Tuesday, April 4, 2017

According To Brainwashed Ambot Amway Is The Best Opportunity In The World

So what did you all do? Go back to jobs without any security? Amway is the best business opportunity in the world.

The above gem is part of a comment a brainwashed ambot left on my post about Amway CDs and tapes.

His entire comment was full of the usual amspeak bullshit that every brainwashed ambot who feels compelled to leave a comment on my blog uses. How original. Not!

As for the “Amway is the best business opportunity in the world” promotion I included it here so that everyone can shake their heads at his stupidity. Also I think his quote is something that I can see brainwashed ambots searching for. Seeing as how this blog gets tens of thousands of hits a month and is high on the search engines for just about everything some brainwashed IBO can possibly search for, I’m taking advantage of these key words to propel myself to the top of the search engine pages for this stupid quote too. Probably not what that little bastard had in mind but oh well. That’s what happens when you leave a comment anonymously you can’t go back and delete it. Dumb fuck.

Hmmm....I went back to a job without security after we quit Amway? Nope. My husband and I now had more time to concentrate on our own business and have more free time together instead of wasting time at Amway meetings and being bored by ambots. We also have more money in our bank accounts and no longer have to worry about running up more credit card debt trying to fund the Amway dream of financial independence.

That comment about jobs with no security came straight from an Amway meeting. Full of doom and gloom. There’s nothing else out there except for the Amway business opportunity (gotta get more keywords in!). To further punctuate it the Amway cult leader preaches that there are no jobs out there with job security. Certainly there are occupations out there where job security is a thing of the past. With the computer age and technology jobs have been eliminated. Some industries shut down and have a trickle down effect to other jobs in the community. There are many people in service positions whose jobs likely won’t be eliminated. For all that rotten little ambot knows I drive an ambulance and as long as people need to be transported for medical attention I have a job.

At least 95% of IBO’s who sign up with Amway lose money and quit within the first two years. What kind of security is that? Paying your Amway employer hundreds of dollars every month and barely making any money back in commission. Always at a net loss.

What kind of security is there in getting involved with a scam?

It never fails to amaze me how every ambot out there thinks that everyone else, especially me, has a job. And how they always accuse us of working a job for someone else like that is a horrible, evil thing to do. As far as I’m concerned nothing else could be more horrible or evil than Amway! It is apparently inconceivable to brainwashed ambots that there are people in the world who do not have jobs working for someone else. Many people do have employers and there’s nothing wrong with that, unless of course you’re an ambot and sneering at them. Other people are self employed, retired, own businesses, unemployed, medically incapable of working, or live off their investments. Amway ambots refuse to accept that there are tons of reasons why not everybody has an employer and is working a job.

When ambots quit Amway they better hope they have a job or their own business or some other kind of income to support them and pay off some of the debt they accrued thanks to Amway.

As for going back to a job without any security, if I had the choice between finding a job or getting involved with Amway again I’d take the job option. Its called choosing the lesser of two evils.


  1. The vast majority of persons in the working world have jobs, in the sense that they are employed by someone else and receive a salary. This has ALWAYS been the case, and no dip-shit little organization like Amway is going to change it.

    Some of these jobs are humble and very modestly rewarded, but many others are highly lucrative. Amway assholes simply will not admit that you could be in a very high-paying job with solid security, like a civil-service slot or a government job, or a place in a new technology business or a law firm, or as middle management for some big concern. Many persons with jobs of this sort take home more money in a month than some Amway schmuck will make in ten years. But the Amway freaks sneer and call this sort of thing a "J.O.B."

    This is because when Amway types say "job," they mean a job like flipping burgers at McDonald's or serving as a barista at Starbucks. For them, the only kind of job is a menial service job. And the reason for this is simple -- THAT'S THE ONLY KIND OF JOB THAT PEOPLE WHO ARE ATTRACTED TO AMWAY COULD EVER POSSIBLY HAVE!

    Amway types could never be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, an accountant, a technology professional, or a management-level employee. They can't because they are basically incompetent losers!

    So they join Amway or one of its subsystems out of the forlorn hope that they too will become big-shot businessmen. In short, Amway appeals to their wounded vanity. This is why constant hype and propaganda and self-promotion are absolutely essential when you are in Amway. You need perpetual reinforcement. You have to keep convincing yourself that you are a big-shot, with big dreams, and with "success just around the corner."

    And in a typically defensive manner, you have to bad-mouth anyone who has a job as a "loser" or "stupid," even if that salaried job provides him with more money, freedom, and security than you'll ever have working for a lousy MLM racket like Amway.

    1. Anonymous - that's a good observation. When Amway Ambots say J.O.B. they mean minimum wage and low level labor type jobs like many Ambots have. And that's why they're attracted to the Amway scheme.

      Amway has attracted some doctors, there was that got in trouble with the tax court after playing Amway business owner. You'd think someone like that would be smarter but it only goes to show that anyone can get scammed into the Amway cult.

      There was that girl who left a comment how Amway destroyed her family. Her dad was in broadcasting and I think she said making 250k. Thats $100,000 more a year than Amway advertises a Diamond makes. Why would someone risk a good paying job to take a huge pay cut like that. And eventually he did get fired, his boss got tired of the Amway shit. Sure some people will leave a good paying job and take lower paying jobs for various reasons. But for the Amway scam! Like what the hell was that doctor who pissed off Uncle Sam thinking!?

      Amway Ambots are the biggest losers around. Especially if they think a pyramid scheme has more security than a job.

  2. Anna, that story about the foolish guy is really scary.

    You make 250k per year in broadcasting, and you leave it for a position as a commissioned sales rep for a lousy MLM scheme?

    First off, if you're making 250k per year you could easily save up a huge sum of money within ten years, and retire. With sensible investments, you'd never have to work again. You'd have the "dream" that Ambots are always talking about.

    But second, this story proves that Amway's essential attraction is cultic and religious, not business/financial. This foolish guy became a "convert," filled with mindless enthusiasm. He gave up everything for his new religion of worshipping the Great Amway God.

    1. Anonymous - we posted her story on March 1 and after he got fired her parents had difficulty meeting Amway's money requirements for buying overpriced shitty products and investing in the Amway tool scam and they eventually divorced. But her whole childhood was screwed up. Running out to the car and telling her dad to go diamond and all the creepy Amway shit.

      Some people give up everything when they join and cult. Nothing is more important than their new religious beliefs.


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