Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Higher Chance Of Falling Off A Cruise Ship Than Making Money In Amway

I read an article about passengers who fell off cruise ships and lived. https://www.yahoo.com/travel/they-fell-overboard-and-lived-craziest-cruise-108143007717.html

In the article it says that there is a .000085% chance of a passenger falling off a cruise ship. Seeing as how I don’t have Amway literature hanging around the house anymore I don’t recall what the exact fraction of 1% of IBO’s will make money at Scamway. It was something like .00000367%. Doesn’t really matter what the exact teensy fraction is.

It seems more likely to me that a person has a greater chance of falling off a cruise ship than they do of making money in Amway!

First off people in Amway couldn’t afford to go on a cruise. And even if they did have money to put towards a vacation they’d have to get permission from their sack of shit Platinum or some other fucking asshole in their Amway upline and it would be denied. Why spend that money on a vacation when you could be investing it in your Scamway business (according to the fucking upline Amway assholes) or they’ll be dozens of Amway meetings that week and you don’t want to miss them.

Now I really can’t see how someone can fall off a cruise ship unless they’re drunk and goofing around or otherwise put some effort into it. Like drag a chair over to the railing and hop up and oops over you go. If it was that easy to fall off a cruise ship it would be a lot higher than a fraction of 1%.

Kind of like if it was that easy to make money in Amway the percentage would also be a lot higher than a fraction of 1%.

An Amway ambot spends about $700/month in Amway once they add up the minimum 100PV of shitty overpriced Amway products they buy for personal use though most ambots spend more than that, plus add in monthly membership to WWDB, monthly membership to Communikate, buying books and CDs to help the Diamonds get richer off their tool scam, and tickets to various Amway meetings or functions if its Dream Night, Family Reunion, Spring Leadership or Free Enterprise Days FED going on that month.

I’ve seen cruises advertised for around $700 for a week. Actually I’ve seen them cheaper but lets say a $700 cruise because that’s the average amount an Amway ambot spends in a month. What does that get the cruise passenger? A place to sleep for a week, meals, entertainment, and visiting a couple of Mexican ports.

If I’m gonna waste $700 that cruise sounds like a better deal to me! And more fun!

I can stick around at home throwing away money at the Amway scam and take my chances I’ll be one of a teensy fraction of 1% who make money. Or I can take a vacation and take my chances I’ll be one of a teensy fraction of 1% who will fall off the cruise ship.

You’re spending that money anyway. Go with the one that’s got better odds!

It is very rare for a person to fall off a cruise ship just like its very rare for a person to become a Diamond in Amway. The news story said that last year 22 people fell off cruise ships. Did 22 people become Diamonds in Amway last year? No? So it appears we have our answer. You have a better chance of falling off a cruise ship than you have of becoming an Amway Diamond.


  1. Anna!

    Help! Can you write a post about what guidelines to set with a newly recruited Ambot? Something which can help to indicate failure (some red flags which are obvious to the outside world once recorded in terms of writing) and how/what to look for or monitor in terms of losses from joining WWDB?

    It seems after months of "thinking about it" and attending brainwashing sessions with this new "friend" my DH is going to join the cult. This will be against my wishes and without one ounce of support from me. I have made it clear that this is completely against my will and I have nothing positive to contribute. In the spirit of staying married and saving our future relationship I am not forbidding him from "trying" it. I won't outright say "no" because I don't want to start becoming one of those couples who need permission from the other party to wipe their butt. I enjoy my freedom and I won't flat out say no. If I do say no I risk having this be the "potential opportunity to help our family" which was lost because of me and I will forever be blamed for ruining our future.

    Instead, we have agreed along with a third party (marriage therapist) that we will write up our limits, schedule requests (max hours spent in Amway), and budget (how much for long can we afford to loose) along with any other wishes or boundaries. I am worried about loosing big $$ over time and there is the argument that you have to spend money in the beginning... We have our kid to worry about! Help! What are some key pointers which I can request be recorded in writing to evaluate (and help a third party) identify when to stop?

    If he gets rich great, but hopefully he will dig himself a grave and we can call it quits before our marriage dies. HELP!

    1. Hi Theresa. Sorry to hear about the hell that is about to be unleashed on your life.

      First off I want you to download a free ebook called Merchants of Deception. There is a link on the right side of this page under more info about Amway. This is a horror story, one mans true story. He was an Emerald and if you believe the bullshit Amway propaganda should have been making over 100k. Instead with 1000 people in his downline he's making $2-3,000/month. Does your husband know 1000 people who want to be scammed who'll sign up for a life of hell in Amway? No? Get him to read the book. Be prepared for canned Amspeak responses. Ambots have an answer for everything. The life of an Amway Ambot is to lie, deny, distract and defend.

      Any Amway brochures lying around? Look for the small print where it says something like .0000666% will make money. That's over 99% failure rate.in other words Amway is a system designed for failure.

      Make sure you keep a profit and loss statement. Your husband will be spending in excess of $500/month in Amway expenses and getting a commission of around $10/month. There's a reason Amway is known as a scam.

      Amway is also known as a cult. He will be brainwashed at Amway meetings.

      The good news is most Ambots quit after a few months when they finally accept they got scammed and there's no chance of making money. 95% of IBOs who sign up quit inside 2 years. If he stays any longer he's a lifer. You have nothing ahead of you but emotional and financial distress. Make sure you keep money in a separate place that he knows nothing about in case you have to get out of the marriage because trust me on this the fucking assholes in his Amway upline will do everything they can to destroy your marriage and convince him to leave because nothing brings those sick bastards more happiness than destroying other lives. If you have a joint credit card cancel it now. He will spend thousands tithing the Great Amway God and you don't want to be legally on the hook for paying back Amway debt.

      Good luck to you.

  2. The best thing you could do, if he is determined to join Amway, is to keep a precise and up-to-date list of EVERY SINGLY DOLLAR that he spends on the Amway racket.

    This means EVERYTHING: fees, purchase of products, travel expenses, CDs and tapes, voicemail charges, money spent at business meetings.... don't leave out a single dime!

    Don't let HIM keep the list. YOU keep it! And make sure it's always up to date. Sit down with him once a month and go over the list, and ask him how much profit he has made to counter all these various expenses.

    After six months, he'll be VERY uncomfortable.

  3. Dear Theresa --

    Yes, be careful about attempts to break up your marriage. These Amway fanatics think nothing of getting their recruits to divorce a spouse if the spouse is not fully sympathetic to Amway. They will bad-mouth you constantly, telling your husband to dump you.

    1. Anonymous - its bad enough dealing with Amway a company with a bad reputation. In addition to getting scammed out of your money you got to put up with the fucking assholes in your Amway upline.


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