Tuesday, November 1, 2016

LOL! Amway Ambots Claim To Be Better Than Everyone Else! LOL!

One of the things that really disturbed me about our Amway upline was their shitty attitude towards people who weren’t in Amway. These snobby snotty Amway ambots were of the mindset that they were superior over the rest of the population.

They bragged to others that they drove BMW’s and Cadillacs. They neglected to mention their cars were 20 or 30 years old rust buckets falling apart and in poor mechanical condition. How can someone driving an old clunker be superior over someone who has purchased with cash a newer model car, maybe not of the expensive luxury type, but looks good, has a clean interior, and isn’t breaking down all the time I’ll never know. But then I was never a brainwashed ambot.

The IBO’s put on business suits and tell everyone they dress for success and that makes them superior to everyone else wearing casual attire. Wearing suits to all Amway meetings and functions is the dress code for these 8pm Amway warriors and in their delusional minds that makes them superior over everyone else who at that hour is relaxing in shorts and T’s, chilling out on the patio with a beer or watching TV. That also makes ambots superior because they would sneer at people relaxing in the evening and say how is watching TV making any money for you. Well at least they aren’t losing money by shelling out ten bucks to go to an Amway brainwashing session. Maybe its more than that now for those meetings. Someone who’d recently been to an Amway brainwashing meeting said it cost $15.

We’d have to arrive at Amway cult meetings an hour early because the cult leaders had brainwashed the ambots into believing that “serious business builders” arrive at least an hour early. So the early bird IBO’s are even more superior than the rest of the IBO’s who arrive closer to 8pm.

Yeah get there early enough and you can set up chairs and rearrange the living room! That’ll really make those IBO’s feel superior because they got assigned that task by some Amway cult leader.

So these superior ambot bastards get to the meeting an hour early and what do they do? They stand around with their cell phones plastered to their ear trying to show off an air of superiority over any ambots who aren’t on the phone. The superior ones on the phone are obviously conducting Amway business. Business is going great! Can’t you tell by the amount of time I’m on my phone?

Then they show off their superiority by being the first to kiss the Diamond’s ass who is speaking that night. They rush the stage after he’s finished brainwashing the crowd. Got to get close enough to press flesh and to have some of the superiority aura to rub off on them.

Add them all up and its what makes Amway IBO’s superior to everyone else in the world. That’s what their little brainwashed brains believe.

I fail to see how some brainwashed ambot who’s losing fistfuls of money in the Amway scam is superior to me.

I guess I’ll never get it. But then I’m not a brainwashed ambot.....


  1. Persons who join Amway are stupid losers, for the most part. They are mostly small-town, poorly educated hicks without a hope of rising in the world.

    So quite naturally they find it satisfying to denigrate and insult everyone else who isn't part of the Amway scheme. It's a defense mechanism. It's their way of saying "I'm not a loser! People like you who have jobs are losers!!"

    Thinking that you are successful if you wear a cheap business suit everywhere, and have a cell phone glued to your ear, is the height of insanity. But it is also a sign of a very defensive loser who desperately wants to be somebody.

    1. Anonymous - people who join the Amway cult are stupid broke losers. But in their world of make belief they see themselves as big shot hot shit "business owners" and they insult everyone who isn't in Amway. Ironically broke Amway losers refer to the rest of the world as too stupid to "get" Amway. Well we "got" Amway. We know it's a scam and their sales force are a bunch of fuck ups who desparately want to believe they are successful business owners. Not everyone wants to join their cult of losers and have everyone else laugh at their stupidity for getting involved with a pyramid scheme.


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