Wednesday, January 11, 2017

100+ Ways Amway Ambots Love To Say Negative

OK These posts originally started out as 100 Ways Amway Ambots LOVE To Say Negative. And then part 2 and part 3 and part 4 – 100 More Ways Amway Ambots Love To Say Negative. But now the first post has come up in the rotation again so we’re going to slightly change the title and add on any new negative Ambot comments to each of these posts as they come up in the rotation again.

You know what its like when you go to an Amway meeting and the cult leader spouting off the bullshit that night usually admonishes the ambots to “never say negative”. That’s the standard response whenever an ambot questions upline (HOLY FUCK! NEVER QUESTION UPLINE!!!!!) or mentions that an Amway product doesn’t taste good or asks about why they aren’t making the promised wages. Whatever. Amway ambots are so fucking schizo about never say negative but they’re not too fucking good about taking their own advice.

This blog is the opposite. Here we say negative as much as we want about the fucking assholes in our Amway upline, the dumb ass Amway meetings, the shitty overpriced products. This is to place to be to curse out everything Amway!

Amway ambots love to show up here and say negative all the time. That’s their way of telling their Amway cult leaders to fuck off and they don’t listen too fucking good when the Amway upline screeches at them to NEVER say negative.

So here’s some of the negative shit that Amway ambots stop by here to share. Spelling errors belong to the ambots and some of them are just like what the fuck does that supposed to mean. Typos can fuck you up even more than the assholes in your Amway upline! LOL!!!!

Here are some shining examples of the high quality Amway strives for when signing up commissioned salespeople. These are exactly the things that are heard at Amway meetings and repeated here because ambots duplicate everything their Amway cult leaders say. I copied and pasted so you also can see when you’re in Amway spelling doesn’t count!

Amway should be very proud of this top selection of fine outstanding commissioned salespeople they hold to their company’s high standards of never say negative!

So now a few kind words from the best of the best of Amway’s top employees:

1.     you totally aren't worth anyone's time
2.     You don't have a soul
3.     You are just simply obnoxious!
4.     you have no idea what your talking about
5.     Get a life
6.     you sure do sound miserable
7.     you're either broke out frustrated about not having enough wealth
8.     Your parents must be complaining for having you
9.     You are a terrible person!
10.  you have no clue what your talking about.
11.  You are horrible
12.  your a real biatch
13.  Your an embarrassment!are you 12?
14.  no one will miss you when you are gone
15.  the Internet is just like a toilet bowl. It's just full of a lot of crap.
16.  you are broke, and would continue to be broke for the rest of you life.
17.  continue to be lazy and ignorant for the rest of your life
18.  you are just a jealous nobody who is longing to be some of those people who don't have to work for the rest of their lives
19.  you are a very negative person.
20.  your husband looks at porn more then he looks at you
21.  you are just angry, very little education
22.  haters will hate !!! cant do anything bout that !!!
23.  You should really get a life and stop ranting.
24.  You know why this business doesn't work for you? Because you're plain lazy to work for your dreams.
25.  Lmao bytch
26.  Pull your head out of your own rear end
27.  Clearly you are just bitter
28.  you are the kind of people that complaints about anything, you do not need a reason... it´s in your nature.
29.  you are middle-aged, overweight
30.  you have absolutely no education
31.  Did you drop out of high school and failed every vocabulary test possible.
32.  you sound like a ignorant, angry and just evil.
33.  I think a successful business wins and not you a thug
34.  You are Satan.
35.  Fat ugly couch potato
36.  You’re a loser.
37.  I hate stupidity
38.  Don’t yah have nothing better to do than talk shit.
39.  You deserve to be anal raped.
40.  I desire you die in the worst possible death and the same to your mother, father and hopefully every person you love
41.  you have no life
42.  Lmao yu are very pathetic
43.  Lazy prick
44.  I'm happy yur sorryass is not with amway anymore
45.  You are a sorry, sorry,sorry, excuse for a woman.
46.  Lmao while yu are broke Amway is making millions
47.  u don't even make more then the minimum wage
48.  my best bet is ur probably unemployed
49.  Lots of fun seeing loser failures complain
50.  I'm sorry that your husband is a giant, festering, infected vagina.
51.  one of the main reasons that men in the world fail is because they have unsupportive wives
52.  Call yourself Stupid, you and all your friends here who are in support..
53.  you didn't make the selfish sacrifice necessary to make it happen.
54.  Im sorry you were married to a man who chose greed
55.  Haters will always hate
56.  you're a scummy little witch
57.  Whoever says that amway is bullshit and distributors are asshole They themselves are biggest losers and assholes on the earth
58.  ignorance growing a mouth
59.  You're still angry about failing in Amway
60.  What a fucking loser
61.  he deserves better than your sorry, unsupportive ass. I hope he goes to Diamond level then divorces your pathetic ass!
62.  You’re a fool
63.  You’re a lazy ass hole
64.  You are all just really sad probably overweight POOR people.
65.  you are not a nice person. Men would not want to be with you, women would not want to be you.
66.  You people are all fools.
67.  RETARD!!!!
68.  kiss my ass you miserable bitch
69.  you sure don't know shit from shinola
70.  all of you are suckers and waste products of losers community
71.  you should be called Anna Potty mouth
72.  You gotta be a complete dumbass
73.  Lazy bitches!!
74.  You hide in your dorm and write all these stupid blogs.
75.  lazy loser
76.  IT DIDN'T WORK YOU FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE A QUITER (at least I’m not a dumb fuck ambot who can’t turn off the caps lock button on my keyboard unless I ask permission from the assholes in my Amway upline first)
77.  Have fun being poor the rest of your lives
78.  stupid idiots
79.  You are a coward and have no fruit on the tree of success
80.  Wow... you people are scum!
81.  Get a fucking life.
82.  negative poor soul who wont accept Christ
83.  This Anna Banana is such a lazy SNAKE!!!
84.  Enjoy your ignorance!
85.  you have a terrible attitude and are negative.
86.  You are a jerk lady.
87.  You love living in boredome.
88.  why are you such a negative soul?
89.  God you are so dumb
90.  have fun working your desk job
91.  Anna Banana, you are clearly not a fucking professional
92.  are u a child or something?
93.  You are the sack of shit and the one that is going to be dead or broke by the time your 65 like 98 percent of the world
94.  you are so pity
95.  Shut your mouth you losers
96.  I personally believe all using negative comments about Amway or artistry are bunch of losers
97.  You have a foul moth
98.  I guess u just weren't platinum material and you ate just mad!!!!
99.  Amway will keep on growing, expanding, multiplying across the globe while the only thing grows within you is hatred. Poor thing. Hahahahahaha
100.                   U r a sucker Anna and fucker
101.                   Anna is F. O. S. If you dont get the acranim F=Full O=Of S=------ (Oh come on you prude little Amway bastard. Don’t be shy. Just say shit.)
102.                   I wish that people like you would open their eyes.
103.                   enjoy working until you're 50!
104.                   This site is a scam.
105.                   This whole website is a scam.
106.                   Who could spend their life wasting away posting negative posts about anything!!!!
107.                   You're worse off than an amway IBO running this sham.
108.                   You are an ungrateful bitch
109.                   you are not one bit supportive of his dream to gain financial independence

Remember in Amway cult meetings and the cult leaders would jabber on about the type of people you associate with? Who wants to associate with Amway assholes who go around saying negative like the above? Answer: other fucking negative Amway assholes.

People in the Amway cult are the ugliest, nastiest meanest most vicious motherfuckers out there as the comments they leave on blogs like this prove. That’s why this blog exists – to curse out those fucking Amway assholes and give them a taste of their own medicine which really outrages those vile bastards, like how dare we curse out Amway assholes and the Great Amway God when they should be worshipped. Nows another time to send out a big old FUCK YOU to every Amway asshole out there.


  1. Man oh man -- what a list. I remember quite a few of these comments from the past.

    The sheer rage and fury that lie behind these savage comments create a perfect biopsy slide of the sick thinking and vicious attitudes that motivate persons in Amway.

    You'd think if they were so concerned about making millions they'd not bother coming to this website to pour out their venom. Why don't they just ignore Anna's blog, and go on drawing their little chalk circles?

    The truth is that (as these quotations prove) they are nasty little nerds and weenies who are caught up in the kind of hate that all MLM cults promote.

    If they didn't care what we say here, they wouldn't come and post comments. The fact that they do only proves that we are getting under their skin, and that we are fucking up their business prospects.

    There aren't too many people left in North America who don't know that Amway is a goddamned fraud. And this website has done it!

    Congratulations, Anna. The infuriated comments listed here prove that you have really fucked Amway up the ass.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Yup nothing I like better than fucking Amway up the ass because that's what Amway has done to just about every IBO who's signed up to their scam.

      And this is a good reflection of how nasty and vicious Amway Ambots are. Oh sure some losers show up here and talk about how nice the assholes in the Amway upline are but they're either lying or they're still in the love bombing stage. I've seen first hand at Amway meetings the venom spitted out by the cult leader. And if you don't show up for a cult meeting they phone and unleash a vicious tirade or you're the subject of an Amway style bashing at the next brainwashing meeting.

    2. You can even see these kinds of people by their amspeak comments in your blog. Really.

    3. Hi Anonymous - sometimes the Ambots with their bullshit Amspeak aren't necessarily negative but they sure are brainwashed. Like the Amjerk who showed up the other day to try to convince us that Amway Diamonds show up at functions out of the goodness of their hearts to "help" others and don't get paid for it. LOL! Why are they still trying to deny existence of the Amway tool scam.

  2. No real business would thrive by saying mean things to customers. And yet these IBO's continue to brag their title by insulting people as losers.

    1. Anonymous - you're exactly right! And IBOs are running a pretend business so the rules of being nice to customers don't apply to Amway losers.

  3. Happy New Year!! Anna Banana and Joecool! Keep the blog running and spread the word about the dangers of MLM.


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