Monday, March 13, 2017

“I Work My Own Hours” Bullshits The Amway Ambot

You know how whenever you read a job ad that says “work your own hours” its probably a scam. Not always, but its probably a sign of an MLM scam. “Work your own hours” doesn’t everyone want to do that. Wake up when you want. Go to Starbucks, go shopping, whatever you got to get done and maybe by lunchtime or early afternoon you’re ready to start “working your own hours”. And then what do you do for work? Open up your grocery store? Start sewing clothes? And then a couple hours later you decide to do something else and close down for the day. Or maybe reopen a few hours later for another hour or two.

Yeah something like that would be “working your own hours”. Something that Amway ambots show up here screeching about that they “work their own hours”. And that would probably be “working their own hours” after they get home from their real J.O.B. with the scheduled hours, you know the one that pays all the Amway bills.

Here’s a little gem of advice that real business owners know. Their hours of operation are when customers normally need to purchase that product or service. If someone owns a clothing store and decides their hours of operation are between midnight and 8am, sales are probably not going to be as good as another clothing shop owner who is open from 9am till 6pm. I know someone who runs a yard care business. His hours of operation are generally during daylight hours so he can see what he’s doing and that varies by the season. Not too many customers would have a need to have their lawn mowed at midnight. Like the neighbors would sure appreciate that! And here’s its important to point out I’m not talking about people involved in businesses where there might be 24 hour emergencies like plumbers. And here its also important to point out that Amway Ambot customers probably don’t have a need for shitty overpriced soap at 2am and demand the ambot place an order then. Though that would be kind of fun to phone and wake up that fucking Amway asshole!

When you’re an Amway ambot you work the hours the fucking assholes in your Amway upline tell you to work. “Get your ass to the Amway meeting at 8pm!” If you’re a “serious business builder” that means getting there at 7pm to set up the chairs. The assholes in your Amway upline demand you be available to answer their calls and texts at all hours, so again your’re working the hours they tell you. Basically you’re on call 24 hours for those fucking assholes in your Amway upline. Probably your boss at work doesn’t have you on call 24 hour unless it’s the kind of business where there might be round the clock emergencies.

Work your own hours? Be your own boss? Unlikely if you’ve devoted all your love to Amway cult leaders and buying shitty overpriced products from your “own store”.



  1. I started reading these blogs after a former colleague approached me to meet for coffee "chat about business opportunities". I was quite keen to meet, we are both in I.T and I had just started my own consulting business. I thought maybe he saw an opportunity for a big corporate client, maybe he wanted to work on a joint venture. When we met he talked about the weather and, although he was very much still employed, he talked about high level philosophies about the virtues of being your own boss, and residual income etc etc. He ended by giving me a CD he thought was worth listening to.

    Even though I was shocked at the time (yes it was Amway (Network21)), In retrospect I am even more shocked after researching on how much control an upline has.

    Because if an upline is a supplier representative, what business would have a supplier have so much say over YOUR personal life, in arbitrary things such as how you motivate yourself? My business also has a single supplier as I also sell software. I promise you if they are trying to get me to attend 4 motivational functions a year, I will tell them where to go!

    If an upline is a mentor, well, some business owners do have mentors. I don't, but if I would hire one, I would not choose one with any interests in my business. If I have a mentor whose business model I am trying to follow, you can be sure that I would want to see the Profit &Loss statement, and at the very least know how my mentor's turnover grew. Also, a mentor who himself is being closely mentored on a detailed level, would not strike me as a worthy candidate.

    Last I heard of this guy was that he was neglecting his career and pressured by his employers to leave and to have a three jobs in close succession, in spite of his business going nowwhere. The irony (okay, one of them, there are many) is that the industry that he is in is lucrative, as a job, and as a business. In my case, it started by doing my job well.

    Just out of principle I wish I could talk sense into him. Try to ask how this "own boss" thing had worked for him. It seems not to help.

    1. Hi kwaaikat. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

      A few years ago an Amway employee from the head office who does their PR had released a statement that Ambots are not to promise residual income because it just isn't true. And of course all Ambots give the big old fuck you to their head office and do their own thing and always brag about residual income. That's why we make fun of it around here.

      The assholes in the Amway upline have complete control over your life if they've brainwashed you properly. You have to ask permission if you're planning to buy something for your house or start a family. In most cases it will be denied because that's taking money away from tithing the Great Amway God.

      If you read Merchants of Deception there's a story about the Emerald going to the Diamond's house and is then ordered to scrub the oil stains on the driveway. The fucking assholes in the Amway upline abuse the ambots and make them do odd jobs around the house just for the "privilege" of spending time with that motherfucker.

      Many Ambots get fired from their jobs. This is mostly due to spending too much time on phone calls and texts to the fucking assholes in their Amway upline. Most business owners are paying their staff to get a job done not to fuck around on personal stuff. Or in the case of Ambots "running their own business". And also due to the snotty snobby Amway attitude most coworkers won't put up with that shit. Amway only brings financial and emotional distress to its followers.

      You can't talk sense into a brainwashed Ambot. They've devoted their lives to the Amway cult and they have a canned Amspeak answer for everything.

  2. Ambots like to say that they are entrepreneurs. What do you think?

    1. LOL! That's what brainwashing does to a person. Making you think you're an entrepreneur instead of a commissioned sales rep. Scamway!

  3. Notice the strange fact that kwaaikat brings up about the guy who tried to recruit him.

    This man was in a lucrative job with a good career ahead of him. And what does he do? He wrecks it all by joining Amway, bothering his co-workers, and getting himself fired.

    Unbelievable! Because of some stupid shpiel given to him by a dopey Ambot in a cheap business suit, this guy brings himself to poverty and bankruptcy. This is another proof that Amway is not a business, but something cultic, religious, mysterious, and weird.

    1. Anonymous - the guy who tried to recruit kwaaikat has the same story as many other Ambots who get fired from their jobs.

      Amway is all about destroying people's lives.

      And your last paragraph sums things up nicely. And why we try to figure out how Amway sucks people in to their cult and how its all a big mystery and weird.

  4. Work my own hours? Thanks but no thanks. Personally I am not well-disciplined, and I tend to spend more time doing things that are unproductive. If you let me work my own hours, I'll soon screw things up and ruin my own life. I work for an American company's Asia headquarters, and while my employer is kind enough to give us flexible work hours (8 hours as long as you are at where you are supposed to be between 10am and 4pm), I will still stick to the strict routine of 9am to 6pm.

    I believe that many other people are as not-so-well-disciplined as me. Could imagine how would it be if every one in this world worked "their own hours" as claimed by Ambots?


    - Gene

    1. Hi Gene. Every now and then we post about real business owners and some of the qualities they need and as you said self discipline is one of them. Real business owners choose their hours of operation and sometimes are working well into the night to finish getting the job done. They figure out what they have to do to make their business profitable. Many people prefer a more structured job where they know their hours and they know what they have to do and know when they're getting paid.

      An Amway IBO "business owner" works the hours their Amway cult leader tells them to work and buys and sells products at a price determined by someone else and is subject to other rules and policies set in place by someone else. Hunh? How the fuck is that being a real business owner? It's not. It's being a commissioned sales rep for a cult that specializes in shitty overpriced products.

      You're right Gene. If everyone followed the Ambots life rules that everyone works whatever hours they chose that would be instant disaster.

  5. Life is hell with Amway in it

    1. Anonymous - that's what I've always said. Amway is pure shit hell.


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