Thursday, December 8, 2016

NEVER Buy Amway Christmas Tree!

Some ambot showed up here searching for how to buy a Christmas tree from Amway.

My first thought is why the hell would you want to do that?

Then I got to wondering are these artificial trees or real trees?

Either way if Amway is selling them they have got to cost a bundle!

Then I got to thinking what a great idea to screw up somebody’s search criteria by ending up at this blog yet again! Oh Christmas Tree, oh Amway Christmas Tree, how shitty to have you in my house!

Probably IBOFB or some other fucking Amway loser will show up to say that Amway has partnered with some farmer in Vermont to buy Christmas trees of his farm for $500 each. Plus shipping! Just like that motherfucker told us about that market Amway is affiliated with where we can buy 3 pounds of potatoes for $12.95 plus the cost of shipping to our house. Now there’s a shitty deal! Bought 10lbs of potatoes for $2 the other day from a nearby retailer not out to fuck over their customers.

No matter who is selling Christmas trees they’re going to be a real joy to ship and probably cost a few bucks. Cheaper to buy locally.

If its an artificial Christmas tree there is plenty of mail order competition for that one. I’ve seen artificial trees for sale on eBay, JC Penny, Walmart, etc. You buy them and they’re shipped to your house.

So I did a Google search for buying a live Christmas tree to have shipped to your house and was surprised to find such beasts do exist! They cost more than going to your Christmas tree lot but not all that much more. I couldn’t find how much to ship the suckers though. I wouldn’t want to be the guy having to sweep out his UPS truck after delivering one. Pine needles everywhere!

There are enough nurseries and organizations selling live Christmas trees where you can go and pick out one that you like rather than waiting for the UPS to deliver an overpriced Christmas tree that shows up with smushed branches and missing foliage and an unfortunate decomposing odor.

Just say hell no to Amway Christmas trees! No overpriced Amway Christmas trees allowed in the house! No shitty overpriced Amway products allowed under our tree!


  1. IBOFB (IBO Fart-Back) is just stupid enough to come up with a scheme like that. Anybody who's enough of a moron to buy ten pounds of potatoes for $12.95 probably also thinks that a $500 Christmas tree is a good deal.

    But consider -- IBOFB is just a paid-up whore for MLM rackets like Amway. He'll say anything they tell him to say.

    The entire notion of buying a Christmas tree from Amway, sight unseen, for an exorbitant price, is laughable. But then again, if persons in Amway are stupid enough to buy overpriced Nutrilite vitamins and crummy cosmetics, they're probably dumb enough to buy a Christmas tree from the company.

    1. Hi Anonymous. That was. 3 pounds of potatoes for $12.95! If an Ambot wanted 10 pounds probably closer to $50 these days because that was 5 or 6 years ago you could get that "deal" LOL!

      All these Amway dumb fucks say the same thing. It's just that some get paid to make assholes out of themselves and others do it for free.

      Yup any of those Ambots dumb enough to buy overpriced shitty Amway products would be lining up to buy an overpriced Christmas tree from their beloved employer.


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