Thursday, January 12, 2017

Not All Home Based Businesses Are Scams Like Amway

There are a number of reasons why people get sucked into the Amway scam. I think mostly it starts off with the love bombing that some people seem to enjoy and crave and once they like these new Ambot unfriends they trust what they say. Bad mistake because everytime an Amway Ambot opens their mouth only lies come out. Never trust anyone in Amway because they’re all fucking liars!!!!!

There are common themes why some people are drawn to MLM scams like Amway and a lot of times it has to do with being their own business owner, choosing their own hours, and working out of their home. Get started on your own business for only a couple of hundred bucks are lies they hear from assholes already flogging the Amway scam. Sounds good because someone might not have a lot of money to start up a business, might not have the brains or physical ability to start a business, etc etc. And the suckers might not necessarily be scammers , this is just what they’re looking for in their life and then some Amway asshole showed up with all kinds of promises like retire in 2 years with gazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in every month from Amway.

Motherfuckers like the Amway bastard who signed us up and the sack of shit Platinum are greedy bastards who want to get rich by ripping off other people. Not everyone who wants to start a homebased business is a fucking jackass jerk like them.

But those bastards aside, the big question is are there legitimate home based businesses out there because scams seems to be running rampant whenever the words “home based business” and “work your own hours” come up. I’m sure I’m not the only one who knows people who operate a business out of their home. A legitimate business not an MLM scam. I bet just about everyone reading this can think of one person they know who operates a home based business that has nothing to do with lying and scamming and causing emotional and financial distress. So not every home based business out there is a scam like Amway.

For many people it would be nice to work at home. Saves time in the commute to work. Saves money to put gas in the car and other vehicle maintenance. There are some companies out there that do offer work from home positions but generally speaking people would have to already be employed by the company and then they discuss it with their boss whether they can do some of their work from home. Its rare for a company to hire work from home employees right off the back. It sucks but those ads in the help wanted section about home based jobs are generally MLM scams. Sometimes other scams, but generally pyramid schemes like Amway.

For people looking for legitimate home based businesses they can do research on the Internet, they can go to the library, or the bookstore and find information how to start up a business and to give them ideas if they’re not sure exactly what kind of home based business might be right for them.

Usually being a commissioned salesperson for an MLM scam flogging shitty overpriced products isn’t the right type of home based business for anyone, except people with no morals.

I ran into this website that inspired this post

Read it for yourself it you have an interest in starting a home based business but I’ll touch on some of the suggestions here. Some of the things mentioned on this list of 31 ideas a person would have to already have experience or took classes to learn this kind of trade. Other home based businesses like picking up dog shit and cleaning houses don’t really need any special skills and both can be low start up costs especially if you already have the basics. I mean for the dog shit pick up business you’d want to own a truck so you can put the buckets of dog shit in the back instead of having them ride inside your car with you. Peeyew!!! That would be the same kind of stench you get from going to an Amway meeting!

One of this blog’s bananas sells products on Ebay for a nice income so I asked what is selling. Products for sale are a combo of stuff around their house no longer needed like kid’s toys and clothes. These are also good items to pick up cheap at garage sales and sell on Ebay for a profit. Also picking up used shoes and boots at garage sales are profitable on Ebay. Same with some kitchen items and sometimes even art work. Cautioned here to make sure its something you’d like to keep in your house just in case it doesn’t sell. Other Ebay sellers have a supplier of overstock or slightly damaged goods they resell on Ebay.  

Hanging Christmas lights is a good one and it never occurred to me that doing this for 2 months would bring in a year’s salary. I suppose it also includes take down of lights. And this is a popular one. Just after Thanksgiving Ambot and I were at Starbucks and we were talking about putting up the Christmas lights and the ladder and buying some more light fasteners. A couple at the next table interrupted us politely saying they’d overheard us talking about putting up Christmas lights and asked about our rates. My god we could have made a few bucks! But no we told them we were discussing our own house and don’t hang Christmas lights for a living. And here’s where I want to say Whew they weren’t trying to scam us into Amway at the coffee shop! LOL! That need is out there and more so in some areas. Forget it being too hot to go outside and hang lights, clearly there are parts of this country where its too damn cold to go outside and hang lights and yeah it’d be better to have someone else do it. A year’s salary in 2 months? I am stuck on that. Maybe I should get in the business!

LOL. And no not the Amway “business”. Having a LOL moment here. Remember all those fucking stupid Amway meetings and the cult leader would call it “the business” to throw off any prospects who might be in the audience who hadn’t yet figured out they got scammed into an Amway meeting!

Window cleaning business. Don’t you hate it when someone knocks on your door and wants to clean your windows. Its like holy shit are my windows so fucking dirty than they singled me out. But no he, and yeah its almost always a man maybe 2, is hitting up the neighborhood. The problem with these door knocker window cleaners is they always look pretty sleazy. Casing the joint. No thanks. But I can see where window cleaning would be a decent business. Just don’t knock on doors looking for business. People will think you’re a fucking Amway salesperson. Or a JW!!!!

So there you go. Other homebased business opportunities that can be started cheaper than starting an Amway “business”. Real businesses where you don’t have to lie and scam people out of their money.


  1. Yes, you're right -- there are (and always have been) ways of making money on your own. Home businesses, small sidelines, seasonal occupations like the Christmas lights, and now many opportunities to sell stuff on the internet. There are thousands of teenagers and young adults who make a nice little income selling items on ebay. And all of this is completely tax-free.

    That's why Amway is so utterly stupid. The ordinary IBO doesn't have a chance of making the slightest viable profit immediately. He might work for two years before he breaks even! And the energy expended on all the pointless claptrap that goes along with being in Amway (the cold calling, the endless meetings, the night owls, the stalking of prospects in malls or Barnes and Noble, the imbecile "functions," the voice mail, the endless CDs and books)...what a goddamned waste of time!

    You have to be a totally brain-dead loser to join Amway.

    1. Anonymous - I doubt most Ambots would break even after 10 years let alone 2! I guess the big question is were they brain dead losers before signing up to Scamway or was that part of the teaching once they're inside the Amway cult.


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