Monday, October 31, 2016

Amway Cult Leaders Want To Bust Up Your Marriage

Our pompous sack of shit Platinum often said “If I don’t like you, I won’t do business with you.”  Liar! He’d do business with anyone he could just for the almighty dollar. 

Actually I heard the same phrase at just about every Amway cult meeting didn’t matter who the fucker was that was speaking. Clearly the old if I don’t like you bullshit began decades ago with some fucking Amway asshole and its been passed down through the generations.

A better slogan for our sack of shit Platinum would have been “If I don’t like you and you refuse to do business with me, I’ll destroy your marriage.”

I was at an Amway meeting once where he ranted about one of the fellows in the room. They were in the same car driving back from Amway WWDB Family Reunion and the pompous sack of shit Platinum spent the 6 hour drive nagging him to leave his wife because she was holding him back in the business. He would never succeed in Amway as long as he was with his wife. And on and on it went. Sack of shit Platinum was even more outraged when they had a baby without asking his permission if they could start a family.

All I could think of was shut the fuck up asshole. Other people’s private lives are none of your business. Leave them alone. Asking “permission” for stuff going on in their private personal lives? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! Like I need any further proof that this is a cult leader trying to control other people’s lives!

On the drive home I told Ambot that the sack of shit has no business trying to destroy that couple’s relationship. Not a big surprise to me that Ambot admitted the fucker was trying to convince Ambot to leave me.

After a few unsuccessful months of trying his damnedest to convince Ambot to leave me the sack of shit Platinum cult leader tried another tactic. By this time I’d quit going to cult meetings because I couldn’t stand that fucking asshole Platinum and refused to show up anywhere that he might be which pretty much meant all Amway cult meetings. Ambot told me one night the Platinum bastard led the group in a prayerfest. He was bitching at Ambot and saying he wasn’t man enough for the Amway business and he didn’t deserve to be married to me because he wasn’t man enough. Tonight the Platinum sack of shit led the Amway meeting into a prayer group, praying that I would find another man and leave Ambot.

And these fanatic fucked up Amway cult members wonder why I can’t stand them. 

The only good thing that came out of that prayerfest is that Ambot saw the truth of this evil cult and stopped attending Amway meetings.

The Platinum’s preaching is that any man not getting ahead in the Amway business is because his wife is holding him back and he should leave her. If an IBO has a potential prospect and the wife isn’t interested, upline immediately jumps on their ass and proclaims its because this couple already has existing problems in their relationship. Its the old blame the victim scam that ambots regularly deploy whenever an IBO isn’t making money in Scamway.

Gee none of these fucking Amway assholes ever think that perhaps someone is not getting ahead in Amway is because its a system designed for failure and that less than 1% of IBO’s will make money at Amway. Did they ever think the reason a wife isn’t interested in Amway is because she doesn’t want to lose her money to this pyramid scheme? Nope. Amway cult followers are only in it for themselves and their fucked up beliefs.

The relationship problems only happen after getting involved in Amway. Happy marriages go sour after one spouse gets immersed in the cult and is constantly badgered by the upline to get the PV/BV up there and buy more products to the point of sucking dry the bank accounts and maxing out credit cards. Attend more meetings chasing futile dreams. Put another dollar in. Put a few more thousand dollars in. Got to keep this Amway cult thriving.

So now is another perfect opportunity to send a fuck you out to our fucking asshole sponsor because if he’d minded his own fucking business and backed off after I said not interested then Ambot would not have got sucked dry by the fucking Amway cult. Another fuck you out to the sack of shit Platinum for going out of his way to fuck up other people’s lives for no other reason than he’s a sorry sick fucked up reincarnation of Jim Jones. He is one of Amway’s shining 8pm warriors.

Actually I’ll send a big old fuck you out to Amway’s head office too for not doing anything when we complained about that fucking lying sack of shit Platinum. They must be so proud of their shining 8pm warrior who goes around fucking up other people’s lives all in the name of Amway.



  1. A major fact of life is this: CULTS DEMAND TOTAL LOYALTY. And when they say "total," they mean it quite literally.

    This explains two interesting and seemingly contradictory facts about Amway. First, they are passionately dedicated to the image of "couples." Anyone who knows anything at all about Amway sees that the company does everything to promote the image of "Amway couples." Notice all their ads and propaganda: it's always "Bob and Carol" and "Ray and Jennifer" and "Art and Nancy" and "Fred and Teresa." (I'm waiting for the Amway ad that celebrates "Doofus and Dumbcunt," but I think I'll have a long wait for that pairing.)

    The second fact is that Amway is notorious for trying to break up marriages, and split up relationships. Why the contradiction? Simple -- Amway only wants couples who are equally passionate about and dedicated to the Amway racket. For Amway, a relationship between a man and a woman isn't about love, affection, children, the sharing of joys and sorrows, and human companionship. IT'S ABOUT AMWAY!!! That's all that matters. Everything else takes second place to that.

    So quite naturally, Amway deliberately poisons a relationship if one of the parties in it is skeptical about the Amway "Plan." I find it quite significant that the two major anti-Amway blogs on the internet are run by Anna Banana and Joe Cool, two persons who had the horrible experience of Amway attempting to wreck their marriage or engagement.

    These Amway scum are pure human garbage. Anyone who would try to wreck a loving relationship in order to sell more low-grade soap and second-rate cosmetics is a pure piece of shit.

    1. LOL Anonymous! Doofus and Dumbcunt! LOL! Perfectly describes Amway couples! LOL! Love it!

      But you also unintentionally or not did the same thing that the Amway male chauvinist pig club does in all their advertising of the couples who'll be speaking at the brainwashing conference and that is always putting the man's name first. Because its all about the man. Not the couple. Amway has values that track back about 150 years. Still waiting for them to jump into the last century.

      And you nailed everything else too. Amway breaks up marriages because generally the woman isn't passionate about scamming people into their cult and flogging overpriced shitty products and putting up with the fucking assholes in the Amway upline. Amway is all about total obedience to their cult and tithing the Great Amway God. Everyone else must be destroyed. Or show up online and say fuck you Amway.

      Agree. Any troublemaking fucking assholes that go out of their way to wreck relationships are a pile of shit.


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