Thursday, January 26, 2017

You Should Have Worked Harder Screech Amway Ambots!

Over and over again Amway ambots show up at this blog and screech that we should have worked harder and we’d be Amway gazillionaires by now.

But you know not a single one of those scamming lying Amway assholes has ever defined “worked harder” even though I’ve requested it more times than I could count. Those fucking little Amway bastards disappear. They’d have to “counsel with upline” to come up with some vague response I’m sure. And then they’d get a shit kicking from their Amway cult leaders for looking at a website like this.

Ambot worked his Amway “business” for over 100 hours/month way more than the Amway bragged about 10 to 15 hours a week in your spare time, so obviously to become an Amway gazillionaire an ambot would have to work more hours than 100/month. Tough to do when there’s only a limited amount of time in a month when you consider working your real occupation, sleeping, running errands, etc etc. An Ambot abandons a lot of that stuff to concentrate on their scammy Amway business to squeeze out extra hours to worship Amway and their cult leaders.

Forget the hours. Way more than Amway’s estimate of 10 to 15 hours a week. What exactly is Amway work?

Let’s turn the tables on those fucking Amway assholes because that’s what this blog is all about. Too many times Amway assholes show up here with their holier than though sanctimonious better than everyone else shitty attitude and leave a comment demanding answers. To stuff that’s already covered somewhere in this blog. That’s how Amway assholes are when they make demands they expect the rest of the world to snap to attention and cater to their every need.

When they demand that from people like me who have put up with too many fucking Amway assholes that don’t fly. So sending out a big old FUCK YOU to those fucking Amway bastards.

So when these demanding Amway assholes show up here demanding answers my response is that has already been addressed somewhere else on the blog. If you really want the answer, do some reading here. Or are you too fucking lazy to put the work in to do that?

Yeah you heard me. You know how you holier than thou Amway assholes go around accusing everyone who’s no longer inside the Amway cult of being too lazy to put the work in I’m turning the tables on you fuckers and saying the same thing. You want to find something on this blog chances are its already been covered and probably covered multiple times. You Amway ambots are too fucking lazy to put the work in to find it yourself? Reading is too much work to a fucking Amway asshole. Because of their self righteous attitudes they demand everything be done for them. And done by people not in Amway because to a brainwashed Amway ambot everyone who is not in Amway is below them.

How about this? You fucking Amway assholes are the lowest of the low. You’re the dog shit that people got to scrape off their shoes. That’s what Amway ambots are. Lower than dog shit!

Well here’s what its like in the real business world you fucking Amway assholes. We figure out a business we want to run, we put in the hard work to get it started, and we work even harder and long hours to get it up and running and make it profitable and keep it profitable. Hard work that you fucking Amway assholes know nothing about. Going to Scamway meetings and watching a fucking Amway cult leader draw circles and tell you how rich you be isn’t hard work. Its painfully excruciatingly boring and pisses off attendees who are not brainwashed ambots because they know that cult leader is spouting off lies and bullshit.

Every Amway meeting the cult leaders would sneer at us that “the business” was so easy anyone can do it. And then Amway Ambots leave comments here screeching that we didn't work hard enough. Confusing? They both can’t be right. It’s easy. It’s hard. Which one is it? Are the Amway cult leaders lying when they say “the business” is easy or are all the other Ambots liars when they say “the business” is hard and we didn’t try hard enough. Seeing as how everyone in Amway is a liar its too hard to tell which one is the liar when it comes to easy/hard – the Amway Diamonds or the rest of the fucking Amway losers.

So for every fucking Amway asshole out there screeching about working harder – take some of your own advice you lazy bastards!


  1. Anna, this has always been the main contradiction in Amway.

    They claim that the business is "easy." But then when you don't succeed, they claim you didn't work "hard" enough.

    Here's my opinion on what's going on. Telling people that Amway is easy is only for recruitment purposes. You tell prospects that it's "easy" to get rich in two to five years. So Amway IBOs are encouraged to lie to new prospects when they are trying to hook these prospects into the business. Draw the circles, explain the 6-4-2 plan, and promise your new recruits riches within 48 to 60 months.

    But the "It's hard to do!" line comes after the prospect has signed up and is being milked for cash by his up-line. Naturally the new IBO is upset about how difficult it is to sell Amway garbage, and how very difficult it is to recruit a down-line. So he gets discouraged, and is losing money steadily. The only way to keep him hooked (and buying tools) is to tell him that it takes a lot of time and patience and energy to build up his business.

    Nobody in Amway seems to see the contradiction.

    About getting ambots to do some actual research about the Amway fraud and its various angles -- it ain't gonna happen. When an ambot begins to read anti-Amway websites seriously and with an open mind, he's already halfway out the door of Amway. That's why his up-line is so fucking desperate to prevent anyone in down-line from reading the internet and those blog which are critical of Amway. Up-line knows that when an ambot begins to think and read, the ball game is over. Like every cult, Amway can't stand intelligent thought and reason.

    1. Anonymous - hats good and very correct. Ambots get sucked into Amway with promises of how easy it is to make bazillions of dollars every month in residual income rolling in every month. But Amway is probably the hardest job they'll ever have. It's not easy rounding up a steady clientele willing to buy overpriced shitty Amway products. And it's getting harder to find new recruits especially ones smart enough to search online before signing up. Amway has an awful reputation beyond their shitty overpriced products. They're a cult. They're a scam. They have Ambots making assholes of themselves everywhere. In addition to sales attempts the Ambot must spend a lot of time defending their company where the old lie, deny, distract and defend comes into play. Christ it would be easier finding a job at McDonalds. Pays better than Scamway too.


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