Monday, January 9, 2017

Amway Ambots On Mission To Destroy Lives

All was quiet in the tiny town of Normal, USA.

Then the battle cry was heard! Amway warriors!

The ambots are coming! The ambots are coming!

These horrible villains were well known throughout the land spreading their evil.

They were also known as 8pm warriors, their witching hour when they got together to plot how to destroy families.

Their shitty reputations preceeded them. The ambots were well known for tricking innocent people into attending their meetings where they promised financial freedom.

The ambots promised residual income would come rolling in forever.
And everybody would get rich as easy as pushing a button.
The first thing the ambot cult leaders had to do was brainwash the new recruits.
They had to brainwash them into believing that Amway is not a pyramid scheme.
They spent most of their 8pm meetings in denial that Amway is a pyramid scheme.
The rest of the meetings were spent giving “training” such as when it comes to tax time you can write off everything Amway against your regular income and receive a refund which is the only way possible to make money in the Amway scheme.
And once the ambot was well brainwashed the Amway cult leaders unleashed the big guns and brought their prophecy of destruction into the war games.

First off they brainwashed the ambots into giving them all their money, either by buying shitty overpriced Amway products or attending Amway functions or investing in the tool scam. They told the ambots to buy all these things on credit cards once they’d drained their bank accounts. The ambots mailboxes were littered with overdue notices from their creditors.
The next thing they knew ambots were facing bankruptcy.
And then because ambots had been trained by their cult leaders to skip a few mortgage payments if they needed the money to attend Amway functions and buy tools, the bank came knocking with some bad news. The house was being foreclosed.

The wife finally got pissed off and ran off with a guy who worked at McDonald’s because he made more money than her husband did working the Amway scam.

Now the ambots of Normal, USA had to sit back and take a closer look at the pyramid scheme they were involved in and realized it was impossible to make any money in Amway.
Wow! It had been a bad idea to let those ambots take over their town.
They never thought they could be scammed. Especially since it was good friend who had scammed them into Amway.
No money, no house, no marriage. The Amway path of destruction was complete and the ambots set forth to destroy another town called Fightback, USA. Too bad for the ambot warriors, the town people were waiting. Their mission? Seek and destroy the fucking Platinum cult leader! Score!!!!

The moral of the story is that ambots need to learn not to fuck with the wrong people!


  1. A brilliant satire, Anna!

    1. Thanks! It was originally posted here 5 years ago so it was time to make another appearance.


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