Thursday, December 1, 2016

Amway WWDB Dream Night 2017

Amway and World Wide Dream Builders hold a major function at the beginning of each year called Dream Night. It is held in locations around the USA and Canada and according to our Amway upline everywhere else in the world too but I never saw any international cities listed. We were told even if we are on vacation in January that we’d have no excuse to miss Dream Night because its EVERYWHERE!!!!

People in Amway are just a bunch of fucking liars. I don’t recall seeing this Amway brainwashing convention listed in Aruba or St. Thomas or other hot spots that people who aren’t broke Amway losers can afford to vacation in.

So what is Dream Night? It includes dinner and listening to some motivational Diamonds if you believe the hype from WWDB. If you believe the hype from the assholes in your Amway upline Dream Night is a once in a lifetime opportunity, the must attend event of the year, not to be missed, puts you 6 months ahead of everyone else who didn’t go and blah blah blah bullshit.

So what is Amway WWDB Dream Night all about?

To paraphrase from World Wide Dream Builder’s propaganda (cause I wouldn’t wanna get accused of plagiarism!) this is an elegant night that will show the ambots how to turn their dreams into reality.

Ha ha! Yeah right! And if you believe that bullshit I have some prime swampland in the Amazon jungle I’d like to sell you!

The best part of the night - OK Wait for it!!!!! - is when the cult leaders share how their dreams came true and if they can do it then any of you dumb ass ambots can do it too!

I can sum it up how they got to be Diamonds. They ripped off thousands of unsuspecting ambots in their downline telling them to buy useless, overpriced Amway shit to self consume and if they can’t find any customers - make them up. They bullied those further down the pyramid into attending Amway functions. They told them to buy CD’s featuring Diamond speakers. They told them to buy motivational books that they received a hefty kickback from the publisher or author. They brainwashed their adoring ambots to buy, buy, buy. So preaches the Amway cult leader: “Hand over all your money to me so I can get rich. And here I sit on the top of the pyramid sneering at you lowly dumb ass ambots!”

Seeing as how those fucking assholes at WWDB head office changed their password to keep out spies I have no idea when or where those bastards are holding Amway Dream Night 2017. I do have the cities on Scamway’s 2016 list of destruction for WWDB World Wide Destructive Bastards Nightmare Night. Some of them had more than one Nightmare Night. Not sure if that means there’s more dumb fuck Ambots in these locations that they need more days, if the Ambots in those locations are being ass fucked to attend more than one night, or the venue is so small they need more than one night to accommodate the expected Amway cult worshippers. This 2016 list may or may not be where those WWDB fuckers are holding Amway Dream Night 2017 but what the hell. It’s close enough. What do we care if a bunch of fucking Amway losers go to the wrong town because of this list.

Ann Arbor
Colorado Springs
Fort Lauderdale
Las Vegas
New York
Salt Lake City
San Diego
San Jose

Whew! I think I got them all so I managed to get more keywords in there for IBO ambots frantically searching for information on Amway WWDB Dream Night 2017.

If you really need to know when and where go to the WWDB website and look them up but suffice it to say the Amway demons will be holding Dream Nights in most of these unsuspecting cities in January 2017.

And which cult leaders will Amway be sending in to bullshit the ambots? Damned if I know. Here’s the list from WWDB Dream Night 2016 and its always the same tired crew that show up for all these Amway functions cause that’s where they make the most money off the tool scam. Dead or alive I’m pretty sure they'll be showing up in some form like a memorial sermon but I’ll leave last years list as it is because it’ll really piss off those Amway losers.

Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear
Robert and Shelly Kummer
Dan and Sandy Yuen
Scott and Cris Harimoto
Terry and Linda Felber
Greg and Laurie Duncan
Samir and Theresa Atallah
Matt and Sandee Tsurada

Who’s seen all these bastards listed before on every Amway World Wide Dream Builders function. Where are all these new Diamonds that Ambots show up here screeching about that Amway is breaking out hundreds and hundreds of new Diamonds every week. Oh lets just send out a big old fuck you to every Amway asshole who shows up here bragging about all the new Diamonds Amway is busting out. That’s a bunch of bullshit. The Diamonds are the same ones who’ve been sitting at the top of the pyramid for years bullshitting the followers at every Amway function. They’re getting pretty long in the tooth. I just don’t understand. I have so many fucking Amway assholes showing up here bragging about how they’re retired at age 21 thanks to Amway. So how come they’re aren’t any youngsters on the Diamond speaking list? Its just the same old tired bastards.

Tickets were $70 for Amway WWDB Dream Night 2016 so its probably about the same price this year. And that’s a steal because when we were in Scamway the fucking assholes in our Amway upline charged us $75. The real ticket price was $65 but the fuckers in our upline demanded we pay them $75 directly instead of buying tickets on the World Wide Destructive Bastards website and for their trouble they charged everyone an extra $10. Yup the old Amway tool scam hard at work to rip you off. Not only did we get ripped off an extra $10 the assholes in our Amway upline managed to fuck up buying tickets too.

OK lets break down this $70. Hotel banquets charge around $15 per person and that covers the cheapest meal available plus the room rental and wait staff for a few hours. But its easier for me to work in round numbers so lets call the actual cost $20 per person. On a $70 ticket that means somebody – oh hell not somebody – an Amway cult leader is making $50 profit on each ticket sold. Let’s just say the banquet room holds 400 attendees. That’s a $20,000 profit for the night. But hang on there are usually two Diamond couples showing up to each Dream Night brainwashing function so that $20,000 is split. How evenly its split is unknown because there’s Diamond infighting on how they slice up greed pie. But just to make it easy lets split it down the middle and say $10,000 each couple per night.

There are 40 cities where Dream Night will be held and its unknown of the 8 couples how many cities each one gets. Some of the cities hold more than one dream night and its my guess it’ll be the same Diamond couples doing the multiple nights seeing as how they’re already there. For the ease of my numbers lets call it 48 Amway WWDB Dream Nights evenly split 8 ways for each Diamond couple. So each Diamond couple gets 6 nights to bullshit the Ambots at $10,000 per night. That’s $60,000. Not a bad profit for one month’s work of bullshitting.

Selling tickets to functions like these are how the people sitting at the top of Amway’s pyramid scheme make the bulk of their income.

Bottom line like every other Amway function Dream Night is a waste of time. You don’t learn nothing and you don’t hear nothing that you haven’t heard before if you’ve already attended another WWDB Amway function such as Spring Leadership, Family Reunion or Free Enterprise Days FED.

This post has served its purpose of throwing out lots of keywords to suck in ambots who can’t find the information they seek from the assholes in their Amway upline. And to the ambots who have been brainwashed to believe they have the power to turn back time I need to match up my keywords to recent searches and that includes Dream Night 2015 and Dream Night 2016. Oh let’s just throw in WWDB Amway Dream Night 2018 cause you gotta know some Ambots gonna come along looking for that.

Dream Night sucks!!!!

WWDB World Wide Dream Builders sucks!!!

Amway sucks!!!!!

All Amway WWDB functions suck!


  1. Everything here is wrong now a days. Overtime people have achieved a lot. Now time has changed, All down lines are feeding up lines, All Previous diamonds are loosing money day by day, Earlier they were thinking and now they are saying that its a business where you can on vacation and money is rolling in. But they are constantly making others fool so that at least they can make some money they used to be. They are lying that they are helping others. One simple mantra, Dont have dream of seeing others life style, cars and mansions. Want to be an entrepreneur there are lot of way. Dont go to Amway to recruit people.

    1. Hi Neetu. Thanks for stopping by! Is been wrong for a long time. The downline's have been feeding the upline's since the beginning because that's how pyramid schemes work - the money flows up. Everyone in Amway is a liar. The Ambots promise all sorts of riches when recruiting prospects. And yes there are many ways to be an entrepreneur. Being an Amway IBO is just being a commissioned sales rep for Amway. It's not an entrepreneur. There are much better ways to make money than being an Amway loser.

    2. How is this any different from any corporation you work for? Your contribution as a peon in any company all goes to the top too. I don't see how Amway is a scam any more than working for your employer is. To put it bluntly, any business you own is about leeching something off someone. I don't have to charge $250/hr for my services, and yet I do because I can. Whether it's off your employees or off the consumer, everyone is paying some sort of due. The question comes down to whether or not you find it worth it. Why do people pay 100,000+ of dollars for a college education if they could freely educate themselves these days online? There's plenty of free courses off MIT/Standford/etc and yet people still fight to feed the corporate academic 'monster'. Every year, 90% of the course material is recycled and reused, especially undergrad courses. So is that a pyramid scheme?

    3. To Unknown at 3:58 PM:

      Obviously the entire world tries to make a profit, and to get as rich as it can off others. The larger question is whether you do this honestly and fairly, or whether you do it by ripping people off.

      If you charge $250 per hour for your services, and that is the price that the market will bear, that's just fine. If your services are honest and satisfactory, nobody can object.

      But that isn't what happens in Amway. The entire thrust of Amway is to rip off its IBOs with fraudulent promises that they can get rich simply by following an implausible and unworkable "Plan."

      They also rip off IBOs by forcing them to buy products that they don't need and can't possibly sell. They force them to purchase (month after month) pointless "tools" that are of no use whatsoever in business. They browbeat IBOs into attending (at great expense) stupid "functions" which are nothing but glorified pep-talks, and which enrich the upper-level Amway hierarchy who split up the hefty registration fees.

      Students attend and pay tuition at college for a paper CREDENTIAL, not for knowledge. You walk out of college with a diploma. In Amway, you're lucky if you walk out of it with your shirt.

    4. Unknown - I see you Ambots still use the PeeWee Herman handbook. How is Amway different from any corporation I've worked for? Other places I've worked for don't require me to buy a minimum quota of their products every month just to keep working there nor have they demanded I pay for my own training. Where else but Amway do you pay your employer hundreds of dollars a month just to keep working there and making a few pennies off each sale in commission. That's what happens when you're a dumb fuck and stupid enough to believe Amspeak bullshit.

    5. Anonymous - that's well put but no brainwashed Amway Ambot will see it your way. They prefer to believe the fairy tales of bazillions of dollars rolling in from Amway every month in residual income as their reward for their devotion at buying overpriced shitty Amway products and worshipping the Great Amway God at as many cult meetings they can get to every week. And of course that means their love and devotion will be rewarded in 2 to 5 years and they'll all be millionaires laughing at the rest of us who are stupid to "get" Amway.

      Well you dumb fuck Ambots, the rest of the world who aren't brainwashed - we got Amway!

  2. My friend convinced me to go to this Dream Night. It was weird AF. They have "lifestyle" videos there were so off putting. They claim that your life will be change by the end of the night.... nooo... it was weird.. and left me more questions. Build this "business" WTF. It was like a brainwash session.

    1. Anonymous - most of those "lifestyle" videos are rented props and locations to try to scam the gullible Ambots in the audience that they too can have these riches working part time 10 to 15 hours a week for the next 2 to 5 years.

      Weird is probably one of the nicer words someone could use to describe an Amway cult meeting. Creepy is one of the best words to describe it. And yup all Amway meetings are brainwashing sessions. Stay away. Amway will only bring you financial and emotional distress.

  3. My spy at WWDB (World-Wide Douche Bags) tells me that it is getting harder and harder to attract people to Dream Night. You can threaten and browbeat IBOs into coming, but getting non-IBO prospects to show up is next to impossible these days. Unless you give them free tickets, people who are not yet in Amway see no reason to go to a fantasy-festival in a distant city.

    So the higher-ups in WWDB are discussing the idea of maybe changing the event into more of a glitzy entertainment thing... with more singing, dancing, comic skits, and the like. This way, boring film strips of the homes and possessions of wealthy Diamond wouldn't be the only visual presentation. And the long, tedious speeches and testimonials by new Platinums and Diamonds would be curtailed sharply. The "Dream Night" function would be more like a fancy wedding reception, instead of the boring slog that it is now.

    However, a number of old Diamonds object to this new idea. For them, the functions are primarily for "CORE" types -- those demented assholes who are fanatical Amway believers. They argue that "Dream Night" has to be unchanged, since it is primarily a religious exercise for these CORE ambots. Making it more of a pleasant entertainment will not "fire the troops up," they say. The whole question is still being argued at WWDB, with no decision yet.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for all that.

      Whether WWDB manages to breathe new life into this carnival side show Dream Night is nothing more than a cash grab for Amway Diamonds getting their share of the Amway tool scam.

      And yes most of those Diamonds are getting old. Old people are not fond of change that's why they want to keep things the way they are. They make a lot of money on ticket sales to Dream Night with very little effort. Show a slideshow of their riches and brag about their lifestyles. They already know how much money they can earn with their act so why mess with success.

      And yes Dream Night like all Amway functions are for the hard core worshippers of the Great Amway God. It's the twisted Amway religion that Ambots love to hear over and over so they keep slapping down money for tickets to hear a bunch of lying scamming Amway cult leaders taunt them with their riches.

      You know for about the same amount of money you could spend a day at Disneyland and have a lot more fun.

  4. Bravo! Less than 5% of Ambots carry on after 5 years. That's a 95% failure rate. There is a reason for that. The manipulation has not changed in decades...oh the tactics have gotten more elaborate...but the lying and manipulation are still as great as ever. After those five years, where Ambots have turned their backs on their families and friends, real friends, have backstabbed anyone trying to talk sense to them, they are decimated and have no one to turn to. The fallacies that are covered are atrocious. Most uplines have horrible relationships (and we know this for a fact) but put on those smiles while wearing their elaborate garments to make the impression that the world is their oyster...but it's a rotten oyster. Behind closed doors, they do not live what they preach. And these poor souls on the down-line buy every hook line and sinker that is handed to them. They follow the dream with everything they've got until the bubble bursts and their eyes are opened. Afterwards, it takes decades to recoup those lost, damaged relationships they had left behind...some are damaged beyond repair. The momentum they might have had to get a truly successful career is virtually lost because Amway preys on young adults who are impressionable, vulnerable and somewhat lost . Once they get smart enough to leave the business, many flounder for the remainder of their adult lives. So many marriages get tossed. Those on top leave a wake of devastation behind them that, I believe, they will have to answer for some day. Woe be it to them.

    1. Anonymous - thats a good summarization of life inside the Amway cult.

      Gullible Ambots believe the lies from the Amway cult leaders and it often ends up destroying their lives. Sets them back years financially. And the emotional damage some will never get over.


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