Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Life Of Hell With An Amway Ambot

A reader tells us about life with an ambot boyfriend.

My boyfriend joined amway over the summer and has increasingly become defensive about it when I mention that it's weird and how I refuse to join. This is the only thing we fight about and I avoid talking about it at all costs! He's now starting to find negative things that come out of my mouth. One time I yelled at him about it and he apologized and said I wasn't negative. But he'll ask me to join. This last time we fought he told me that if I said no this time, he'll leave me alone about joining. He hasn't mentioned it since but I'm scared that this will come up again. He promised he'd never leave me for this and because of this and tht I'm being too paranoid. I don't show any support for this. He's actually in the process of applying for real corporate jobs and I'm praying that this is my only hope in him waking up and realizing its a scam. When people ask him "what do you do for a living?" He mentions NOTHiNG about it and says he's looking for a job, and if someone asks him about why he's been out of town for a "conference" he says "it's for a little side thing I'm doing." ... Those are SOME good signs but I'm having anxiety attacks when he goes to their weekly brainwash sessions and when he's at a conference. I'm walking on thin ice. If I don't show support for amway maybe he can start noticing what I see in it... Or he can think I'm not supporting him. Help :-(

Yup boyfriend shows the classic Amway ambot symptoms. Ambots are angry despicable bastards and make life hell for the people around them.

All Amway ambots get defensive. That’s the life of the ambot constantly showing their devotion to the Amway cult and how dare anyone not like Amway and not support their business. HOW DARE THEY!!!!! Amway ambots put a lot of effort into defending this scam and that makes them viciously ANGRY.

Amway is the kingpin of all things negative. Amway ambots are obsessed with pointing out everything in the world that is negative. The rest of the world doesn’t have this finger pointing thing down. What’s negative to one person isn’t too another. People in the real world learn to tolerate negatives, maybe they read a book called Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff. People in the real world don’t have to pick pick pick at everything and bitch about things they think are negative. People in Amway make all things negative their life’s mission. Really an Amway ambot pointing out everything around them that is negative – there’s nothing unusual about that. They all do that. Amway ambots pointing out everything they perceive to be negative is how they make themselves feel superior to the rest of the world. What brainwashed ambots don’t see is the rest of the world perceives Amway ambots to be negative.

Amway ambots calling other people paranoid? Look in the mirror Ambot!

Yeah an Ambot will need a corporate job to afford being in the expensive Amway social club. No one in Amway admits to being in Amway because that’s just so fucking embarrassing admitting that you got suckered into this MLM cult and you’re out to scam people and recruit new cult members. Its better to say you’re unemployed.

And when we’re married to an ambot or dating one or living with one we’re always walking on thin ice. We’re fearful of saying the wrong thing like GET THE FUCK OUT OF AMWAY!!!!! and have the ambot anger directed our way. Ambots are the most angry people around. They’re angry because they’re losing money. Angry because they can’t find others to join up to the scam so they can make some money back. Angry they’re being abused by the Amway cult leaders they love and worship more than anything else in their lives.

Here’s the good news. 95% of IBO’s quit Amway within 2 years. Most within a few months of signing up. You just got to wait them out and that can be hell with them nitpicking and finding everything negative about you they can point out and they only do that to please the fucking assholes in their Amway upline. Sometimes you got to wait them out by watching them max out their credit cards and spend all their savings. Some can bounce back even if it takes them years. Others have to declare bankruptcy and go into foreclosure if they have a mortgage.

Amway is all about destroying lives and relationships. The Amway cult leaders turn the ambots into nasty, ugly, negative finger pointing bastards so the people around them stay away. That’s what Amway is all about. Sorry to say your story can be told nearly word for word by every Amway widow out there.


  1. You know what I find interesting about all this? The woman's boyfriend is in Amway, but he somehow feels compelled to make his girlfriend join too!

    Why should she have to join in and pay all the stupid fees and charges as well? Isn't enough for him that he's in the business?

    If her boyfriend were honest, he'd say the following to himself: "OK -- she doesn't want to join. Well, I'll work really hard, make a lot of money in Amway, and this will prove to her that she's wrong!"

    That's the kind of thing a guy would do if he really believed in the business that he had chosen. But this guy has a fatal weakness. Deep down, he suspects that Amway is a fraud and a ripoff. And he just can't stand the fact that his girlfriend senses this too, and refuses to be sucked into it.

    1. Anonymous - women just seem to sense the whole Amway package - Ambots and shitty overpriced products - is a scam. A lot of men aren't good comparison shoppers when it comes to groceries and cleaning products so they don't catching Amway's a rip off.

      I guess this guy is like all other Ambots and can't get anyone to sign up for his downline and that's why he's desparate to get his girlfriend to sign up.

      And as you said maybe he's figured out he got scammed by Amway and his girlfriend has already figured that out first.

    2. Plus I'm sure his upline are pressuring him to "convert" his girlfriend. For one, they want HER money, as well. And, two, upline always wants to limit those around their brainwashed followers who could try to talk sense into them. It's a cult tactic, whether MLM or religious. That's why they whisper in the ear of their sheep "your friends and family who don't support you... they want you to fail! They want to steal your dream! They are vassals of the devil! Turn away from them, listen only to US. We love you! Only we are your friends!"

      And, sadly, they get sucked in deeper into the cult and lost to any kind of reason and logic.

      And somewhere Betsy DeVos and family are grinning as they count their billions... which comes from the very people who's sad stories of finances and families being destroyed we read here. There is no conscience to that crew. They don't care how many thousands of lives they've ruined to make their fortune. The Church of Prosperity, the gospel of screwing anyone over is okay as long as you profit from it.

    3. Anonymous - that's exactly what the assholes in the Amway upline want. Her money. And the whole whispering in the ear thing turns nasty eventually but that's dead on what Ambots do.

      Ambots stop loving when the money stops being being on Amway products and meetings. Where are those foul weather friends then!

      As for Betsy bitch I have a feeling the schools are going to switch their cleaning products so she can attempt to ramp up Amway's declining sales.

  2. I am a wife of an IBO,and honestly have been suffering from years. This business is sick and has made my life and married life miserable. It's very much true, how uplines intervene in our daily lives, how much products my husband has to but to maintain that PV and how much money is wasted. Of all, I hate when we don't have any friends outside this business. Why doesn't someone BAN this AMWAY..

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by and I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I'm amazed you're sticking out this Amway hell hole for years. Only you can decide how long you want to stay in a miserable marriage where your husband is driving you to financial ruin and destroying you emotionally. Have you tried contacting the police to press fraud charges against the Amway upline? Or a lawyer to sue the fucking assholes in the Amway upline for your financial and emotional distress?


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