Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Eat Drink Duplicate App

Some dumb ass Amway ambot found their way to this blog by searching for eat drink duplicate app. Ended up on one of the posts here where we make fun of the WWDB World Wide Destructive Bastards app.

An Amway app for eat drink duplicate. Like those circles the fucking Amway cult leaders draw on chalkboards and whiteboards isn’t good enough to get the point across. You need a fucking app? Could such a piece of shit app actually exist? So I did a search and yes that post where we make fun of the WWDB app is at the top of the search criteria. No big surprise there. Then there are some apps about food and drink, various things like keep track of what you’re eating and drinking and count calories or recipes that kind of thing. So I’m thinking thank god there isn’t a piece of shit Amway app out there for eat drink duplicate.

And then I see it.

Something called Amway Switch Share Duplicate. At first I get the words jumbled up and think its something about the old Amway bait and switch scam. But nope this is a real app that has loving praise showed upon it by brainwashed ambots.

Then the dilemma. Should I put in a link to it or not. Oh why the hell not. All Amway ambots eventually make their way here trying to find information. Plus when you copy something from a web page you have to give a link back to it so here you go. But…. Since this post was first run the link is now dead. But if you do a search you’ll see it still seems to be alive and kicking on other sites.
Here’s the description:

The Switch, Share, Duplicate app is an easy-to-use simulator that demonstrates the growth potential for your business, featuring products you and your customers use every day. IBOs can calculate potential product income and business growth by adjusting the amount of product and frequency of use. It’s also a clever way to demonstrate for prospects how they too can sell these products and grow their own business.

An existing IBO Login ID and Password are required.

Again I ask was drawing circles on a whiteboard not enough? Apparently not because Amway ambots have to go high tech and those circles are now part of an app. And as everything else in Amway is about being secretive you need to be a dumb fuck brainwashed Ambot, you know an IBO card carrying Amway asshole in order to access this dumb fuck app.

So far those who don’t have an IBO log in ID or a device to get this app, I’ll give you the highlights of the secret to how Amway Ambots “grow their business”. You eat an Amway food bar a day and drink one Amway drink a day. You find 6 people who do what you do, you know teach the dumb shits to eat one Amway food bar and drink one Amway drink, and they’ve just duplicated you. You find 6 people to duplicate your fucked up Amway eating and drinking habits and they find 6 people and they each find 6 people and so on into infinity and in 2 years you’ll be sitting back doing nothing for the rest of your life while gazillions of dollars in residual income from Amway comes rolling in each month.

Amway take your eat drink duplicate app and shove it up your ass.


  1. The person who posted from Bangalore, India, must be someone who is filled with unexpressed rage, probably as a result of not making any money in Amway.

    But like all Ambots he's been programmed not to blame Amway at all, so he must displace his rage onto anyone or anything that is anti-Amway. Therefore he attacks Anna Banana, who is running a purely informational website to warn people about business fraud.

    Maybe he's forgotten that the government of India has brought major charges against Amway for being an illegal ripoff.

    1. Anonymous - of course he's angry. Constant condition for Amway Ambots. It must really kill those bastards when they're forced by their cult leaders to do the fake nicey nice act.

      Ambots in India have weird information control. Denying that Amway cult leaders are being arrested would be one. Not knowing who the current US President is another. And pretending that George Bush is a commissioned sales rep for Amway is my favorite. I guess his pension, book deals, and speaking engagements weren't bringing in enough money he has to knock on the door of the White House trying to sell shit overpriced Amway products. LOL!


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