Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Reader Gets A “Gift”

Thanks to a reader who shares a story about a birthday “gift” they received.

My son's friend, who unfortunately is caught up in the Amway scam, came to my son's birthday party at our house the other night. He stayed until after everyone else had gone and his dad arrived and was chatting with us. Then I watched the kid come into the room holding a box in his hand and stood there as his dad smiled and said "Chris has something he wants to say". I felt the blood running out of my face as I thought "Oh God, no! Is this going to be a fucking Amway pitch?" Sure enough, he pulls out a box of Nutrilite Cranberry Crunch bars and some other Amway snack and told about how good and healthy they are and that he wanted to give them as his gift. My son thanked him and, luckily, the pitch ended there with that being his "present". I'm not sure if there was the hope that we'd become "addicted" to them and start ordering more, but no way in hell that is going to happen. I did a google search and found that other Ambots were selling them online for as much as $16 dollars a box!!!! 12 bars. And they are TINY!! Each bar is like 3 inches long.

Again, I don't know if the intent was to try to get us as a "customer", or simply because since Amway is purely self-consumerism, he uses Amway as gifts to get his "sales" totals up and get a pat on the head from his upline.

Just thought I'd share that. Amway is such a sad thing to see happen to a person. I don't know what hope this kid has since his college roommate is the one who got him into it, so he gets daily brainwashing. I know that his dad allowed him to have one of their stupid circle meetings at his house which got another kid hooked into the Amway scheme, and the dad of THAT kid still hasn't forgiven the dad of my son's friend for helping his son get sucked into the cult.


  1. There's another possible explanation. The kid might just want to get rid of Amway junk that is piling up in his parents' house.

    By the way, I understand that it forbidden (by Amway) for anyone to sell Amway products on ebay or amazon or any other on-line market. There was a thread about this just last week at Joe Cool's blog.

    Amway really doesn't want its products sold to the general public in the normal, free-enterprise fashion. This threatens them. Amway wants the products to be largely used for self-consumption by IBOs and their families.

    1. Anonymous - the more possible explanation are the parents want to get rid of the Amway shit their kid has been bringing into their house! LOL!

      Amway has a very restrictive contract that their commission sales reps sign. If the "independent business owner" violates convictions of the contract they can get fired. Yup where else but Scamway can you get fired from "your own business". Bottom line if Amway actually enforced their contract they'd have no sales reps left because Ambots continuously violate the terms. Particularly the one where IBO's aren't allowed to make reference to any imaginary endorsement by the BBB. Heard Ambots at every Amway meeting violating that condition not to mention the numerous ambots who show up here bragging that the BBB and Amway are in bed together.

      Amway has some kind of non-compete clause in their restrictive contract so Ambots can't sell their shit online because Amway retains the rights to sell their overpriced shitty products online. It's my guess that the people flogging Amway shit on eBay, Amazon and Craigslist have left the cult and trying to unload the inventory they were forced to stockpile. They didn't give a shit about violating the terms of Amway's contract when they were IBO's so they don't care about violating it when they're out.


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