Thursday, March 9, 2017

Amway Ambot Rules To Live By: Eat Drink Duplicate

How many of you remember wasting another night sitting through an Amway bored plan meeting and hearing the same old bullshit from the asshole preaching that night’s Amway sermon and the old eat drink and duplicate your way to millions of dollars in the Amway scam.

The scheme goes something like demanding all the Amway cult followers eat one Amway food bar daily and drink one Amway drink daily and find others to do what you do.

Amway has these food bars that one would expect to be similar to what you can buy at the grocery store in the aisle where granola bars are kept. The obvious differences are at the grocery store there’s a huge selection of products, most priced well under $5 for a box of 6 or 8 bars to a box, and with such a wide variety to choose from most consumers are going to find a brand that they like eating. Compared to Amway with little choices and very expensive with 5 or 6 bars to a box costing around $30. I can go to Walmart and buy 10 boxes of granola bars that I like that actually taste good for around $30 though I don’t usually go hog wild and buy more than 2 or 3 boxes at a time just using that as an example. My $30 worth of granola bars bought at Walmart if I ate one a day would last me over 2 months. $30 worth of Amway food bars would last less than one week.

Besides price and getting more for your money at the grocery store, the taste factor comes into play. Amway food bars are nasty tasting shit bars. Gross flavored cardboard pretty much sums up how they taste.

At least the granola bars I buy at the grocery store taste pretty good. Good value and good taste beats out Amway’s overpriced shitty food bars every time!

Its really hard to find other to duplicate what you do when it means eating one of those nasty overpriced shitty Amway food bars every day.

Then get around to drinking one Amway beverage daily. Perfect(ly Useless) Water costs about $50 for a case of 24 bottles. You can buy a case for less than $5 just about everywhere else so Amway costs 10 times as much. Or you can buy energy drinks XS cat piss water costs over $30 for a box – how many come in a box? 6? 8? I can go on and on. Whatever Amway beverage you buy is going to cost a lot more money than a better tasting beverage at the grocery store.

The goal is to find 2 people to eat and drink one Amway products daily and that will earn the ambot an extra couple hundred bucks a month but the goal is to find 6 people (go Eagle!!!!)  and those 6 people will find 6 people and those 6 people will find 6 people and so on and so on and so on. And a bunch of Eagles will happen and a bunch of ambots will qualify for Platinum and then its real easy to go Diamond!!! And then gazillions of dollars in residual income will come rolling in every month and the ambot can retire and never work again all by eating one Amway food bar and drinking one Amway beverage daily. That’s how the Amway fairy tale goes.

The reality is ambots can’t find others to eat, drink and duplicate because of the high cost and the low quality of Amway products. So they improvise for the 2 people they can’t find and drink and eat 3 Amway food and drink products daily. Then the assholes in their Amway upline bitch at them for not signing up anyone else and so they improvise even more and singlehandedly take on the eat drink and duplicate mantra of 6 ambots all wrapped up into one person.

That’s how it goes. Sounds easy. Eat drink and duplicate.

Except the ambot becomes a one man show to eat drink and duplicate to make up for all the people they can’t sucker in to duplicate what they do according to the Amway mantra – eat drink and duplicate. What the fuck? Are we talking rabbits here?

That’s the reality. And watch the credit card debt go through the roof to be ambot CORE when following that Amway mantra.


  1. When up-line bitches at an IBO for not going out and recruiting more people into "the Plan," it only proves what we've been saying at these anti-Amway sites for years: AMWAY IS NOT ABOUT SELLING PRODUCTS. AMWAY IS ABOUT RECRUITING DEEPER AND DEEPER DOWN-LINES.

    Amway products taste like crap because they ARE crap. Nobody in the Amway organization really gives a damn about the products (although they'll sing their praises to the skies). They only care about getting new IBOs and bleeding them of fees and function costs and tool money. All the mediocre and generic Amway products are simply a cover for this racket.

    1. That's right Anonymous.

      Amway is all about the sell the hope not the soap.

      Sell the hope of bazillions of dollars rolling in every month after 2 to 5 years of worshipping the Great Amway God. And the only way that'll happen is to keep signing up downline who will also eat drink and duplicate.


      Even in Merchants of Deception the author and his wife are discussing how nasty tasting Amway food bars are and them becoming increasingly uncomfortable lying as you put it singing the praises to the skies that shit food bars taste good.

    2. Absolutely correct, Anna.

      A real businessman (one who is decent and honest and genuinely devoted to his product) will defend his merchandise and sing its praises because he knows that his stuff is good and worthy. He's proud to put his name and reputation behind it.

      A corrupt businessman (like all Amway IBOs) doesn't give a damn about his product quality, and is only interested in passing it off to consumers and making a quick profit. In New York, we call such a man a "Schlockmeister," which means someone who sells crap and knows that it's crap.

      An Amway IBO is a Schlockmeister, but with a big difference. He knows his products are crap, but he really isn't that concerned about selling them at retail. His main concern is to convince someone else to become his down-line, and sell the crap for him.

      There's another big difference. A New York Schlockmeister will sell crap, but he sells it cheaply because he knows that's all he can do. An Amway Schlockmeister sells HIS crap at outrageously inflated prices.

    3. Anonymous - yes a good businessman who sells a decent product or service will talk it up because he or she is putting their name and reputation behind their product.

      Amway doesn't give a shit about their bad reputation and the antics of their commissioned sales force. But then they only sell to a closed market. More than 95% of Amway's products are sold to losers who signed up to be IBO's.

      I've heard the term schlockmeister before. Probably on Judge Judy who sees a lot of scammers coming through the courtroom.

      In Amway the Ambot only makes pennies per sale on commission so the real scam is signing up downline and hope they sign up enough downline who keep buying products to make a tiny bit more commission.

      The only way to make money at Amway is if you're one of the owners or their heirs or if you start up your own Amway cult sect. If you're not at the top of the Amway pyramid scheme the schlockmeisters who cling to the top are laughing all the way to the bank that they scammed everyone beneath them to buy their shitty overpriced products and buy into the Amway tool scam.

      I know crap when I see it. Or taste it. Amway is full of it. And yeah I might be open to buying crap from a New York Schlockmeister if its for a cheap price and I figure it'll last me long enough for whatever I need it for until it breaks.

      In Amway its really hard to sign up one person in the downline who is open to being scammed and abused. Signing up enough to make it into the tiny fraction of 1% of Ambots who make money is next to impossible. Except for those who are really good liars and scammers. If you've got a conscience and have morals and are uncomfortable being a lying scammer, Amway is not the commissioned sales job for you.


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