Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Another Amway Ambot Loses His Job

Thanks to a reader sharing her story of being married to an Amway Ambot.

Hi AB, I am also married to an ambot. We just bought a house and few weeks after the possession date he got laid off from his job, since then I was shouldering our mortgage payments, household bills and groceries because I thought he doesn't have enough money to pay for car and insurance and cellphone bills but then last night he was asking me to join him to go to an out of town spring leadership weekend on April, I was surprised that he was saving money to spend for that event while me on the other hand was struggling to pay the bulk of payments that we're suppose to share. We don't have a joint savings account because I chose not ro and I don't want him to spend my hard earned money buying super expensive products from Amway, he's spending around $200-$300 a month buying stuffs that he doesn't care about before like energy drink and bars, vitamins, etc. And he sometimes gets mad at me if I buy products from lical pharmacy which are way more affordable than Amway peoducts, he always say that he earn money just by doing that, which I disagree becauae if he'll buy the cheaper counter part he'll save tons of money. It's common sense, I can't fathom how can he not get it. Right now I'm starting to get tired of our situation. I feel like I need a break from all of this.

My response

Hi Anonymous - Yup another story of an Amway ambot losing his job. Probably because of his attitude to his coworkers, bragging that he's a business owner and they'll be broke losers for the rest of their lives working for someone else. And doing Amway business on company time. Seen a lot of ambots lose their jobs when we were in the Amway cult.

I know exactly how you feel. There are bills to be paid, important ones, and when money is tight due to unemployment money shouldn't be frittered away on unnecessary extras. And spending $300/month on shitty overpriced Amway products when you can buy similar stuff that's better quality at Walmart for much cheaper is stupid. It's all about qualifying to earn that $10 commission from Amway every month. And unnecessary expenses when money is tight probably means eliminating buying bottled water, energy drinks, food bars, etc no matter what the price!

And him saving up to go to Spring Leadership while you're busting your ass to cover the bills is incredible to the outside world but not so much to someone inside the Amway cult.

We all need a break from Amway when our husbands our stuck inside the cult. But before you take a break, talk to someone at your bank, they'll have financial advisors. Then maybe talk to a lawyer. You need to get your ducks in a row because Amway is all about destroying lives. Bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce are all part of being in Amway. Its hard for a marriage to survive financial stress but added stress of one person being inside a cult is vicious. You need to figure out where you stand in case things go worse. And trust me when he gets back from Spring Leadership he'll be all "fired up" and bragging that he's "going big". That'll last a week.

Good luck.


  1. Hi Anna Bannana. Just wanted to add a comment. Your blog has been very helpful to me. It's funny, I just started attending a trade school this week and couldnt help but think of the past and what these bastards do to ppl. I'll give anybody who views this post what I got for giving these bastards 6 years of my life.

    1) Physical Health challenges.
    this includes a sciatica in my back which has caused me to experience spasms on a regular basis.
    broken teeth, which has brought about a possible infection and much pain as well as trouble eating.

    2)Mental Health challenges
    depression because of how I was so thoroughly used by them.
    alcoholism because it was the only way to cope with depression at the time.

    Now, these things are behind me, and I'll explain the health challenges because viewers may be wondering how that comes about... Every time I spoke of my health issues around them, they would say all this crap about the spoken word. I was told that I was being weak willed and weak minded. They'd throw all of this amway jargon in my face all because it was a great way to show bravado and make me feel small. Whats more is that most of their meal bars are not nearly as nutritious as they say. there are 20+ grams(not milligrams) of sugar in those. The standard that IBOs eat them by is about 1 box a day. They say that the sugar is from a healthy extract which is total bullshit. I've spoken with dietitians and nutrionists. I've made healthy eating a habit of mine. There is nothing healthy about sugar. It is a substance that is destructive for the body and has proven to be just as addictive as heroin. For a healthy blood sugar one should be eating fiber as it regulates it and the digestive system. The meals bars and cat piss XS trash is what fucked up my teeth, compounded with their bullshit about the spoken word.
    They even say that your spoken word can cure diseases, its hilarious. There is power in what people say, but no where near the level they speak of !! holy shit!! For them its just a method of information control and keeping people addicted to their products. These amway ppl are basically no different than a drug dealer except what they do is destroy people through legal means.. means which are only legal for now.

    1. Hi Franklin. Thanks for stopping by to share your story.

      Wow 6 years. Anything more than 2 years is usually considered a lifer in the Amway cult. Because they can't quit now. Not when success is right around the corner. Right?

      6 years is a whole lot of losing money and upline abuse.

      The Amway cult leaders put on shows, and some of what you say of the spoken word. Power of thinking. If you dream big. That sort of thing and more like it. They're like medicine men in a way. In a bad way because their fakers. Only out to make a buck pitching their snake oil.

      If you've watched that Dateline video - link in the right side under more info about Amway. You'll see one of the Amway cult leaders using his microphone in a manner that mimics anointing the crowd. There are other instances not in that video but people leaving comments here where the Amway cult leaders pretend to pull cancer out of their victims. Or heal other medical issues with their hands and then prescribe Amway products as part of the medical treatment.

      Really scary stuff. But no different than other cults out there.

      We always say that Amway brings you nothing but emotional and financial distress but now you can physical distress to that list.

      Its all about the spoken word or in the case of the Internet the written word as we talk about our bad experiences inside the Amway cult.

      This helps us heal ourselves while we help others to stay away from the Amway evil.

      I hope things get better for you. Good luck.

  2. Amway freaks think that everything can be managed by emotions, feelings, enthusiasm, and above all "belief." Have the right feelings and beliefs, and everything will go well with you.

    This is pure superstition. Eating those stupid Amway meal bars will do nothing but ruin your teeth.

    Listening to an Amway asshole about what you should do for your health is like going to a witch doctor.

    1. Anonymous - I don't know if those Amway beliefs are all part of cult thinking but improbably is similar to teachings of other cults. Think happy positive thoughts and dram big and it will all come true for you.

      There's probably more Amway products hazardous to your health that we just don't know about it. It seems using Glister toothpaste is yet another useless product Amway forces their staff to purchase.

      Yup Amway quacks are about the same as going to a witch doctor.

  3. What Joecool has just stated is that it's the IBO's jobs that are sustaining their "business". Without their real income, their "business" would be at a loss.

    1. Anonymous - yup you need to have a good paying job to support your expensive Amway habit. And of course Ambots are taught at tax time to write off all Amway purchases against the income from their job in order to get a tax refund and that's how to make money from this scan. And of course hope to hell you don't get audited!


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