Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Amway Ambots Are Nosy Bastards

When I was in Amway, putting up with the lousy bastards in our line of sponsorship World Wide Dream Builders was just as bad as throwing our money away buying overpriced shitty Amway products. But then we wouldn’t have been throwing our money away on shitty Amway products if it wasn’t for the influence and pressure of the fucking upline assholes.

When you’re in the Amway cult, you find out fast that everyone else in the cult is a nosy bastard. I’m one of these people that if something ain’t none of my business then I stay the hell out of it. Years ago when I worked office gossip was rampant. Sometimes coworkers would start telling me something about somebody and I would say doesn’t sound like anything I need to know and walk away. I don’t need to know anybody else’s business if it doesn’t affect my life. Same with people who tried to get information out of me. Nope. I know how to keep my mouth shut.

Well OK not here on this blog. I use this blog to get the word out what its really like being a doomed member of the Amway cult and having to put up with upline - the world’s biggest fucking assholes who are no good piece of shit scumbags that are so fucking nosy and make it their business to poke their noses into places it don’t belong.

In Amway those fucking ambots seem entitled to know everything about everybody. In one past year one of the biggest search criteria that drove ambots to my blog had anything to do with Ganesh and Neha Shenoy and whatever happened in their marriage and why did they get divorced. Like that’s anybody’s business. Oh wait. These are ambots in the Amway cult. That means they make it their business. That’s part of the job description when it comes to Amway IBO. The Shenoys aren’t the only ones who are searched about their marriage. You name it the searcher has probably found their way to my blog. In the past month I have nosy ambots searching for information about the marriage and/or divorce for Brad and Lesley Wolgamott, Scott Harimoto, Dean Kosage, Jim Head, and a whole host of other Diamonds whose names do not immediately come to my mind because well I really don’t give a shit.

If they’re not looking for dirt on marriage/divorce they’re looking for information on what kind of cancer Jim Dornan had/has and other intimate details of the lives of people in Amway.

I get tons of searches for Amway sex. What do these searchers think? That ambots are posting sex videos online for all to see? Well maybe they are but you won’t find any links here to any Amway IBOs having sex.

When we were in the Amway cult I constantly had to put up with the bullshit from people in our upline demanding to know everything going on in our life. They pretty much left me alone after I told them my private life was none of their fucking business. The shock on those prude’s faces that I would dare to disrespect my upline by using that kind of language! Yeah I really have a lot of respect for liars and scammers acting under the Amway umbrella! And then those whiny ass crybabies would run further upline and complain that I wasn’t being very nice. Get the picture! You’re fucking Amway IBOs who are out to ruin lives and scam people out of their money. Why the hell should I be nice to a bunch of fucking sick evil bastards like you?

Unfortunately my Ambot probably blabbed more information to our fucking upline about our lives than I would ever want those fucking assholes to know about. I made it very clear to him that if I wanted those bastards to know anything about me then I would tell them myself. If I didn’t tell them nothing then those upline bastards could safely assume it was none of their business and they could fuck off.

The only reason ambots want to know intimate details about other ambot’s lives is so they can hold it against them at a later date, say when they’re trying to quit. Its ambot blackmail. That is why ambots are the nosiest people I’ve ever met in my life. Ulterior motive when lying and scamming is no longer working.

Am I the only one around who has what it takes to tell nosy ambots to go to hell. Stay out of other people’s lives you fucking Amway assholes!

And just because Amway WWDB Dream Night 2017 coming up in January is huge on the search criteria right now I thought I throw in the key words just to screw up any ambots looking for more information like my blog isn’t already at the top of the search engines anyway. I’ve only had a few idiot ambots trying to go back in time and searching for information on World Wide Dream Builders Dream Night 2016 so I’ll throw in that too.

Amway Dream Night sucks!

Likewise, fucking nosy Amway ambots suck!


  1. When you're in a cult, the other cult members are always up your ass wanting to know every little detail about your private and personal life. Yes, partially it's for potential blackmail if you ever try to quit -- but also it's because cults are fanatical about making sure that everyone in the cult thinks, acts, and speaks alike.

    The thing about Amway is that it has never fully shaken its origins as a small-town racket for small-town nerds. And we all know what small towns in the boondocks are like. Everybody knows every hair on your ass, and everybody functions as a self-appointed police force to keep everyone else in line via gossip and tale-telling and ostracism. There's no privacy at all in some little shithole like South Succotash, Kansas.

    Since most Amway IBOs are small-town nerds of this type, naturally they are nosy.

    1. Anonymous - that's very true. Amway isn't the only cult out there where the members are always riding your ass wanting to know every little detail about your life. And as for the reasons you pointed out - blackmail at quitting time and brainwashing all cult followers to think and speak alike.

      I mean really there's a lot more interesting people in the world to try to keep track of than some Amway losers.


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