Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Amway Ambots Lack Sense Of Self

There are many things you need to have if you’re going to be a business owner and some of them are leadership skills, confidence, financial backing, and a sense of self. There are other things too but this post is about sense of self.

That’s a huge skill that brainwashed Amway Ambots lack because they have no sense of self. And Ambots don’t have that because someone else is always telling them what to do. Amway’s owners already slapped a price tag on their products so Ambots have no control of that. Oh sure some fucked up Amway loser will show up here and say they buy at wholesale and sell at retail but big whopping shit. Amway’s “wholesale” price is severely overpriced for their low quality product. Buy a similar product at Costco or Walmart that’s better quality and a third or a quarter of the “wholesale” price that Amway sticks suckers with.

Price tag aside. Amway cult leaders tell Ambots when and where to show up for cult meetings.

Amway cult leaders tell Ambots how much shitty overpriced Amway products they have to buy each month for personal use.

Amway cult leaders order Ambots to invest in the Amway tool scam.

Amway cult leaders order Ambots to be CORE. That’s a series of 9 steps an Ambot must complete each month and it mostly includes all the Amway related shit they have to buy and how many times a week they have to show “the business” plan and how many suckers they got to drag to Amway meetings that sort of shit.

And if an Amway IBO doesn’t do the above, then they can expect a shit kicking from the fucking assholes in their Amway upline and to be publicly humiliated at Amway cult meetings.

What kind of a sense of self is that? When you’re a real business owner you’re only accountable to yourself so you need to have a good sense of self to keep yourself on track. You don’t get scolded by a fucking Amway asshole if you don’t follow their rules.

A business owner must be confident that they will run their business in the best way they can figure out to do so in order to turn a profit. And you know what. Amway’s owners have figured that out. They sell overpriced shitty products to a bunch of brainwashed Ambots who signed up to their expensive buying club and the owners make a good profit off those losers. But getting back to being confident your business will make a profit is part of having a sense of self. A business owner has to self evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and make necessary changes to their business plan to keep their business afloat. That might mean discounting their products or services to get themselves through a slow period.

There’s a book I read years ago but I don’t remember the title, I just remember 3 ways of income versus costs rundown but generally speaking this could have come from just about any book out there on starting a business.
1.     The first was the income exceeds the costs of running a business and there’s a good profit. That’s the ideal position most business owners want to be in.
2.     Then there’s the break even point. Money is coming in and expenses are being met and that’s about it. Perhaps this is in the early stages of the business. A business owner needs to evaluate how long they can stay in this position before closing down if they can’t swing the business on an uphill trend.
3.     Then there’s the losing money part. This means the money being put out to run the business far exceeds any money coming in. Again the business owner must have a good sense of self to evaluate pretty quickly what to do. A business that’s not profitable is not sustainable.

Let’s get back to the brainwashed Amway Ambots who have no sense of self and are unable or unwilling to accept they’re losing fistfuls of money in the Amway scam. They spend hundreds of dollars a month to receive a $10 commission from head office. They’re losing money but they can’t quit now. Not when success is right around the corner so they keep tithing the Great Amway God.

And the Ambot knows if they quit Scamway all the other Ambots will call him a loser and a quitter. And here’s the thing that they don’t see because they’re so brainwashed - The biggest losers around are all devoted followers of the Amway cult.

Some people start up several businesses that they end up selling or closing down. There could be other reasons besides not profitable such as the business owner lost interest. It just means the business owner is still trying to figure out the best type of business to get into. Maybe they drift around for years before they get a sense of self and figure out the best kind of business to run. A real business owner with a sense of self will figure out how to fill in the gaps.

That’s not how it goes with Amway IBO’s. They sit in a room listening to an Amway cult leader preach the sermon of how everyone’s going to be rich. And listening to the fairy tale about how they get rich by selling overpriced shitty Amway products and eating one food bar and drinking one drink every day and signing up and teaching 6 others to do the same thing and they sign up and teach 6 others and they sign up and teach 6 others and so on and so on for the next 2 to 5 years and then bazillions of dollars in residual income will come flowing in from Amway every month and the Ambot can just sit back and do nothing for the rest of their life. You don’t get rich from drawing a bunch of circles and dreaming your way into riches sitting in a room full of Amway losers who are all brainwashed to think the same way.

If you have a sense of self you’ll get as far away from those Amway losers as you can and figure out a real business opportunity.


  1. Yes, these ambots lack a sense of self. A more traditional way to put it is that they lack character, they lack backbone, and they lack grit.

    If you can't recognize that you are losing money in your so-called "business" every month, then you also simply lack the basic hard-headed common sense of a sane person.

    I found this to be true of Amway freaks: their ideological commitment to the absurdities of the Amway scam made it impossible for them to look facts in the face. The just refused to see that they were losing money.

    Fortunately most people in Amway see the truth within a few months, and get out. But those deeply damaged people (the ones who become "CORE" Amway) are the ones who get screwed. They'll stay in Amway till they're bankrupt.

    1. Anonymous - Amway Ambots lack many things. Generally speaking the ability to be honest, compassionnate human beings.

      Ambots are not given any basic business advice such as keeping a simple ledger to keep track of expenses and income. They're discouraged from doing so because if they kept a profit and loss statement they'd figure out real fast the loss column is much bigger. And the Amway cult meetings and bullshit froth cult leaders are supposed to distract the Ambot from noticing how much money they're losing. But after a few months an Ambot might quit when they get tired of losing money and being abused by the fucking assholesin the Amway upline.

      As you pointed out most Ambots refuse to admit they got scammed and are losing money. And some will stay in Amway even after declaring bankruptcy.

  2. Hi Anna B. I hope you are well. My daughter is still in the cult. Things recently came to a head here and she was asked to move out. It is difficult living with someone who is a liar, manipulator, self-centered, disrespectful and ungrateful person. She does receive child support and with the salary from her real job, she should be just fine. Of course, she won't have free babysitting anymore. No more free room and board. No more having someone else do the cooking, cleaning and laundry. No more having all the extra money that all these freebies allowed her to dump into the cult. Now we have the threats of not being allowed to see the kids and crap like that. I just can't take this anymore. I am trying so hard to keep myself from falling into depression because of this bastard cult and its influence over my daughter. I hope people who are considering joining Amway/WWDB that they happen upon your blog and read and heed the advice given to stay far away from these cult bastards. Keep up the great work you and your moderators are doing. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. I'll probably pop in before Christmas with another update and greeting. Peace.

    1. Hi Living a Nightmare. I hadn't heard from you in a while and was hoping no news was good news and your daughter had left the cult.

      That's too bad....

      Other parents have shown up here and said they've had to do tough love on their Ambot kid. And for the same reasons you mentioned: liar, manipulator, self-centered, disrespectful and ungrateful. One mother said after they kicked their son out she let him come home to do his laundry under the condition he use their soap and not bring Amway shit into their house.

      These other tough love Ambot kids were in their 20s. Your daughter sounds older. But maybe she'll figure out she can't afford her Amway habit without your assistance.

      Its my opinion that people in cults should not have children. I'm sure if there's a law - hey maybe we can get Trump on board with this one! - that anyone with kids planning to join the Amway cult must surrender them to CPS. There'd be less Ambots out there!

      Seeing as how you've been threatened its probably time to see a lawyer and consult with your local CPS for the children's sakes. If their parents are in the Amway cult they're being neglected in many ways. The Ambot doesn't have time for their children because the cult demands all their time. There is no time and money for kids of Amway Ambots. You've helped out with babysitting which is kind of hard for you to say no when you're all living in the same house. Too many Ambot kids have shown up here to talk about the neglect and parents spending all their time on Amway activities. Then there's birthday parties they're invited to and kids are expected to bring presents to the birthday kid. But Ambots have to ask permission from the fucking assholes in their upline about buying a kid's birthday present and the answer is always no and to put that money towards buying Amway shit instead.

      You need to do something to intervene if you believe those kids deserve a better life than a member of the Amway cult can give them. And if you want to be part of their lives. Even if CPS puts them in foster care you'll probably be allowed to be part of their lives.

      Good luck with all that.


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