Monday, November 14, 2016

Paying Money To The Top Of The Amway Pyramid

Over the years on this blog we’ve shared other ways people can make money doing something else besides Amway. Actually just about everything out there makes more money than Amway. Well maybe other pyramid schemes are scamming the suckers, but I’m talking real jobs or careers or businesses. Its off topic a bit from bitching about the fucking assholes in the Amway upline but we like to get word out how to find legitimate ways to make extra money or afford the things you want in life.

There are books by financial gurus and sure not all the advice will be applicable to your situation so take what works for you and go with it. You want to get debt free. You want to have investments. You want to retire and not worry about money. Those are all hooks that some lying scamming Amway asshole will use on you trying to get you into the Amway cult. But yeah the things that Ambots want aren’t all that different from what people who aren’t brainwashed cult followers also want like a nice house and a nice car and money in the bank. Except normal people who aren't brainwashed Ambots aren't relying on drawing a bunch of circles and scamming others to sign up to the Amway cult as the way to make money.

The one thing we’ve talked about around here in order to afford the things you want is to first stop spending money. You know everytime you read an article about ways to save money is to stop going to Starbucks everyday or quit smoking and put that money aside. Well not everyone has a daily coffee or smoke habit so that’s not extra money that can be found. So dig a little deeper. Do you need all those TV channels? Do you need a house phone and a cell phone? Can you shop around to buy cheaper insurance. Is there a cheaper place to buy groceries? Do you need sports drinks? Is there a cheaper place you can live?

Do you need to spend hundreds of dollars a month on shitty overpriced Amway products?

Look for ways to save money and then invest it. Simple hunh.

Except too many people are already stretched thin paying for their rent/mortgage and barest necessities. The paycheck ain’t covering it. There’s no money left over. Now might be the time to take on a second job or find a better paying job.

Not get scammed by some lying sack of shit Amway asshole who promises you’ll be debt free and bazillions of dollars in residual income will roll in every year for the rest of your life.

Think about it. If it was really possible to make money in the Amway pyramid scheme then there’d be a lot more Ambots out there making money.

Here’s a website about a couple who decided to retire in 1500 days once they became millionaires. They downsized their house, they watched what they spent, and figured out they could live on about $2000/month with a family of four. They moved to Colorado where there’s a lower cost of living. Not too sure how the heat bill would be in the winter though.

Now there’s too many similar websites like this that I can’t already wrap my head around. By the time they decided to retire in 1500 days with over a million they’d already had a head start. They’d flipped a few houses and already had decent savings and investments over half a million so they were already halfway there. Hey ain’t there a song…. Plus he already had a really good job as a computer oh shit I forgot what. Programmer? So I find it tough to wrap my head around people who have good jobs and good investments when so many people are struggling with low paying jobs and no investments.

But there advice is sound. Find ways to save money and then invest it. They both took on side gigs. They bought into Facebook when it was still $30/share. They found something they’re passionate about and are following through to financial freedom.

And that’s the real meaning here. How many people are passionate being commissioned salespeople? OK maybe some are. But how passionate are you working in commissioned sales spending 100 hours a month or more and making $10. And paying your boss hundreds of dollars a month just to be a dumb shit and work for their pyramid scheme. I mean shit people are laughing at you if you’re that stupid. Oh shit everyone laughs at Amway Ambots. Those losers should be used to it by now. To be a low paid Amway loser that also means a big financial investment of $500 or more a month to Amway and the Amway tool scam. Amway was a laughingstock back in the 60’s with its door to door salesmen. 50 years later its still a laughingstock with these fuckers now pretending they’re “business owners”.

Anyway the 1500 days website is a good one to check out if you’re looking for ideas on saving and investing money and doing side jobs. Sure beats the Amway “business plan” where all you do is pay money in to the bastards sitting on top of the pyramid.

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