Wednesday, February 1, 2017

9 Warning Signs Of An Abusive Amway Cult Leader

There was an advice column where being married to an abusive man was questioned and the columnist partially quoted from a list of 15 signs. I was amazed when reading the list that this is exactly how an Amway cult leader can be described. Some of the signs of an abusive man wouldn’t be applicable to an Amway cult leader or at least not publicly known to that Amway cult followers such as forceful sex, history of battering and cruel to animals but I’m going to cover some of them here as they do apply to Amway cult leaders.

1.     Pushes for quick involvement. We’ve all been there. Being inside an Amway cult meeting is kind of like going to a time share presentation. They want to close the sale before you leave the room and can get online to investigate more. The Amway cult leader says things like “now is the time to join, Amway is about to explode and you’ll get really rich if you sign up today. If you get in today you’ll be a gazillionaire in 2 years. You don’t want to get in a few months from now, it’ll be too late.” They’ve been throwing out that bullshit since the 1980’s that I know of and maybe earlier and Ambots just aren’t running rampant “going big”.
2.     Isolation, tries to isolate you from family members and friends. Again we’ve all been there and heard this. The Amway cult leader wants to separate the Ambot from negative (their opinion) influencers. This could be friends and family who can reason with the ambot and say what the fuck are you doing messing around with Amway the cult of greed. It’s a scam. There’s over 99% failure rate. Only losers get involved with Amway. If the wife isn’t on board with the Amway pyramid scheme then the fucking assholes in the Amway upline go out of their way to do everything possible to destroy the marriage. Its all about keeping the ambot inside the cult and having no other friends except other Amway cult followers.
3.     Makes others responsible for his feelings. Go to an Amway meeting and the sack of shit running the cult meeting will be bitching about just about everything under the sun. Because that’s what people in Amway do the best BITCH BITCH BITCH!! And then the Amway cult leader puts the ambots into a guilt trip saying because you didn’t do this that and the other, like didn’t make your 100PV or spend enough money on the Amway tool scam, some sort of doom and gloom is happening like some asshole in the Amway upline didn’t make their goal that month, then the cult leader comes down hard on the ambots. Blames them for the way he feels. Blames them. Oh I’m pissed off enough to stop. Guess what you fucking sack of shit Amway cult leaders. I don’t give a flying fuck about your feelings. So shove that up your ass!
4.     Hypersensitivity. You see the Amway cult leader heading off on to a rant should anyone say anything they perceive to be negative about the Amway scam or shitty overpriced Amway products. Can’t take the truth you fucking bastards?! Most people don’t get overly sensitive when a customer complains about their employer or their employer’s goods or services. If I worked for McDonald’s and someone said Big Macs taste like shit, I wouldn’t be so hypersensitive that I’d go screeching off on a rant about how you shouldn’t say negative or I’ll rat your out to Ronald.
5.     Verbal abuse. Yup we’ve all seen this too if we’ve ever been inside an Amway cult meeting. The sack of shit Amway cult leader is ranting and screeching about an Ambot that has quit. Or maybe the Ambot is in the room getting a shit kicking for not buying enough PV that month or because he didn’t go to the last Amway function or hasn’t bought tickets yet for the one coming up in 2 months.
6.     Sudden mood swings. After the above verbal abuse the Amway cult leader may do a sudden mood swing and bring out the old “we still love you” bullshit. Anyone whose ever been inside an Amway cult meeting knows those fucking Amway cult leaders are all over the place. Its like dealing with Sybil 100 times worse!
7.     Very unrealistic expectations. Everyone’s going Diamond aren’t they! LOL! Everyone is going to be bazillionaires in 2 to 5 years as long as they attend every Amway cult meeting and eat one Amway food bar and drink one Amway drink daily. Then they’ll walk on the beaches of the world and do nothing for the rest of their lives while gazillions of dollars in residual income from Amway roll in every month.
8.     Controlling. The Amway cult leader demands the ambots must ask permission before doing anything! Amway Ambots are not allowed to watch the news on TV because the Amway cult leaders do not want their followers get information from outside sources. Amway cult leaders will twist the news to suit their own purposes and then give the news broadcast according to them at the next Amway cult meeting.
9.     Jealousy. This has to do with excessive phone calls and texts and wanting to know what the Ambot is doing every second of the day. Also jealousy directed towards new Amway cult members. This could be due to the new ambot owning a house, a nice car, having a good job, etc. Like how dare they! According to the fucking assholes in the Amway upline that is. If some motherfucker in the Amway upline doesn’t own a house, nice car, or good job, then neither should the lowly ambot at the bottom of the pyramid. Amway ambot jealousy comes out when “counselling with upline” and the ambot is “counselled” to get rid of these things because they can’t be further ahead in life of any fucking assholes in their Amway upline. 

Yup now is another good time to send out another big old FUCK YOU to all the abusive Amway cult leaders out there.



  1. Those traits sound an awful lot like a certain hypersensitive, reactionary, alternate facts, narcissist that currently is leading us over a cliff while further enriching those at the top of the pyramid. Quite ironic that he would want the biggest MLM cult - Amway - as part of his cabinet. And like Amway "upline", has zero experience in things and yet think they know more than everyone else. God help us all.

    1. Anonymous - yeah it is odd that someone with those traits would want to be part of Amway instead of starting up their own cult. All Ambots arenknowit alls who think they're know more and are smarter than the rest of the world who aren't in the Amway cult.

    2. Said cabinet members brother owns an army of mercenaries. The company formerly known as blackwater. Convenient no?


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