Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Staying In Amway For Fear Of Breaking Marriage

Staying In Amway For Fear Of Breaking Marriage

Yup, that was the criteria a searcher used and found their way to my blog: Staying in Amway for fear of breaking marriage.

Very disturbing. Not the part about fearing Amway because Amway should be feared.

I heard at countless Amway meetings how Amway saves marriages. And even some bullshit from our Platinum about how WWDB has a lower divorce rate than the rest of the population. How the hell he came up with that little gem I’ll never know. But then all he’s good at doing is spouting off lies and expecting his beloved cult followers to believe every word he says is true.

I think what I have to say about the hell I went through thanks to Amway and what other women have said, some who’ve left comments here, and other comments I’ve borrowed from other web pages speaks for itself.

The wives of ambots are victims in the Amway pyramid scheme.

We have to put up with husbands who are being brainwashed by their cult leaders. They turn into nasty, sarcastic, sneering assholes who are turned against everyone who doesn’t support their Amway business.

As our Platinum used to chant: “People who are not in Amway are stupid.”

Our husbands believe that. They don’t want to be around stupid people. And yes just because their sack of shit Platinum says it makes it true. In their brainwashed minds that is.

In addition to the personality change that women have to put up with from their ambot husband, they can also look forward to not spending much time with him. There will be at least two Amway meetings a week. Maybe as many as four. The upline will be demanding the husband’s attention either in the way of lengthy phone calls, never ending text messages, or being summoned to last minute counselling sessions.

Let me just take a moment to send a big fuck you out to our former upline now that I’m reliving those horrible memories! Fuck you assholes!

Also the wife has to deal with spending no time with the ambot husband. He’s not interested in family get togethers, going out with his wife and family for fun outings, going on vacation. Nothing. He’s not interesting in doing nothing unless its kissing his upline’s ass and going to Amway functions.

Then there’s the finances. Credit cards are being maxed out so the ambot can buy as many Amway products as his upline bullies him into doing. Gotta get that PV up there so some upline fucker can meet that month’s goals! Bank account is dwindling. Bills are not being paid. Rent or mortgage is a few months late and perhaps eviction or foreclosure proceedings have been started. No marriage needs that kind of stress added on to the participation in Amway being the cause of it.

Their credit scores have gone down the toilet.

And just a few months ago their marriage was great. There was no debt. They had some savings. Bills were never overdue. They were having fun together and loving life.

Then the evil monster named Amway took a shit on their marriage.

Wives can tolerate a lot of things from their husbands. There’s always that one ugly piece of furniture they want in the house. Or that Rolling Stones T shirt they had to buy. They always have some dipshit asshole for a friend that the wife can’t stand. They go through weird phases like when they decided buying a 4 wheeler was a good idea.

The problem with Amway is that the wife ends up having all her husband’s new friends turn against her if she doesn’t join him and stand by his side smiling stupidly at him and keeping quiet like a good little ambot wife. The upline ambots do everything they can to destroy the marriage telling the ambot his wife is a dream stealer, negative, unchristian, a loser. What ever those troublemaking bastards brainwash the ambot into believing. They are hell bent to destroy the marriage because she doesn’t support the Amway business and doesn’t want to put any more money into it or go further into debt trying futilely to be part of the less than 1% of IBO’s who actually earn money at Amway. She knows a business with a 99% failure rate has the odds stacked against them from the start. There are better ways to invest their money. Common sense decisions like that and cutting off money to the great Amway gods makes ambots scream out every lie they can to turn the husband against her.

The wife has fallen into a dark place when she has to hit the Internet with the question asking if she should stay in Amway even though its breaking up their marriage.

What does she kick out? Amway or the ambot?

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