Thursday, January 19, 2017

Amway Ambots Are Manipulative, Phony, Persistent, & Downright Annoying!

I found a post on the Internet that could have been written by me except you know it isn’t because I don’t need to use f*** or $#@!  if I’m describing Amway or my upline! As much as I’d like to fill in the blanks and call that ambot motherfucker I’ve copied and pasted just how I found it.

And who could forget that phony laugh thing that all ambots seem to have going on.


Head up ass head up ass head up ass

I've ever met a more manipulative, phony, persistent, and downright annoying group of people.

Last year I had an ordeal with them.

Just now, another "IBO" tried to recruit me. He just starts talking to me, which should have raised my suspicion . . . especially since he was
Asian (there is a huge Asian Amway community here). Eventually, I pieced together all the signs (fake laugh, economics major, Asian, pushy behavior) and I said out of nowhere "you work for Amway, don't you?" Bingo!

It's remarkable how similar these people all are. They're robots. They try to build rapport with you, but it's all very artificial. They're concerned only with the
business. They all act the same way, say the same things, even laugh the same way . . .

We had about a twenty
minute conversation where I told him about my hellish experience (which I enjoyed thoroughly even though I know he wasn't really listening) with the company, but I could tell the entire time that he was still going to try to recruit me.

He noted that I was drinking Muscle Milk and brought up Nutrilite (an Amyway mainstay). He insisted that Nutrilite was much better, but I enjoyed telling him that "no, I've had both, and Nutrilite tastes like crap" and he remarked that protein drinks aren't about taste, and I responded (accurately) that the protein content is the same. For once, he seemed to lack a pre-packaged response, which was a small moral victory. I suspect he was surprised to be met with such resistance, since most of the people they recruit (like me, last year) have no idea what they're getting into.

I had just one question for him; how is money made in this business? Mother ****er couldn't give me a straight answer. Early in the conversation, I had *****ed about being forced to buy products to sell, and he told me you don't sell anything. But then later, he told me that it isn't a pyramid scheme because products are being sold. Then he tried to explain that you
make money by buying the products (the same BS argument my recruiters tried to make last year). By this point, I was laughing and mocking the idea of buying things to make money by using my Muscle Milk as a visual aid. I still don't understand how money is actually made in that business (and he couldn't explain it, either).

He kept trying to ask me why I didn't like the business (just like the people I was involved with last year). They cannot wrap their heads around the fact that sometimes people just aren't interested! The main reason I hate the company is their legendary persistence of the IBOs. Getting
away from them is a nightmare.

After twenty
minutes of this, I said I had to go, and he still followed me back to my dorm, and was still talking about the business the entire time.

Ugh. These people. I hate them so much. I wish they could see how sleazy they are.

The original link is now dead. Click on it if you like seeing error messages….


  1. All Amway recruiting is based not on logical argument, but on SHEER PERSISTENCE. You are told by up-line to never take no for an answer, and to keep on pounding your target with verbiage until he gives in out of exhaustion.

    Since most people are raised to be polite, they have no way of dealing with this approach. They simply can't believe that the Amway guy won't take a hint and leave them alone. So, to preserve their sanity, they make the fatal mistake of agreeing to go to a meeting, or buying some Amway products, or giving the Amway guy their phone number or e-mail address. Once they do that, the Amway scum have their fish hooked. They'll harass and annoy and pester him forever.

    There is only one effective way to deal with an Amway recruiter. Just scream at him "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" And do it very loudly in a public place, where lots of people can see and hear you. If necessary, scream "POLICE!!! POLICE!!!" This will bring people running to you, and the Amway guy will shit his pants in fear.

    1. LOL Anonymous! That's a good one. Next time I get pestered by an Ambot in Barnes & Noble I'll be sure to scream for the police. LOL!

      Yeah those Ambots are persistent little bastards. But that's part of belonging to a scam business. Real businesses don't have to work that hard to find customers or staff. Real customers come to them. Likewise people looking for employment will fill out an application. But unlike Amway, real businesses tend not to be scamming customers and staff. Though it does happen from time to time. Maybe they went to Amway University.


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