Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Your Dreams Will Have An Expiration Date If You Join Amway

Amway is a scheme to sell you on a dream. A dream to have your own business. A dream to have a mansion, fleet of sports cars, luxury vacations, what have you. Amway cult leaders promise that the answer to making your dreams come true is becoming an Amway Ambot.

The reality  is Amway is all about having your nightmares come true!

At Amway meetings the Amway cult leader is all about selling dreams. Many times they’ll go around the room asking people what their dreams are. And some of them are very normal stuff that most people want like a house, a nice car, vacations. Then there’s the stuff you have to have mega movie star income to buy. Dream big in Amway. Whatever. Daydreams. Pretend business.

The Amway cult leaders always want to know what your dream is so they can use it against you at a later date. Maybe you’re living in an apartment and your dream is to buy your first house. Probably you’re thinking a smaller house but the Amway cult leaders will encourage you to dream about mansions worth millions of dollars. Paid for in cash LOL!

After a few months the Ambot figures out Amway is a scam. The Ambot is sinking hundreds of dollars every month buying Amway products, investing in the tool scam, going to Amway meetings. And all for a measly commission of about $10/month back from Scamway. Maybe the Ambot finally looks at the small print on Amway’s literature and realizes that only a tiny fraction of 1% of IBO’s will make money. Maybe the Ambot goes online and finds information from other people who got sucked into the Amway scam and reads stories of their financial and emotional distress.

Yup time to get out. Any business opportunity with over 99% failure rate was a bad idea to get involved with. Should have read the small print. Should have read the former Amway cult members stories sooner.

The best thing to do is just leave the Amway cult quietly. Don’t buy no more shitty overpriced Amway products. Don’t answer phone calls and texts from the assholes in the Amway upline. But most ambots end up telling some asshole in their upline that they’re quitting. Then the ambot is told you can’t quit now not when success is right around the corner. “You’re about to go really big I can feel it.”

Maybe the ambot hangs in for a little while longer so the assholes in his Amway upline can make a few more bucks off him. Or maybe he just says fuck you I’m outta here.

At some point the assholes in the Amway upline taunt the Ambot, I guess your dream just wasn’t big enough. And then the bastards insult you:  I guess you’re never going to own a house. Just think of all those houses out there that will never have anyone living in them and its all your fault cause you quit Amway. Loser!

It doesn’t matter what your dream is or how big it is, there’s over 99% chance it’ll never happen as long as you’re in Amway. There’s only a few cult leaders at the top of the Amway pyramid who are making money, mostly from selling tickets to ambots to come to a meeting and hear them speak. That’s where the money is. Not from begging everyone you know to buy overpriced vitamins and laundry soap and scam others to sign up to the Amway cult.

The ambot is now dealing with the fucking assholes in his Amway upline sneering at him about his dream not being big enough because he couldn’t fund that mansion after getting scammed by Amway.

That dream had an expiration date on it. That dream was probably only good for a few months during the time inside the Amway Cult of Greed.

Quit the Amway cult and the dream expires. If it was even the Ambot’s dream to begin with.


  1. Amway is a truly vicious organization that functions in a nasty manner, by abusing its members and cheating them. This is especially true for the various subsystems or LOS groups like WWDB, Network 21, BWW, and the rest.

    I remember when my cousin tried to get me into Amway back in 1970 or thereabouts. The same shit that Anna describes above was taking place at the meeting. The group leader went around the room, asking each person present to tell what his or her "dream" was. I was only a young man, but I asked myself "What the fuck is this? We're here to learn about how to make some extra money. Why are people spouting off about their dreams?"

    My impression of Amway didn't improve when I saw that the people at this meeting were mostly nondescript nobodies: a few blowsy housewives, some teenagers at loose ends, a scattering of awkward nerdy guys who looked like they lived in their mom's basement. These losers were going to be bigshot entrepreneurs who were Independent Business Owners? The whole thing was laughable.

    1. Hi Anonymous. It's always good getting perspectives from others Amway experiences from decades ago. Because Ambots claim that things have changed in Amway and us old timers have it all wrong and that's not how Amway does things today. The only thing that changes in Amway are the faces and the prices going up. The emotional and financial distress is the same. And the "teachings" from the Amway cult leaders are still the same. With slight differences in the "teachings" since the invention of the Internet. Then the "teachings" go to the affect of don't look up Amway online and don't read "negative" websites of people who write about their Amway experiences. And of course Ambots disobey their cult leaders and show up here anyway.

      And yup all those Amway losers who think they're hot shot "business owners" and they're better than the rest of the world because they're in Amway are laughable. They're too embarrassed to say the A word because everyone will laugh at them.


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