Thursday, March 30, 2017

Eat Snacks Much?

Do you know someone who eats snacks and drinks every day?

At Amway meetings our sack of shit Platinum would ask questions like this to everyone in the room. The old amiable brainwashing approach to get the followers to agree with everything you say.

What does he expect people to say? No I don't know anyone who drinks something every day. Every one I know is dehydrated!

Do people eat snacks every day? One person's definition of a snack might differ from someone elses. There's been tons of articles written about what constitutes a healthy snack. Ambots go around screaming about how Amway offers healthy snacks.

When I want to eat a bag of tortilla chips one of those nasty styrofoam Amway snacks ain't going to do the trick for me. Same if I want a ginger ale or a coke. Drinking XS piss water just isn't the same thing!

Then the sack of shit taunts the cult followers by saying how easy it is to find someone who wants to eat an Amway power bar and an Amway drink every day. He then fills in a chart about how much money these snacks costs if you were to buy them from a grocery store or a coffee shop.

Well holy shit I don't know where he buys his groceries but I can buy a box of granola bars from Walmart for around $2 and that's 5 or 8 bars depends on the brand. Amway has a box of 5 or 6 bars too but they cost $30. Walmart granola bars taste way better too. What about that Perfect Water? Costs around $50 for a case of 24 and the sack of shit tries to break that down by $2 a bottle so that's not too bad about the same cost as buying a water from 7-11. However I can go to Walmart or Costco and buy a 24 pack of water for under $5 so maybe 20 cents a bottle is the breakdown.
It takes the Platinum at least an hour into an Amway meeting before he even starts talking about Amway and the business plan. Once he gets all gung ho on the eat and drink a shitty Amway product daily then he gets all excited about how many points (PV) you get and how much money you make.

The numbers keep going higher and higher based on how many people an ambot can scam into eating one Amway bar and drinking one Amway beverage a day.

Realistic chances of finding other people to eat and drink that shit? Not good.

Realistic chances of finding people willing to pay 3, 4, 5, 10 times more money for a shitty Amway product that they can buy a similar better tasting product in the grocery store? Even worse.

The sack of shit Platinum gets the cult members so focused on the numbers that he is tossing around and all excited about the gazillions of dollars they can earn by flogging the Amway snack plan that before anyone can really digest the bullshit he is trying to brainwash them with he moves on to another topic. That sack of shit gets easily distracted.

Or perhaps its just part of his master plan in the Amway scam.


  1. If the general population really wanted those crummy Amway snacks, Amway would sure as hell sell them in retail outlets. It's plenty easier and more profitable to sell snacks off a supermarket shelf than to sell them via a complicated MLM pyramid.

    Amway won't put its lousy snacks on a supermarket shelf because Amway knows nobody will buy the stuff. The Amway snacks will just sit there, as food for the mice.

    The only way out of this trap is for Amway to create all kinds of hype and buzz and souped-up enthusiasm about its "Plan." Get some dope excited about "the Plan" and he'll not notice that Amway snacks are pure crap that taste like cardboard. He'll become fired up to sell them anyway. Or at least he'll try.

    1. I agree Anonymous. If Amway actually sold products that consumers wanted, they'd cut out the middlemen Ambots and sell them in the general marketplace.

      But Amway produces low cost shitty products for sell only to a closed marketplace, the Ambots who pay to belong to this high priced buying price. Amway sells products that don't cost much to produce. They jack up the price so the company owners can make a sweet profit. The price also has to be high enough that when some lowly Ambot at the bottom of the pyramid makes a sell, then everyone upline can all make a few pennies commission.

      Only brainwashed Ambots want to buy Amway shit. Amway's products are of the same quality as dollar store rejects. Normal people wouldn't buy that shit.

  2. Matty here. Although I haven't "caught up" yet (I'm reading this blog from beginning to end), I just can't wait to participate any longer! So here's my first Amway story PART ONE: A little background, first: in 1999, I was managing a little store at the Riverchase Galleria in Birmingham, Alabama. The "store" (it was actually more of a walk-in kiosk) was called "Successories". (If you worked in any corporate environment in the 90s, you probably saw some of the products on the walls: A nice picture with some "Motivational" bullshit quote below - I think the company still exists, but I don't think they have any stores anymore - I was 25 at the time). Anyway, in '99, I was plotting to buy the store I managed. (We were the smallest store in our franchise, and our owner was based in St. Louis and had stores in Missouri and Kansas and ours was VERY far away, so our franchise owner was willing to sell). Now, due the very nature of the product I was selling, plus the fact that the store was in the middle of mall, I found myself engaged in conversations with passers-by on an almost daily basis - "Gee, it must be hard to NOT stay positive surrounded by all THIS stuff" is what I heard most commonly. And, believe it or not, I made some friends and even some contacts just from chatting with people. (In fact, the franchise owner wanted to sell to me for $150,000 and just through meeting people this way, I'd already put together $60,000 towards my ambition to buy the store)...and then THEY came. One night, this *seemingly* very nice couple showed up and struck up a conversation. (Again, this was NOT unusual). I honestly can't remember what we chatted about, but I'm POSITIVE I talked about trying to buy the store. At one point, the lady said, "We help people start their own business". This got me VERY excited, as I thought, "THESE just might be the people that put me 'over the top'!" So I agreed to meet with them at their house the following week. (Once again, this was NOT unusual for me - I had already raised some $$ in the same manner). So enough of "background", see PART TWO below - stay tuned 'cause it is a DOOZY!


    1. Hi Matty. Well I appreciate your perseverance in wanting to read the entire blog but that's going back to 2010. And mostly we recycle the same blog posts from the first 2 years, so in other words you're likely to see the same post a few times over the past 7 years! The comments change because the readers that were around 5, 6 or 7 years ago are not necessarily the same who are around today. Those posts might be worth reading just for the comments alone. They took on a life of their own and were better than the posts. Wait till you get to the most popular post on this blog about Amway Artistry and the outraged Ambots who leave comments. There's so many you have to keep reloading the comments. LOL! Some of the blog posts might be slightly updated when they come back into rotation and occasionally we post a new post, but stick around long enough and you'll see the same posts showing up!

      I remember that Successories name. And I guess if the stores aren't around anymore you're just as well if you didn't buy into one. You should have got more interested in Mrs. Fields cookies! Like I was at one time.

      Yes the old Amway prospecting ploy. A seemingly nice couple strikes up a conversation. Come on didn't you think their nicey nice act was a little over the top. And the good old Amway line: "We help people start their own business." LOL! They should try telling the truth. "We help people into bankruptcy and financial and emotional distress."

      Unfortunately there is always an air of excitement surrounding these Amway scammers. That's part of their recruiting process.

  3. Matty, PART TWO: So I go to their house with GREAT anticipation. I arrive and we all sit down at their dining-room table to talk. They offered me a choice of cranberry juice or something else I can't recall (this was almost 20 years ago, after all), so I opted for the cranberry. As the lady brought my glass to me, she informed me (with WAAAY too much excitement) that, "We get this from our business!" Now, I WISH I could say that this was the 1st Red Flag, but I was so anxious to buy this stupid store that I just thought, "Well, maybe they're Importer/Exporters like Art Vandalay from 'Seinfeld'" (Again, I was 25, and 25-year-old guys are morons). Anyway, I honestly don't remember what we talked about, but I DO know that I was there for a solid two hours! Right around the 1:15 mark, he started drawing circles. Those GOD DAMN CIRCLES! "And the 'umbrella' Company at HEART of!", he said. My heart SANK. Even though it was a long time ago, this I DO recall: the WAY he said "Amway" was especially nauseating. It was part flourish/ part "1984" when Winston Smith flashed a look of optimism/admiration/glee when Big Brother was mentioned (HOW FITTING!). Before I get to the FUNNY (just stick around, it's gonna get FUNNY) I'll go to the ANGER: These assholes KNEW - they fucking KNEW - that my ONLY desire was to buy the store I was managing - they KNEW IT - because that is PRECISELY what I told them when I met them in the mall! AND THEY DIDN'T CARE! ASSHOLES! SCAM ARTISTS!!!!

    1. Anonymous - don't feel so bad. Most guys in their 20's are morons! Even more so if they're Amway Ambot morons! LOL! You were lucky you heard Amway an hour into your "meeting". That's usually about when it comes up but sometimes they don't say the A word at all. Some people got prospected, signed up, and it was weeks later they find out they're in Amway.

      You nailed it. People in Amway are assholes and scam artists! Nailed it!

  4. Matty - PART THREE. Now for the funny part: Now I know I've gone into FAR more detail than is needed, but I thought it was necessary, lest someone try to say that it's not true. I ASSURE you everything I have said, and am about to say, is 100% TRUE: As I said, about 1:15 into this "meeting", he drew the damn circles, so I IMMEDIATELY started plotting my escape. So I explained that my ambitions were to buy the store I was managing and wasn't interested in anything else. So, of course, I had to "mentally spar" with him for a good 45 minutes while trying to get out of there. Well, for about the last 30 minutes I was there, I began feeling a...disturbance in my stomach. I HAD to get out of there, because something very, VERY bad was going to happen, very, VERY soon. And as much as I disliked these people at this point, I am EXTREMELY shy about causing ARMAGEDDON in some strangers' bathroom. So I got the hell out, and began heading home. Now, right down the street from their house was a Circle K - BUT - I have a TERRIBLE fear of gas station restrooms - so I thought I'd try to make it home (I lived about 30 minutes away). So I passed. WELL, in order to get home, I had to take I-459. And then it started to rain. And I mean, the kind of rain that would provoke people into building goddamn ARKS. Just to give you an idea how hard the rain was: any normal day, if you are on I-459 in Birmingham, if you are not travelling at LEAST 75 mph, your ass WILL get run over. That night, I was going 35. I could hardly see, it was raining so hard. And as I'm poking down I-459, well, the only way I can describe the pain in my stomach is this: it felt like a giant hand was grasping my stomach as HARD AS IT COULD for a couple minutes, and then let go. RELIEF! And then the pain would return for a couple minutes. And then go away...It went on like this until I reached my exit off the interstate - and there's a gas station - CLOSED! So I continue on, with The Pain coming and receding, coming and receding. I FINALLY reach the gas station at the corner of my street - CLOSED! But I'm close enough I can make it home. By now, I should mention, the PAIN is SO BAD that I'm screaming when it comes, and *heavily* sighing when it recedes, AND sweating like Patrick Ewing during a playoff game. I FINALLY make it home. I park the car. The PAIN comes again. It goes away - I'm in the CLEAR!...and then I get out of the car and stand up...EXPLOSION. A combination of Nagasaki and Niagara Falls - and I didn't give a damn. The RELIEF was SO GREAT that I just didn't give a damn...I ended up just taking my pants off and leaving them in the pouring rain and went inside...So that was my first experience with Amway - shitting myself in the middle of a deluge.

    I STILL blame it on the cranberry juice.


    1. OK Matty that somehow falls under the category of TMI! LOL! I always said Amway sells shitty products! LOL!

      We made the mistake of buying Amway dog food. Our dogs were shitting 10 times a day each and big great Dane or Mastiff sized shits like you get when you feed your dog low quality food. High quality premium dog food brands feature low stool and that's what I prefer my dogs to eat. Not Amway shit! One former IBO fed their dog Amway's shitty dog food and their dog got diahrea and vomiting and they took it to a vet and paid a hefty bill. You won't see Amway helping them out with that. Amway should be doubly ashamed of themselves for causing such misery to poor dumb animals who are at the mercy of whatever their owners feed them.

      Your story sums it up very nicely. Get involved with Amway for a shitty experience!

  5. People in Amway are liars. They lie and lie and lie and lie!

    They simply WILL NOT TELL YOU THE TRUTH when they are trying to hook you into attending some stupid meeting.

    1. Anonymous - Amway Ambots are the biggest fucking liars around.

      How do you know when an Amway Ambot is lying?

      Their mouth is moving.

  6. Matt's story would be a great blog post. Still ROTFLMAO

    1. LOL! Amway is a shitty experience! LOL!

      Good idea Joecool. I've saved it to go into the line up later this year.


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