Thursday, January 5, 2017

Work For Amway And Get Treated Like Shit

Its no secret that Amway and upline IBO’s treat downline ambots like shit but what about Amway’s employees? Are the people who work for the various Amway and Alticor  offices and distribution warehouses and plants treated like shit too?

One would think a big company that claims to make billions of dollars a year and claims to be debt free would offer its employees a benefit program. Health, dental, eyeglasses, chiropractor, 401k or some kind of pension or retirement savings or stock options.

Maybe they do offer benefits to a select few employees. There are nasty companies out there who don’t give all employees benefits (I’ve worked for a couple of those!) and call employees temporary or part time so they can get out of paying benefits. Some of those employees have been around for years and might be working 40 hours a week but their employer won’t adjust their status to permanent due to whatever loophole they’ve discovered to avoid paying the extra money towards benefits.

I’ve worked for companies much smaller, say about 50 people or so, and got an excellent benefits package. All employees including part time got benefits. Some companies do treat all their employees well.

I had a former employee of Amway in Ada Michigan show up to say they’d left Amway after 20 years because they could no longer take their cult bullshit. Claims they’ve had record sales in the past 10 years. Who knows? Could be Amway’s bullshit propaganda and manipulating the books. Anyway the employees got nothing. No benefits. No bonuses. Treated like shit. But what else do you expect when you sign up with a scumbag employer who’s agenda is to rip people off with overpriced shitty products and cause financial and emotional distress to every life it affects.

And that is bullshit. There are a lot of companies who do profit sharing or some kind of bonus if sales are over the projection.

No wonder this former Amway employee refers to their former employer as a greedy ass.

And then I get further proof that Amway the employer is a greedy asshole. When it comes to Christmas and if it falls on a Sunday, businesses that are normally closed on Sunday typically take a day off on Monday instead and make it a 3 day long weekend. In 2011 December 25 fell on a Sunday. Around here a lot of businesses were closed on Monday December 26. Government employees, office employees, bank employees, etc. Big box retail stores, groceries, and gas stations were all open. Most of those businesses were closed on Christmas Day though. No different than anywhere else across the nation. Employers who actually care about their staff gave them a nice 3 day long weekend. So on Monday morning December 26 I get a visitor from Grand Rapids Alticor. Some really pissed off Amway employee who is working on Monday December 26 is fucking around surfing the Internet looking for dirt about their shitty employer instead of actually getting their work done. Ha ha! This employee is so fucking pissed off at its employer Amway keeping the office open for business on Monday December 26 instead of generously giving their employees a day off and a 3 day weekend like most other businesses who are normally closed on Sundays that s/he is getting revenge on Amway by not getting their work done. Really! As far as I’m concerned it takes a really lousy shitty bad ass employer to open their doors on December 26 following a weekend Christmas Day instead of doing what nice generous companies who care about their employees do and giving them an extra day off to spend with their families.

But this is Amway we’re talking about here. A company that is responsible for destroying families. I can see why they don’t give a shit about wanting their employees to have extra family time on their nickel.

But you know these insider glimpses got me thinking about the contact I’ve had with Amway employees and here I’ve only dealt with the customer service department which I refer to as the I-don’t-give-a-shit department. I get it that 80% of employees at any company barely like or really despise their employer and their job and without a doubt the only people I’ve dealt with at Amway have been in that 80%, maybe the bottom 20% of the ones who really hate working there. But with the former employee’s insight about the way the employees are treated I’m going to raise the bar and suggest that it is way more than 20% of Amway’s employees who hate working there. I mean that’s really shitty not to have any benefits when you see the lifestyle of the person who owns the company. I can see how that leads to a lot of angry employees. Not to mention no benefits and no extra day off for the Christmas weekend and I can understand there are a lot of angry Amway employees out there who must want to give a big old fuck you to their employer.

Angry employees = the fuck off attitude IBO’s get when they phone Amway head office for assistance.


  1. Working for the Amway Corporation is like working in a concentration camp. You'll be used, abused, and overworked until you drop, and then they'll ship you to the ovens.

    Amway, despite all its bullshit about being a "Christian" company with a compassionate and gentle concern for its workers, is in fact a socially Darwinist enterprise concerned solely with profit.

    1. Anonymous - you're right. For all the bullshitting Amway does about how they're a caring Christian company they don't give a shit about anything except making money. They don't care who they abuse or lives destroyed.

  2. I don't agree that Amway destroys families

    1. And most brainwashed Amway Ambots wouldn't. You go to cult meetings where the fucking Diamonds all have the same story: we were working minimum wage jobs, our marriage was in trouble, and then one day a dear friend showed us "the plan", we borrowed $20 from our aunt to put gas in the car to make it to a Scaway function and now we're rich thanks to Amway and our marriage is saved.

      Fucking bullshit! And those same fucking lying scamming Diamond assholes all have the same story told slightly differently. We've made fun of it numerous times around here.

      There have been countless comments left on this blog and other forums around the Internet about how Amway destroyed their marriage and their families. That's what Amway does. Causes financial and emotional loss to their cult followers.

      How many people leave messages all over the Internet about how Amway saved their families?

      The life of an Amway Ambot: lie, deny, distract and defend. And then disappear.

    2. To Anonymous of January 14:

      You may not think that Amway destroys families, but why not read the endless stories and anecdotes published all over the internet about how Amway does exactly that?

      You are free to say "I don't agree the world is round," but you still have to face the evidence.

    3. Anonymous - if this Ambot's cult leader says the world is not round, then he'd believe it. LOL! That's what brainwashing does to a person when they're ordered to only believe everything the Amway cult leaders say and not to believe outside sources.


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