Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Keeping Up With The Ambots

A take on the old phrase about keeping up with the Joneses. From Wikipedia:

"Keeping up with the Joneses" is an idiom in many parts of the English-speaking world referring to the comparison to one's neighbor as a benchmark for social caste or the accumulation of material goods. To fail to "keep up with the Joneses" is perceived as demonstrating socio-economic or cultural inferiority.

Living beyond one’s means can end in disaster. Financial ruin. Debt. Bankruptcy. Foreclosure. Divorce.

Kind of like being in Amway.

In Amway the pressure is there all the time to have what everyone else has. Even in our case. We were abnormal in our line of sponsorship. One of very few who actually owned their house, drove nice cars, had retirement savings, etc.

So with us the upline had to go a different strategy and mostly target Ambot because I wasn’t too interested in what they had to say. The upline put the pressure on to reach certain levels: Platinum, Emerald, and then Diamond. All of this to be accomplished in 2 to 5 years. The pressure was put on Ambot to get to that level because everyone else in the WWDB line would be reaching those levels at the same time and we didn’t want to be left behind did we.

Then of course there are the Amway functions with slide shows of the Diamond lifestyle. Mansions, sports cars, yachts, private jets, luxury vacations.

To reach that coveted level we had to buy Amway products and motivational tools and find others to do the same. Ambot always bought more than enough Amway products each month to make over 100 PV but the upline still phoned and badgered him. Upline Asshole has this much PV this month. Surely you want to beat him and get to Platinum before him. That kind of bullshit.

The pressure was always on Ambot to buy things like motivational tools that others in the WWDB group hadn’t bought so he could be one up on them and that meant the rest of them had to keep up with us.

It was just a crazy roller coaster and maybe keeping up with the ambots gets worse the higher up you get. Other bloggers have commented on Diamonds who have declared bankruptcy and gone into foreclosure and provided links to where the documentation can be found online. No doubt in my mind that those Diamonds have to keep up and surpass each other when it comes to material possessions which has led to their financial downfall.

There were other things that Ambot purchased during the time we were in Amway that had nothing to do with the pyramid scheme but were general purchases for things around the house. Things that pissed me off because we had no need for them but he had to buy them so he’d look good in front of the other ambots.

To sum it up when we were in Amway we spent money buying things we didn’t need (both Amway products and material possessions) just so Ambot could impress people I did not like.

Yup real mature. Real good reason to be involved in the shitty Amway business. Gotta keep up with those ambots!


  1. It's a typical Amway delusion. They think that if you're out there buying lots of stuff, this proves you're rich.

    But buying stuff that you don't really need, and paying for it by credit card or by loans, is simply a fast way to go bankrupt. The way to get rich is not to spend, but to save.

    Everything about Amway in regard to financial activity is completely off the wall and insane. No wonder most Amway IBOs lose their shirts.

    1. Anonymous - you got it. The Amway delusion is buying lots of stuff on credit to fool other into thinking you're rich. Hello debt problems.

      And I agree. You don't get rich by going into debt on spending sprees. You save your money and invest it.

      Everything about the Amway cult is insane. The sane world knows that. Brainwashed ambots to so much. Until they lose their shirts. And more.

  2. It's time for another anti-Amway poem. Here it is:


    The Amway plan's a stupid joke
    Designed to leave the down-line broke.

    The only persons getting rich
    Are your Platinum and his bitch.

    Do you think there's any hope
    In selling low-grade pills and soap?

    The only way that you'll make bucks
    Is sponsoring some other schmucks,

    And even then, it barely works,
    For people aren't total jerks.

    When they find out the pay is shit
    Your down-line will just up and quit.

    To stay in Amway means you'll drop
    A bundle on a business flop,

    So don't do it. Get a job.
    Don't become an Amway slob.

    1. LOL! Very funny. And very talented. A trait that is lost on Amway Ambots.

      We've been trying to come up with lyrics to the Little River Band song Lonesome Loser.

      We've got "have you heard about the Amway loser. He's a loser but he still keeps on trying."

      Yeah it needs work. LOL!

  3. This might help:

    Have you heard about the Amway Loser?
    He's a loser but he keeps on tryin'.

    But the reason he's an Amway Loser,
    Is he listens to that Amway lyin'.

    He'll only be an Amway Loser,
    Always short of cash and cryin'.

    And he'll always be an Amway Loser,
    Right up until the day he's dyin'.

    1. Ha ha very good. And probably no one will get that song out of their head today!

      Have you heard about the Amway loser.....

      And then the Ambots will show up here sneering that they're not losers they're winners. Cause at the Amway meeting they went to last night the Amway cult leader told everyone in the room they're all winners just cause they showed up to the cult meeting. So that makes it so. LOL!

      Have you heard about the Amway loser....


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