Monday, February 27, 2017

Amway Ambot Mission – Seek And Destroy

When we were in Amway it appeared to me that the only thing the ambots in our upline were interested in doing was destroying other people’s lives. Of course all under the guise that they were “helping” others.

Yeah helping them to the poor house!

It doesn’t matter if you’re an IBO who has been involved in Amway only for a few months or for many years. Either way you’re losing lots of money. Over 99% failure rate. Amway’s own literature shows that less than a third of 1% of IBO’s make money. Its a safe bet that everyone you meet who is involved in Amway is losing money and they’re probably bitter about it but they have to keep up a happy face. The lie. Business is going good. To prove it they’ll whip out a credit card and buy themselves some new toys like a music sound system. Couldn’t afford this if I wasn’t doing good in Amway. Fake it till you make it!

I met a lot of angry people in Amway even though they plastered on fake smiles and pretended like nothing was wrong if there was a newcomer to the group. But they were angry. They were brainwashed by their Amway cult leaders to spend a lot of money buying Amway products, buying motivational books and CDs, buying tickets to functions, travel expenses involved in functions, and if they didn’t have the spare cash on hand to go into debt. Also ambots had to furnish their homes with nice things and buy nice business suits and do everything they could to convey to others how successful they are. Bring out that credit card again!

Ambots were losing money and going into debt to do so all under the name of Amway. Thanks to their upline cult leaders who convinced them this is what they had to do to be financially successful in Amway. It might be hard in the beginning but once the money starts rolling in the big bucks from residual income will be coming in forever.

In the meantime ambots are so angry about their financial losses that they get extremely angry at people who have things they don’t have. Can’t afford a nice car or to buy a house as long as you’re involved in Amway. The upline cult leaders tell you how to spend your money and you damned well better spend it on everything that has to do with Amway!

In their anger ambots seek out others they can financially destroy too. Gotta suck in some other poor bastards in whatever extreme hope they have that one or two downline or customers might help them get some of their money back. So they lie and say everything is wonderful and Amway is awesome and come and join us on the road to financial freedom. And once you’re in my downline if you own things that I don’t have I’m going to take them away from you!

Our upline Platinum (and probably everyone between us and him) was outraged that I drove a newer model car. Outraged! I paid cash for it before we signed up with Amway so its not like I had to take out a loan or anything. The car was mine free and clear. To me its just a car. I don’t have any strong emotional attachment to it. I don’t even like shopping for cars. I keep the car looking good inside and outside, regular oil changes and tune ups and other maintenance as needed. Its reliable and looks good, almost looks like new condition and meets my purposes. As far as our Amway upline was concerned how dare I have a better car than others in my upline. How dare I!!! The rest of the upline bastards are driving around in rust bucket clunkers that are always breaking down. We were counselled to sell my car, spend a few hundred bucks and buy a 30 year old luxury (clunker) car and use the remaining money to buy Amway products.

Yeah right you sack of shit Platinum. Fuck you asshole. How about I quit Amway and keep my car? Fucking son of a bitch.

The other thing that caused outrage with our upline was that we owned a house. Many years ago we saved up money for a down payment and bought our first house. That’s what responsible people do isn’t it? This is all happened long before we got involved in Amway. As life progresses and needs change people sell their houses and use the equity to buy a new one and here we are in our current house also purchased before getting involved in Amway. The upline ambots were outraged! How dare we own a house when hardly anyone in our upline does! So how can those fucking ambots take our house away from us? Got it! They counselled us to take out a 2nd mortgage or take out a line of credit against the equity in the house and use this money to buy more Amway shit and “invest in your business”. Keep doing it until you can’t pay it back and meet your mortgage payments and the bank will foreclose. Its all part of our scheme. You can’t have what we don’t have because you haven’t earned the privilege yet!

Yeah right you sack of shit Platinum and all the rest of you fucking upline bastards. How about I quit Amway and don’t lose my house?

Angry jealous ambots. Just another one of life’s pleasures one has to put up with when getting involved in the Amway cult.

“You can’t have what we don’t have and if you already have it when you come into Amway we will take it away from you!” The ambot mission. Seek and destroy!!!!

Fuck you Amway and fuck your low life fucking Ambots too!


  1. Anna, this post is right on target.

    The sheer envy and hatred that ooze out of Amway up-line when they discover that you own something that they don't own are horrifying. They can't stand it when down-line is more affluent than they are. It infuriates them. It gets under their skin. It sets their teeth on edge.

    This is at the core of Amway -- the resentment of low-level losers at the good fortune of other people. You normally wouldn't join Amway unless your situation was hopeless, and as they say, "Misery loves company." Owning a nice home, a good car, property, investments, and all the other amenities of life is exactly what the ordinary Ambot can't achieve. So when he sees someone who has those things, he goes into a slow burn.

    There's a real "levelling" mentality in Amway, usually expressed in the idea that you have no right to be more affluent than your up-line. Hence the utterly malicious advice to sell your home and rent, get rid of your nice car for a crummy one, dispose of real estate and use the cash for Amway products, liquidate your IRA or savings account, or max out your credit cards.

    This advice is designed to impoverish you, which is what your up-line wants.

    Let's see if any stupid Amway freak shows up here to defend the practice.

    1. Anonymous - that's right. The advice from the Amway upline is to impoverish you.

      Its too bad because most people you surround yourself with family and friends probably want you to have success in your life. And everyone can decide for themselves what that threshold is. Normal people encourage you and Amway Ambots want to destroy.

      The thing is when you're like me and you can't stand fucking Amway assholes and they want you to do stuff they can't control people they can't brainwash and who don't like them. Trying to force us to sell cars and houses when my name is on them and I refuse to budge must have really outraged those fucking Amway losers. I have those things and as you pointed out, the Ambot does a slow burn cause they don't.

      Even when you look at the book Merchants of Deception the author had some holding properties for income that he ended up losing thanks to Amway. The assholes in the Amway upline must love it when they can brainwash someone who actually has some good stuff they can dispose of and ruin their lives.

      Amway freaks would only show up to say their upline isn't like that and claim they are fine upstanding moral citizens.

      LOL! Gag! Puke!

  2. Replies
    1. And you're planning to masturbate in it?


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