Thursday, October 20, 2016

Amway Is The Kingpin Of All Things Negative

I can’t tell you how many times I heard Ambot parrot his upline “Don’t say negative!” This was usually after I commented on how expensive an Amway product is or how shitty it tastes. I was telling the truth. Truth. An evil word to ambots. Just because something is true does not make it negative. Like any other criticism one takes in life one must grow a thick skin and accept it civilly and if its constructive criticism instead of mean criticism become better or make changes because of it. However things are beyond an ambot’s control such as lowering the high price tag Amway puts on their products or quality control and actually make shit and piss taste better.

The upline cult leaders usually the pompous sack of shit Platinum and occasionally the Emerald would jabber on about don’t let negative influences into your life.

What a sheltered life that is for an ambot. Unable to tell the difference between the truth and the negative. Believing their cult leaders that they are the only people in the world who speak the truth and everyone else is a negative liar. The Amway cult leaders don’t want their downline to be influenced by outside forces who can reason, tell them the truth, and show the IBO’s that they’re wasting their time and more importantly wasting their money on trying to build an Amway business.

The upline bastards would say don’t read newspapers, don’t watch TV, don’t listen to the radio. Most of all they’d say don’t listen to people who aren’t in Amway.

Yet these same cult leaders all seemed to know what’s going on in the world. How can that be unless they’re being negative and watching TV or reading a newspaper?

These Amway bastards are the most negative people around despite all their sermons about not being negative. At every Amway meeting they’d preach fire and brimstone sermons about Starbucks locations closing down or other businesses closing their doors. They’d spout off tons of doom and gloom about the recession and people losing their jobs. Our Amway upline are the most negative people I’ve ever met in my life!

Since writing this blog I’ve had hundreds of negative ambots show up here who all say the same thing. Some canned amspeak response they’ve duplicated from their cult leaders. They all accuse me of being a broke loser. They all accuse me of working a job. They all predict I’ll be dead or broke by the time I’m 65. They all call me a negative unchristian dream stealer. I mean talk about NEGATIVE! Its the old Amway cult influence. Spread negativity around the world courtesy of being an Amway IBO.

Those fucked up brainwashed ambots think they’re better than everyone else and here they are violating their upline cult leader’s rules by coming to this blog and spreading their Amway negativity. Holy shit! I remember at every Amway meeting the cult leader would forbid the Ambots to look online for stuff about Amway and bitch about the Internet being a bathroom wall. And seeing as how that canned Amspeak is still being spouted off by brainwashed Ambots who drop by this blog to leave negative comments that tells me they’re giving Amway the big old fuck you by being disobedient and looking around the Internet.

Becoming an Amway “independent business owner” running a fake business, putting on a business suit, carrying a cell phone, lying to people that the business is not Amway, making false product claims, marching off to 8pm Amway cult meetings, and sneering at people who are not in Amway does not make an ambot a positive role model.

Amway makes for a hell of a lot of misery and negativity in one’s life.

Drop out of Amway and that’s a big load of negative you’ll also be dropping.


  1. A great deal of the entire Amway psychology is based on a stupid book called "The Power of Positive Thinking." This book (rejected by all reputable psychologists) has had a terrible effect on the minds of many Americans.

    The basic notion behind the entire text is the crackpot idea that if you think positively hard enough, the good result that you envision will happen. It's actually an insane idea, similar to the Disney movie version of Peter Pan, where we are all exhorted to "wish hard" to save poor Tinkerbelle's life.

    I have suggested in a past post here that we should call this Amway fixation on fake positivity "Tinkerbelle thinking."

    Just wish hard enough, and you'll save poor Tinkerbelle!

    Just wish hard enough, and you'll become an Amway diamond!

    This kind of delusional bullshit is what lies behind all MLM schemes.

    1. Anonymous - that would be just one of many stupid books the Amway cult leaders are flogging their followers to buy.

      The terrible effect on the minds of many Americans - were they all in Amway?

      Tinkerbelle thinking. Hmm I remember stinking thinking I heard in Amway though I'd long forgotten until you jogged my memory! LOL! But that's what's taught in Amway meetings. If you dream big it will happen. Just hope and wish and dream hard enough and you'll become an Amway bazillionaire and walk the beaches of the world. But yeah it all comes back to the power of positive thinking. If you don't think or talk negative then you'll go really big in Amway.

      Yup Scamway is the kingpin of MLM pyramid schemes.

    2. Even Americans who were not in Amway have been influenced by that ridiculous book, The Power of Positive Thinking. A great deal of the "self-help" movement of the 1960s was rooted in its ideas.

      As for "Stinking Thinking." yes, this was one of those idiotic phrases thought up by Amway assholes as a way to denigrate any kind of rational thought that actually dealt with reality. If any thought came to your mind that didn't support Amway totally and unquestioningly, it was "stinking" and had to be dismissed at once.

      You have to be a completely dedicated and brainwashed cult member to accept such an insane idea.

    3. Hey Anonymous. Thanks for putting the description of stinking thinking out there. The only thing I thought of when I heard it was the only thing that stinks around here are the lying scamming Amway assholes! But yeah I could see how Amway cult leaders would put that description to anything that doesn't support Amway or the cult leaders quest to get richer off their followers.

      Completely dedicated and brainwashed cult members who worship the Great Amway God = Ambots!

  2. Hi Anonymous. If you were around 6 years ago we had an email address up but after the affections of a lovesick poster we decided to take it down. Safety first you know. Sometimes me or one of the other bananas emails people who contact us through the comments but we rarely do that. Its our experience that when we take the time to contact someone, they don't respond. Not even so much as a thank you so you can see why we don't really want to keep wasting our time. You can leave a question and just ask us not to post it if you're not comfortable about it going live and we'll answer just like you see here!

  3. Hi Anonymous. Here’s a long message for you that I got to break it down into 2 comment boxes so I hope it helps. Got your message and I feel your pain. I’m not sure if you’ve left a comment here before. Your story sounds familiar. But then we all have the same story. Its just the little details that are changed. I’ve read so many stories written by other women married to an ambot or in a relationship with one and so many times I’ve thought I could have written that. I could have been right there in the room. Been there done that!

    The amount of years your Ambot has been in Amway he’s a lifer. 95% of IBO’s quit within 2 years. Most quit within a few months when they realize they’re not making money, have no chance to make money and accept they got scammed. Anything longer than that is a lifer. A brainwashed follower of Amway The Cult of Greed. They can go through foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, have their lives ruined and still they’ll worship The Great Amway God. If all the above wasn’t hitting rock bottom what will it take for an Ambot lifer to leave the Amway cult.

    You need to figure out if you want to always be second place to a man who will always put a box of Amway soap over you. Do you want to be with a man who will drop whatever plans he has with you to go running immediately to the fucking assholes in his Amway upline who text him there’s an immediate cult meeting he must attend. Most women won’t put up with that. I mean who worships a box of soap and a bunch of fucking Amway losers more than the woman he supposedly loves. Only another Amway loser.

    You don’t share his Amway dream of being broke forever. And that’s because the reality is it’s the Amway nightmare and you’re too smart to get shafted and to spend the rest of your life broke while he takes all your joint income to tithe the Great Amway God.

    You don’t share his dream to be broke the rest of your life. There’s no shame in that. You want something better. Maybe home ownership. Maybe a car that doesn’t break down all the time. Savings in the bank and a retirement account. Women like security. Amway does not provide security except to the heirs of the owners and the various Diamonds who founded their own cult sects. And maybe not even then. In Amway a Diamond is not forever.

    Anyway I kind of get the feeling you left a comment here before and you’re still feeling the pain. Its not easy when someone chooses a box of soap over you but keep telling yourself this is an Amway loser and you’re better off without that kind of jerk in your life because he also brings to your life all the fucking assholes in his Amway upline.

    A lot of women think they can save the men in their lives who are addicted to something. He’s addicted to a cult and to the shitty overpriced products Amway sells. When an addict is away from what is poisoning him he can be the nicest most loving person out there. But when the evil addiction takes over his life it’s a complete personality change for the worst.

    If it was you I left a message for before my advice was probably something to the effect that even though it hurts its best to walk away and don’t look back. You’ll save yourself a lot heartache. And drained bank accounts and debt. And don’t let him kid you that he’s going to find a woman who’s going to help him build his Amway business. If his last name isn’t DeVos or VanAndel he doesn’t own an Amway business. He’s just a low paid commissioned salesman for the owners. And most women want a man who’s not a liar, who’s not a scammer, and who puts them first in their lives. Or at least higher than a box of soap!

  4. Part 2 to Anonymous.

    If you have a good relationship with his family and they’re also concerned over him being in the Amway cult you could suggest an intervention. Check out Steve Hassan’s site and he’s done interventions for Ambots in the Amway cult. Read some of his articles. Go to Youtube and search Steve Hassan Amway for interviews. Getting a professional like that involved will likely cost a lot of money. Is his family willing to fund it? Unless you’re independently wealthy that might not be something you can do.

    Don’t stay friends with him. People in Amway will poison your life. You need to move on and find a man who loves you more than a box of soap. That shouldn’t be too hard to find! Come on what are you young people into these days? Tinder?

    Keep telling yourself you deserve better than a broke Amway loser. You’ll never know if he really loves you or he was just love bombing you to get you to join the Amway cult.

    And if you really feel a need to take action here’s what you have to do and you need to do this to save him cause you can do this anonymously. At Amway meetings the cult leader preaches that the way to make money in Amway is through a tax refund and everything Amway is a tax deduction so deduct Amway shit off the income from a regular job and the refund is the way the Ambot makes money in Amway. Uncle Sam disagrees. Go to the IRS web page and look for how to report someone. The IRS has an entire section dedicated to Amway and their IBO’s. IRS agents love fresh Ambot meat. Audit! They’ll require the Ambot to provide documents that real business owners probably have but not Amway pretend business owners. Like a business plan, profit and loss statement, SWOT, etc. You know what Ambots show up in tax court with? The Amway “business plan” brochure that has circles drawn all over it. That is NOT a business plan but Ambots don’t have anything else. The IRS has already determined that Amway functions are really just social gatherings and Ambot’s sales and “business” does not increase after attending one and there’s no reasonable expectation that attending Amway functions will increase Ambot income so they’re not acceptable deductions. So there you have it. Report him and see if an audit doesn’t wake him up to the Amway scam. The IRS will go back years and refile minus the Amway shit and he’ll have to repay what he scammed out of the IRS using Amway deductions and he’ll get fined and maybe jail time if he doesn’t pay it back but this might be his wake up call. People in Amway are very comfortable breaking the law. Their attitude is just because they’re in Amway they can do whatever they want including criminal activity. That’s the type of arrogance these Amjerk pricks have. And while you’re at it if there’s any troublemaking Amjerks in his upline that you especially despise report those fuckers too.

    Good luck to you. And ps I didn’t think your story was all that bad you didn’t want it posted…. Sorry to tell you it wasn’t original. And this is what this blog is all about. Helping others know that they’re not alone. The rest of us have gone through it too.


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