Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How To Make $100,000 Working Part Time

Doesn’t the phrase “how to make $100,000 working part time” make you think it’s a scam. If you added “10 to 15 hours a week in your spare time” you’d know for sure it’s a sales pitch for the Amway pyramid scheme.

But this is actually legit. I was reading an article about a guy who makes the same amount of money a year as Amway publishes in their brochures that an Amway Diamond makes so around $150,000/year. And what does this legitimate business owner do? He sells on eBay. What does he sell? Damned if I know. There was an article and a Youtube video or maybe a podcast and I lost interest in clicking through. But yeah you got to know that people make money on eBay. You look at some sellers and they’ve got thousands of feedbacks. The thing is with ebay sellers who do this as a business. And hang on a minute the guy in the article who does this part time has a full time job somewhere else. The eBay sellers aren’t going to give up their secrets. They probably have an overseas company where they buy heavily discounted items or even items that we know as seconds that have some little flaw or the manufacturer made too many. Buy and sell dirt cheap.

A little searching online for making $100,000 on eBay and I came across an interview from a husband and wife team who did eBay for awhile but found their $100,000 annual income came from reselling on Amazon. They were slightly more forthcoming with their suppliers without actually naming the businesses they purchase from. They check for locally made products that they can resell on Amazon and they shop at liquidators for items they can sell on Amazon. This couple spends less than 20 hours a week on their business to earn a 100k+ income. I remember reading an article about a teenager I think was from Jamaica or maybe somewhere else in the Caribbean and he was selling hot peppers and making big bucks online, though I don’t recall if he was selling through Amazon or eBay. Either of them seem to be good choices if you’re selling a local item. Even if its something like spicy banana chips or something that you wouldn’t normally find in your local grocery story, if there’s a market out there in the rest of the world then Internet sales is where you go.

And the thing is these are smart business people. They have to outlay their own money to buy products from their supplier but they are able to resell them. In other words they’re selling a product that people actually want to buy without a lot of begging and pleading and lying like how Amway Ambots conduct “business”. When a person sells something on Amazon or eBay people find them. A buyer goes to those websites and does a search for the item they want to buy. In other words the buyer goes to the seller. In the case of Amway normal people who are not brainwashed Ambots are not searching for overpriced shitty products. Only Ambots seem to like that shit. Real customers do not seek out Amway products. Ambots have to search out customers. Or should I say find a sucker and bug the shit out of them until they cave in. What’s the easiest process? Have customers come to you because you sell a product people want to buy or the seller look for customers and beg and plead for a sale?

How many Amway IBO’s out there go into debt to buy shitty overpriced Amway products that they can’t resell that clog their garage or closets. Nobody wants to buy that shit except brainwashed Ambots. Sure you see Amway shit trying to be resold on eBay or Amazon or Craigslist. And usually the IBO sells it at a loss trying to unload the shit they were forced to stockpile while they were in the Amway cult.

To see the article on the couple who make money on Amazon. http://thebecomer.com/make-money-on-amazon/  Such a better deal than Amway with all the bullshit that Amway cult leaders fling like couples working together out of their own house. Making money in Scamway has less than a 1% chance of happening. You got a better chance of selling stuff on Amazon but don’t try to sell the Amway shit you were forced to stockpile!

Check out this interview on someone who the first year they sold ebay they made $2000. Yes that’s more money than you can make quoting the old Amway scam working 10 to 15 hours a week (LOL double or triple that hourly bullshit is more like it) and making about $10/month. Probably the ebay salesperson spent a lot less on expenses than the Amway salesperson did. http://www.ourbigfatwallet.com/how-to-make-a-6-figure-income-on-ebay/

So there you have. Better ways to make money than in Amway. So much for that bullshit slogan they fling at Amway cult meetings – what else is out there except Amway. Fortunately - “out there” are legitimate business opportunities where everyone doesn’t laugh at you for being a dumb fuck for signing up for the Amway pyramid scheme.


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