Thursday, November 17, 2016

Amway Ambots Claim Amway Makes More Millionaires Than Microsoft

I had some dumb ass ambot show up to leave a comment that more millionaires have come out of Amway than Microsoft.

Just one of these outrageous claims that ambots make. Most likely heard it from the assholes in their upline and are duplicating what they said. Really if Amway creates more millionaires than Microsoft or any other well known company for that matter Amway head office would be blowing it out their asses and bragging about it on their web page and in business magazines.

Of course no ambot seems able to back up that lie with a list of both Amway millionaires and Microsoft millionaires. Which is why its my guess that Amway’s head office doesn’t go around making outrageous claims that are unverifiable. They leave that dirty work to the lying ambots in their commissioned sales force!

It seems logical, but a claim that I can not verify, that Amway has made millionaires out of the company owners and their heirs. I get this conclusion because one of Amway’s owners made the Forbes list of the 100 richest families in the USA so that’s why I say it seems logical Amway owners and heirs are likely all millionaires.

I don’t have proof that any Amway Diamonds are millionaires but probably some of them are thanks due to other assets not related to Scamway. Amway literature states the average Diamond earns around $150,000/year.  A nice income but it’ll take many years of saving and investing to reach millionaire status with whatever disposable income is left over from 150k after taxes, Amway spending, and living expenses have been paid. The Diamonds highest up on the pyramid who sell tickets to functions to hear them speak, sell CDs of themselves preaching the Amway gospel, and sell books and other bullshit they refer to as business materials could conceivably become millionaires off those proceeds if they have enough people in their downline buying that shit. There are probably people in Amway who have become millionaires independently of Amway – inheritance, lottery winnings, income from their primary job, smart investments, etc – and maybe some desperate ambots think of them as Amway-made millionaires.

Just because someone says or gives the impression that they’re a millionaire due to Amway you can’t believe anything those Amway liars say. These ambots aren’t posting their net worth statements and supporting documentation up on the Internet.

Here’s a little secret for you ambots. Just because someone in your upline tells you other ambots further upline are millionaires it ain’t necessarily true. Just because someone lives in a fancy house with sports cars and shows photos of walking the beaches of the world and gives the impression they are millionaires doesn’t mean they’re not up to their asses in debt and one step away from declaring bankruptcy.

Any ambot who wants to provide a list of Amway millionaires and a list of Microsoft millionaires to back up their claims is welcome to do so!

P.S. – this post was originally posted in October 2012 and so far no Ambot has provided a list of all these millionaires 4+ years later. Like we need any further proof that Amway IBO’s are a bunch of lying scamming thieves.


  1. Dear Anna --

    Yes, four years and not a peep from any ambots about their "millionaires." I guess there aren't any.

    But there's another explanation: We've basically scared the shit out of the Amway freaks. They know that if they comment here, they'll get their asses handed to them, first by us and then by their up-line for daring to visit an anti-Amway website.

    Amway freaks are not very good at argument anyway. All they know how to do is to spout canned Amspeak learned from some stupid cd or tape. The fact that they can't put together a coherent English sentence shows that their minds have been completely propagandized by Amway.

    1. Anonymous - that's what I'm thinking - there aren't any! No matter how much ambots brag about it with vague references like just because the fucking assholes in the Amway upline says so.

      Yup Ambots would be in for a double shit kicking from the Amway cult leaders and from us here. Well around here that depends on what they wrote and how they wrote it. About 1 out of every 500 Ambot comments is not an angry, negative snide sneering Amway bastard. Those rare ones are no fun. And probably not going to be hanging around Amway much longer cause they don't have the ability to be nasty shitheads which is an Amway Ambot job requirement.

  2. Betsy DeVos was named Education Secretary by Trump. I suppose our kids will be taught to tell their parents to join Amway.

    1. Anonymous - I don't know where she fits into the Amway pyramid scheme but I fear you might be right. Or that she'll flog shitty overpriced Amway products into the school system or the White House.


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