Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Should We Mention Being Amway Business Owner on Linkedin?

LOL. Try not to laugh and spit your drink all over your computer but some Amway Ambot moron finds their way to this blog after Googling: Should we mention being Amway business owner on Linkedin.

OK. Get it through your heads you fucking Amway losers. If your last name ain’t DeVos or VanAndel then you don’t own a fucking Amway business. You’re not a fucking Amway business owner. Only 2 guys and maybe their heirs can make that claim you dumb shits!

No matter how much the Amway cult leaders try to bullshit and brainwash you into believing you are a “business owner” and more specifically an Amway business owner. YOU AIN”T! You’re a low paid commissioned salesperson flogging overpriced shitty Amway products to whoever you can bug the shit out of to get a pity sale to make a few pennies commission. You pay Amway or their cult leaders hundreds of dollars a month just to make around $10 commission if you qualified by buying at least 100 PV of shitty Amway products for yourself. You’re not “business owners” you’re fucking morons!

And to answer your question, yes, absolutely mention you’re an “Amway business owner” on every social media account you’re on. That way others can have a big laugh at the broke Amway loser and it warns potential victims to stay the fuck away from you.


  1. Have there been any recent changes made to the Amway business model due to the FTC / Herbalife ruling? I wonder if DeVos and VanAndel are planning any changes.

    1. Anonymous - I doubt it. Amway and Ambots are pretty comfortable breaking the law. It's kind of like speeding. You speed 1200 times and then the cop catches you and fines you $200 but look at how much you got away with before getting caught. Some of the bloggers that write more about the business end of things might know like the American dream made nightmare.

  2. Amway is allergic to the internet, so they probably don't want IBOs using social media like Linkedin to tell the world about their connection to the Amway fraud.

    Back in 1970, Amway would forbid IBOs (called "distributors" back then) from even having personal business cards printed with the words "Amway Distributor" on them. De Vos and Van Andel were paranoid about this, for some reason.

    Amway likes to keep a lot about itself hidden under a rock. Which is where Amway belongs.

    1. Anonymous - that's interesting where the owners said you can't say Amway distributor on the business cards. Fast forward 40 years and no current Ambot wants to put the word Amway on their business cards because it'll chase away clients. We have a post around here that talks about Amway business cards. The Ambot makes up a name that they probably didn't pay money for to legally register. But then its just a pretend business so you can put any pretend name on the card. And then a phony ass title that pumps them up like President or CEO.

      Yup Amway belongs under a rock.


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