Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Amway Asshole Of The Year

Being a fucking asshole is just part of the job description when you’re an Amway IBO but some Ambots are bigger fucking assholes than others.

So how do you choose which fucking Amway asshole is a bigger fucking asshole than all the other fucking Amway assholes out there and get the privilege of being the Amway Asshole Of The Year. And yes using the word privilege because that’s a word the sack of shit Amway cult leaders fling around to their followers to insult them that they haven’t earned the privilege yet. And what they haven’t earned the privilege of yet depends on what bullshit the fucking Amway cult leader is slinging. Could be the privilege of cleaning their house or the privilege of buying something or spending time with an Amway cult leader. Whatever their fucked up peabrained Amway brainwashed little mind comes up with.

In December we often hear a story about Mary and J. I’m only using his initial for reasons I’ll explain in a minute but you get my drift. I’m not getting involved in any religious discussions and whether or not the story is true here but most people know the story of Mary and J and a Christmas Day birth.

So you all caught my drift for what J stands for.

Turn that J into the first name for Amway’s Biggest Fucking Asshole Of The Year. I’m not going to say the fucker’s last name either but its something similar to Kwong Wong Little Dong so let’s go with that.

This Kwong Wong Little Dong Amway motherfucker showed up in the summer and left a lot of comments on Amway Ambots Want Their Slice Of Greed Pie. And a few other posts too that were funny at first but eventually we stopped posting them. They went something like this:

Am I good to write passive income?Youngest ever wanted on solely alone.Youngest ever went alone to places been young meaning pioneering with"I was youngest.Before 30 age went few for Amway.Join alone in Petaling jaya as college boy.I hope to write later.

The city mentioned is in Malaysia so that’s where Kwong Wong Little Dong is from. I’m sure some of the long time readers now know exactly who this fucking Amway asshole is I’m referring to.

This fucking Amway loser loaded up the comment box every night so the banana who moderates the comments had to weed through which were real comments to go ahead and post and which were Kwong Wong Little Dong and his poor English ramblings and delete them. And as you all know the inability to string a sentence together is one of the qualifications for getting a J.O.B. in Amway.

At some point we decided to limit the comment box only being open for a few hours late morning to mid-afternoon mountain time when Kwong Wong Little Dong can’t access it due to the time difference. This has also thwarted the Amway Masturbator who we also track from leaving comments about jerking off into SA8. And lets not forget those really nasty fucking Amway assholes come out at night to leave their negative comments so this has been a nice break. Kwong Wong Little Dong the biggest fucking Amway asshole of the year visits are tracked. He shows up all night long multiple times every hour trying to get to the comment box to load up some more fucking Amway bullshit like this:

No weighted carry on.I don't know what can you woe so because in two months only you seem to be a doctorate in amway knowing everything.If real fake,why waste on?

Kwong Wong Little Dong wants to be a blogger and make money at it and left comments to that effect. So here’s the first thing if you can’t string a sentence together in English no one is going to read your shit because its too hard to read. And if you want to make money blogging then you need to ask someone who does this about how to do this. Why show up at a blog that’s run by volunteers who have never made a penny blogging and just do it as a free public service to warn people what Amway the Cult Of Greed is all about losing your money, your family and your friends. Amway brings you financial and emotional distress. But proving how fucked in the head Kwong Wong Little Dong is he thinks that volunteer bloggers are a good place to ask how to make money? Holy fuck only a fucking Amway loser would think that makes sense.

Its like if you want to be a business owner, you’d talk to someone who runs a business, preferably the kind of business you want to own. You wouldn’t waste your time talking to some fucking Amway loser who’s a pretend business owner and bullshits others that they’re an Amway “business owner” when all they are is a low paid sucker who does commissioned sales for Amway and they’re their own best customer and make about $10/month after throwing away about $500 to $700/month tithing the Great Amway God.

I don’t know who makes money as a blogger but its my guess you find a company that has a blog and apply for a J.O.B. there and you know how that’s a dreaded word in Amway. Those Ambots are so brainwashed they think J.O.B. is a 4 letter word. That’s what brainwashing does to a person. The other way I guess you can make money as a blogger is to have a product or service to sell and set up your own blog to market it.

But only an Amway dumb fuck would bug people who don’t make money blogging and ask them how to make money blogging.

Learn English first asshole!

Unless someone is a native English speaker it would be next to impossible to get a paid J.O.B. as a blogger. Catering to an English speaking readership. I hit the search engines. And if I can plug into the search engine how to make money as a blogger and read some websites you wonder why that Amway fucktard Kwong Wong Little Dong can’t do the same thing other than inability to do searches in English. That’s the word from the sites I looked at. Either try to get a job as a blogger in your own language or look for some other kind of J.O.B. Native English speakers can easily spot someone who’s writing clearly shows English isn’t their spoken language. Stilted, weird phrases, old fashioned language, inability to use punctuation, etc, etc.

How can I do a search for how to make money blogging and end up at websites where this advice is given and when Kwong Wong Little Dong does a search for how to make money blogging ends up at Married To An Ambot where this advice is not given. Probably cause my English is a whole lot better. What the fuck gibberish is Kwong Wong Little Dong putting into a search engine that this website is where he lands to find out how to make money blogging. Someone whose first language is English doesn’t land here doing that search.

Kwong Wong Little Dong is an arrogant prick and does multiple searches using his full name and “Amway” or sometimes “blogger” so I don’t know if that means he’s looking for comments he left on a blogger website or whether the fucking Amway loser is writing a blog that no one gives a fuck about cause they can’t read it due to inability to string a sentence together. Even one time Kwong Wong Little Dong did a search for his name plus “wit”. Like what the fuck?!!! I’ve got more wit in the fingernail of my pinky than Kwong Wong Little Dong has in his whole body. Like who would think a comment like this is wit unless you’re a brainwashed Amway Ambot:

Who went berserk? Wrote this..how come I always want founder council..in the end somebody sabotaged.

Most of the comments Kwong Wong Little Dong left were responded to by myself and various readers telling him to fuck off. Now why would you keep searching for yourself and read everyone telling you to fuck off. Only a brainwashed Amway loser would do that. That’s the kind of arrogance that Amway Ambots have.

If I was hanging around somewhere that everyone tells me to fuck off, I’d stop hanging around. That’s what normal people would do. Not stick around where they’re not wanted. Brainwashed Amway losers don’t think that way. Just because they’re in Amway they have a sense of entitlement and think the rest of the world wants to be pals with them. LOL! Fuck that shit!

We took the first time step of deleting a reader’s comments. We deleted all his comments and any other comments where Kwong Wong Little Dong’s name was mentioned so they’re no longer searchable. He must be livid because Amway Ambots have this sense of entitlement and even if they’re making fucking assholes out of themselves because that’s part of the Amway job description they still love seeing their names. Fucking Amway pricks! The illegible comments and real name of Kwong Wong Little Dong is gone and not being picked up by the search engines anymore. That’s why I avoided saying the first name of J. This blog is too high up in the search engines for just about everything.

Kwong Wong Little Dong doesn’t come back as often because the comment box isn’t available overnight and searching for his name doesn’t land him on this blog, but he’s still around and when he shows up makes multiple attempts to access the comment box when its turned off. Like its suddenly going to open up in the middle of the night when we’re all sleeping. That’s the type of arrogance Amway assholes have that the rest of the world should cater to them just because they’re in the Amway cult and that makes them better than everyone else in the world and everyone else must do what they want. That’s the type of sick obsession that Amway Ambots have about everything in life, because they’re denied so many things they want mostly cause they’re broke losers. Everything is negative. So if this blog is all that negative stay the hell away. Again I’ll say it. Fuck that shit! Fucking Amway losers! Amway Ambots are taught by their cult leaders to be fucking arrogant bastards with a sense of entitlement, and that fucking little prick must be outraged that around here we don’t cater to him and allow him to leave comments. Like get a fucking clue and leave. Only a fucked up brainwashed Amway Ambot hangs around where they’re not wanted, because of that arrogant sense of entitlement thing where they’ve been brainwashed the rest of the world must cater to them because they’re in Amway.

But really who wants to read “wit” shit like this unless you’re Kwong Wong Little Dong:

The h is hell for your you to earn in money spinning.That i certainly do not give a h '..least if all two hands but my h'..you too can't judge what is that..is the same for you.Nobody know if you are not clear who is who on your blog here?can introduce a little on seo?

And here’s another thing I think would be really important if you’re trying to make money as a blogger or you have something to sell. If you have a reputation for being a fucking Amway asshole and a reputation for being a troll, who would want to hire you as a blogger because you’re already known as an asshole and no one would read the blog. Or if it’s a blog for the purpose of selling something, no one would buy anything from a fucking troublemaking Amway asshole.

And when you show off your fine writing abilities:

You love into blogging seemingly came easy for only this sometime april fool day start about most to think offering a short term success deals..was like lottery will be seeing here goes claimant inspite of losing on for the magazine amagram but when requested it came again.The stuff on your content missing my h'but ok because at the end of the day software of your increasing at dollars and cents for you.Keeping amazing run for money for my wifi usage to 8gb.Will see yours in money sucked in too.

Who wants to read half assed shit like this? I think its like when you’re an Amway “business owner” and your only customer is yourself, when you can’t write worth a fuck the only one reading your shit is yourself.

So let’s send out a big old FUCK YOU to the Amway Asshole Of The Year Kwong Wong Little Dong and another big old FUCK YOU to Amway.

Cause you know Kwong Wong Little Dong loves all the adoration of being told to fuck off and keeps coming back to read it again and again.

Fuck you asshole!


  1. This pathetic Malaysian fuck, Kwong Wong Little Dong, is surely an idiot and an illiterate to boot. That was clear months ago. The idea that this dope actually thought he could make money as a blogger when his command of English was minimal is absurd. His language skills were so bad that we really couldn't tell if he was pro-Amway or anti-Amway. He just spouted meaningless, ungrammatical phrases.

    But Anna -- he did disrupt your website very badly. He forced you and your staff to go through all sorts of time-wasting efforts to keep him off the site, and worst of all, he compelled you to put in the limited option of "Google" for the rest of us when we want to add comments. As a result, you have had many fewer posts from us ever since this Malaysian asshole showed up. We want to comment as "Anonymous," not under some Google identity. The limited "Google" option for posting meant that we could only post at certain times of the day. and this was very inconvenient.

    Why not just block this guy's IP address permanently, as is done on many other sites when unwanted jerks show up? A good computer advisor will do it for you, or show you how to do it. This way, whenever the Malaysian moron tries to post something, he'll be prevented mechanically from doing so.

    And the rest of us can continue adding our comments at any time of the day or night, without being forced to use the stupid "Google" option.

    1. Hi Anonymous. The problem we discovered with users from 3rd world countries is they probably don't have Internet connection. Maybe they go to a public place or one IP address is for many clients. In other words Little Dong uses a multitude of servers which could be a result of either of the above. So we tried a bunch of things with the comments which made them disappear when we shut them off, like all or nothing but we finally settled on what we're doing. No one except a blog administrator can leave a comment during the off time, not even a signed in Google user. But that doesn't stop Little Dong from trying. He was on this blog about 50 times over the weekend trying to access the comments.

      You figure he'd get tired of it eventually but these Amway trolls are the biggest motherfuckers around.

      Bottom line is the comments are the worst thing about this blog. So right now the Amway Masturbator and negative Amway losers are leaving us alone because they're not reading during the on times. This must outrage them because they're in Amway and that means the rest of the world must do whatever they demand.

      Fuck that bullshit.

      We have left the comments on longer and Little Dong has left some gibberish that we don't approve. Doesn't he have some Amway meetings to attend or trying to sign up suckers or selling overpriced shitty products. Obviously not living the Amway bullshit of working hard. Unless its working hard at being a fucking asshole.

  2. This Malaysian fuck is probably a retard of some sort, or afflicted with some other mental disability. His desperation to access this site and leave gibberish is a sign of derangement or brain damage. He's tried FIFTY TIMES last weekend to get on? Good grief -- what an obsessive-compulsive asshole.

    1. Anonymous - that dumb fuck probably got fired from his job like most obnoxious Amway assholes do so now he's got all this time on his hands to hang out here and be outraged that other people are able to leave comments and he can't. Yes absolutely an obsessive-compulsive asshole. But what Amway loser isn't?


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