Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How Can You Be So Dumb To Stay In Amway

A recent searcher - clearly a dumb ass brainwashed Amway IBO - recently found their way to this blog after doing a search for “how can you be so dumb to quit Amway”.

They ended up at this a post where I wrote that if you are an Amway IBO then you probably have been brainwashed to believe that Amway is the best business opportunity in the world. I figured for sure the ambot was going to leave me some canned Amspeak words of bullshit but they must have seen their predecessor on the receiving end of some Anna Banana style punishment and quietly moved along.

Amway cult leaders prey on all kinds of people usually disadvantaged but one of their best prospects are working people who do not like their jobs. These people might detest their jobs but have not been able to secure employment elsewhere due to lack of skills, age, transportation, etc. They believe there is nothing else out there for them. They are good prospects because Amway cult leaders know these people have an income and possibly credit cards and can bullshit them along in the Amway scam for a while and get them to buy Amway products and tools. They pump these people up telling them they now own their own business. At the same time the cult leaders poison these workers against their jobs by sneering at them because they have a J.O.B. - Just Over Broke - and that’s all they’ll ever be unless they’re an Amway “Independent Business Owner”. The brainwashing is not complete until the ambot believes that they are better than everyone else because they are in Amway and everyone else who is not in Amway is a loser. A broke loser. And anyone who quits Amway is a loser and a quitter and their dream wasn’t big enough. Ambots have negative bad attitudes and one way or another they’re not going to last much longer at their detested job anyway. But for a brief period they fully believe that Amway is the only thing out there for them to escape a job they dislike.

How can you be so dumb to quit Amway?

The bigger question is “how can you be so dumb to stay in Amway?”

The Amway pyramid scheme only makes money for the people at the top of the pyramid - Diamonds - who make the bulk of their income from selling motivational CDs and books and selling tickets to functions where they speak at. They make commission every time an IBO in their downline purchases Amway products. Chump change compared to the income from the tool scam. Amway’s own literature shows that less than 1% of IBO’s will make money at this business. That’s over 99% failure rate. Most people are not dumb enough to get into any business with a huge failure rate. That’s where the cult leaders come in to brainwash the ambots into believing they will be that longshot who actually makes money at Amway and that the figures Amway puts out are a worse case scenario and that in 6 months you’ll be making 100k. Sell the hope not the soap!

If an ambot is dumb enough to stick it out in Amway for any length of time they will undoubtedly go into debt of some sort - either credit cards or bank loans. They may have their house foreclosed after skipping a few mortgage payments after counselling with upline who advised them to skip payment and use the money to go to an Amway function instead. Dumb move wondering every morning when they wake up if today is the day they’ll be evicted thanks to Amway. Bankruptcy is the next possibility. And because most marriages can’t withstand this kind of stress the next step will be divorce.

The people who quit Amway are not the dumb ones. The Amway quitters are smart and brave and have probably averted certain disaster that many ambots fall victim to.


  1. There's an important separation to be made here.

    Persons who join Amway purely as a financial move (i.e. a way to make some extra cash) are the ones who get out quickly, once they discover that the entire setup of Amway is designed to screw them.

    On the other hand, persons who join Amway out of some emotional reason (because they are lonely, or want the love-bombing, or who enjoy getting together for meetings, or who are attracted by the preachy and evangelical tone of the whole thing) are the ones who tend to stay and cling to the scheme like barnacles on a ship's hull.

    In short, if you are actually interested in a real business, you find out pretty fast that Amway is not the answer. And you bail.

    But if you are some desperately damaged emotional basket-case with a profound need "to believe" and "to trust" and to be dominated by an authority figure, you'll probably become a lifer in Amway.

    1. Anonymous - those are important observations. The 2nd group desparately want to believe the Amway fairy tale and they'll have gazillions of dollars rolling in from Scamway if they hang in there long enough. And as you said these people love the cult mentality. Everyone else is outta there once they figured thy got ripped off by Amway and realize the cult leaders lied to them so they could get rich off them.


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