Rushmore.

      Kohnda is an Amway scumbag for sure!

    2. ambots are conditioned to be unobservant.. this makes information control easy. they cannot think for themselves once they are fully conditioned. kohnda waves is a great example.. whoever this idiot is, they think they can come here and command you to stop blogging. afterall, ambots are taught that their spoken word can turn lead into gold. clearly you are not making money on this blog.. there are absolutely no ads here to begin with! even if you were, what would be wrong with that? unlike them, you would not be making any money through screwing people and destroying lives. in fact, you would be no dofferent than an honest journalist earning a living exposing the truth... evil people like the ambots cannot stand being exposed. this blog is dedicated to cursing out these amway shitheads, and it is very entertaining when idiots like kohnda waves come around.. that said, there are very real and detailed stories of how amway has destroyed lives! kohnda waves, you are a fucking snake! a piece of shit snake oil salesman! if we asked you to provide any raw data, your response would be that amway works on faith! just a bullshit way of saying your money has gone down the tubes!

    3. Hi there Franklin. Nice to see you again. Ambots are brainwashed not to be observant and to blindly believe the Amway cult leaders. And as you noted, that makes information control easy.

      Kohnda Waves like every Amway Ambot out there are taught by the cult leaders that they are better than everyone else because they're in Amway and because they're in Amway they can issue orders to the rest of the world who will jump to do their bidding.


      I've had some fucking Amway losers show up here who are too lazy to wash their dishes and say they'll hire me to do it. Well I don't come cheap. $25,000 to do one load of dishes is what I'll charge the fuckers. And that's a normal family worth of dishes in a day. Not some big party or dishes piling up for who knows how long. And these Ambots think people will be lining up to do wash their fucking dishes. Uh nope.

      I have no problem loading up my dishwasher and washing dishes daily. Its called keeping a tidy house and keeping on top of your cleaning. A concept Amway Ambots can't seem to comprehend. Or they're too busy going to Amway cult meetings their kitchen ends up looking like slobs live there.

      No one makes money on this blog. We do it as a public service to let others know to stay the hell away from Scamway or they'll be headed down a path of financial and emotional distress. Amway Ambots can't get it through their brainwashed heads that not everyone does stuff for money. Unless its charging $25,000 to wash a day's worth of dishes. LOL! And that's only the Ambot special rate. I've jumped into free kitchen duty numerous times when I'm at houses of people I like - and Ambots don't fall into that category! LOL!

      Yup Kohnda Waves is another broke Amway loser whose life is devoted to tithing the Great Amway God and living the Ambot dream: lie, deny, distract and defend. And then disappear.


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